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  1. holbs


    Just trying to say HELLO !!

    It's been awhile and I wasn't sure if you were still affiliated with Oovee or not.

    I wanted to make sure you received my thanks for all the help on here.  I don't know what I would have done many times if it wasn't for your suggestions.

    Ken Holby (holbs)


    1. Hein


      Hey Holbs,

      I was never affiliated with Oovee at all. Just a consumer doing his part to answer questions on this forum and run my own mods websites.

      Well i used to do that but sold spintires.nl three years ago ;). It was consuming way too much time for the revenue it brought me.

      I'm tempted to start playing spintires again but have zero time for that right now plus i lack the proper laptop to deal with the graphics.  And besides that i did get a front row seat behind the scenes of the whole Oovee fallout with Pavel and Sabre.. lets just say it wasnt pretty. Left a bitter taste.

      But never say never i might just return one day on this forum as a active user again :)

      See you around


    2. holbs



      It's good to hear you're still around.  Being "Across the pond" always makes a bit of a difference with retaining instant contact with others.

      I still play and do maps for the 03.03.16 version.  Instead of jumping in the horde of "updates", I sat back and waited.  I saw a lot of disappointed players after Oovee just decided to just make players install of the semi-weekly updates off of Steam.  I couldn't stop the game's updates, but because when I started to do mapping, I set the Editor up on my "Z" drive.  I can't remember why, but I'm glad I did.  The new textures the updates included in the forced update really got me hot.  Here I was creating 5 maps in 4 months and they all looked terrible when I played them.  I even chatted with Reese a few time and basically asked if they could just put the new textures as new "Overlays" instead of replacing the original ones.  Maybe he listened or maybe he didn't.  I even asked if there could be a way most of the updates be placed in some sort of Option screen for us to choose before the game starts.

      I don't know.  All I know is that one of the best sims I ever "got into" as much as I have was almost ruined.  I'm turning 74 next Wed. and am set in my ways.  I don't like changes to something I didn't have a choice on.  Now, when anyone logs into Steam, updates are D/Led without even letting me know, so I have to be careful.

      As I said before, I still create maps with the old Editor on my Z drive.  This way none of the updates affects my choices of terrain, overlays and etc.  

      You said you might want to give ST another try...may I suggest my latest map "A_PAIN_IN_THE_grASS".  It's tough, but enjoyable.  I play it often just to see if I can still drive on it - LOL.

      Okay, I'm done rambling for now.  Good to hear from you again!

      Ken Holby



  2. Was not going to at first but i will for sake of fun.. Otto je bent een lief manneke maar je hebt het mis. I'll continue in English. " but they weren't a completely innocent party either. They always ignored serious problems with how Oovee addressed things and game breaking bugs" <-- The task of moderators on any forum is to take care of the forum. We, moderators, are not responsible for game breaking bugs. We did report them to Oovee but apparently that was not heard or ignored. And we did ignore serious problems if by that you mean know-it-all users who always seem to know best, yes looking at you Otto. But to clear things up, i left this forum about a month ago. I give up, it's filled with some really good people but also a lot of trolls (yes looking at you again Otto). And really i can't blame the trolls (yes you again Otto) for Oovee have created the perfect play pen for trolls. No communication, no news etc etc. Trust me i have tried and tried again to shake news out of them but nothing happened. Sad to see a forum go sour like this but that's what you get when the company behind it leaves it without content like this. So, again, i say Thanks for all the fish. Hein Out.
  3. Not gone. Merely some unfortunate DNS problems. The new owner is sorting it out.
  4. Thanks guys and gals. The site is in good hands with Hazzard i think. You can contact him at content@spintires.nl if you want a map or mod hosted on Spintires.nl Hein out.
  5. I'm not known for using many words to get my point across so here it is: I no longer am in charge of Spintires.nl Why? Well that is easy. Life got in the way of me properly maintaining that site. So it has now been sold to a new owner. More info can be read here: http://spintires.nl/so-long-and-thanks-for-all-the-fish/
  6. Yeah well :0 typos gonna typos right.
  7. http://spintires.nl/level-west-fork-canyon/
  8. I've alerted the server administrator. They are looking into the problem. Thanks for the heads up people, you can stop sending me email/skype/personal forum messages and smoke signals
  9. We are working on restoring the download area to its proper functioning again.
  10. Im really jealous now VM.. congratulations on getting your new truck. Looks awesome.
  11. I'm done. No i dont keep my hopes up because i get a good job reference. Im a sysadmin so i got nothing to gain by performing well on this forum. No i do not get paid to do it either. I'm am or was just trying to be a nice guy despite all the radio silence from Oovee. A radio silence that has its reasons believe it or not. But like i said on the first sentence. I'm done. If people start to distrust the messages i post then i'm done. I still enjoy playing the game on a daily basis and look forward to what is coming but as for keeping up hope here well.. i will not be doing that anymore as it is clear to me now that is not appreciated.
  12. WrenchinMonkey latest map has gems like this on it.. really good fun!
  13. Yes because freedom can only be gained at gun point...
  14. Yeah i know its sketchy at best from your pov. I have no doubt in my mind it looks like the way your described it, very accurately i might add . To the best of my knowledge the game is not dead.
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