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  1. holbs


    Just trying to say HELLO !!

    It's been awhile and I wasn't sure if you were still affiliated with Oovee or not.

    I wanted to make sure you received my thanks for all the help on here.  I don't know what I would have done many times if it wasn't for your suggestions.

    Ken Holby (holbs)


    1. Hein


      Hey Holbs,

      I was never affiliated with Oovee at all. Just a consumer doing his part to answer questions on this forum and run my own mods websites.

      Well i used to do that but sold spintires.nl three years ago ;). It was consuming way too much time for the revenue it brought me.

      I'm tempted to start playing spintires again but have zero time for that right now plus i lack the proper laptop to deal with the graphics.  And besides that i did get a front row seat behind the scenes of the whole Oovee fallout with Pavel and Sabre.. lets just say it wasnt pretty. Left a bitter taste.

      But never say never i might just return one day on this forum as a active user again :)

      See you around


    2. holbs



      It's good to hear you're still around.  Being "Across the pond" always makes a bit of a difference with retaining instant contact with others.

      I still play and do maps for the 03.03.16 version.  Instead of jumping in the horde of "updates", I sat back and waited.  I saw a lot of disappointed players after Oovee just decided to just make players install of the semi-weekly updates off of Steam.  I couldn't stop the game's updates, but because when I started to do mapping, I set the Editor up on my "Z" drive.  I can't remember why, but I'm glad I did.  The new textures the updates included in the forced update really got me hot.  Here I was creating 5 maps in 4 months and they all looked terrible when I played them.  I even chatted with Reese a few time and basically asked if they could just put the new textures as new "Overlays" instead of replacing the original ones.  Maybe he listened or maybe he didn't.  I even asked if there could be a way most of the updates be placed in some sort of Option screen for us to choose before the game starts.

      I don't know.  All I know is that one of the best sims I ever "got into" as much as I have was almost ruined.  I'm turning 74 next Wed. and am set in my ways.  I don't like changes to something I didn't have a choice on.  Now, when anyone logs into Steam, updates are D/Led without even letting me know, so I have to be careful.

      As I said before, I still create maps with the old Editor on my Z drive.  This way none of the updates affects my choices of terrain, overlays and etc.  

      You said you might want to give ST another try...may I suggest my latest map "A_PAIN_IN_THE_grASS".  It's tough, but enjoyable.  I play it often just to see if I can still drive on it - LOL.

      Okay, I'm done rambling for now.  Good to hear from you again!

      Ken Holby



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