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  1. as I crested the edge of the hill the objective was in sight and the sun was in the perfict place for this shot, Oh wait I as dreaming again...................
  2. lol just did the same in a pm to you forces
  3. on to the rock pit on coast with muh trusty tweeked gaz oooooh wait I forgot to flex her out first in the mud not to shabby not enough traction back to the workshop we go back from the shop regeared now git sum
  4. best st14 mod hands down nice work what a pleasure to drive thank you bregal!!!!
  5. thank you !!!!! I uploaded 3.0 then was unhappy with it and tried to restore 2.0 per the option on the down loads page as I was unhappy with the level needs more work it said it is all good on my end thanks for fixing
  6. I have updated added a new garage hope this fixes the spawn issue
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