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  1. Im ready for another brute mod they are by far the best quality are you working on any right now.

    1. imsonutz


      Yea I think he is working on a 08 Dodge Ram Diesel.

  2. hi brute i saw your new rock crawler on tomcat's channel and i really want that in my game:)

  3. hi brute i saw your new rock crawler on tomcat's channel and i really want that in my game:)

    1. Torrezx315


      same here.... is there any chance of u doing something with it and it going on the steam workshop


  4. You make some awesome vehicles.

    1. tracker38


      i agree with you on that one


  5. Guys If he dose not want to do add-ons, regardless of the reason, its his choice leave it at that.
  6. I myself have have 20+ projects in the works plus some for other people, And I have 3 dodge 2500-3500's im working on and been working on. With work, family and my Stream I really dont have time to post updates on all of them.
  7. That K5 looks Great. But What is that I see behind you?
  8. Dam you work fast. My leaf springs make that truck look good, now time for the K5 to get some leaf springs.
  9. No he has changed it so much that the original version that was in tomcats Video is gone. But Its 100% better than the Original. But Lets not High Jack Spuns forum page.
  10. BlackWater's Canyon 2.2 it's a WIP.
  11. I agree the drummer needs to quit playing Spintires and get some practice. LOL
  12. And bet you loved every minute of it.
  13. I have a model of that year dodge Ill make it, no problem ill post a pic somtime today with a quick mock up of what it would look like
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