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  1. Great, really the best vehicle I've seen in Spintires I look forward to the opportunity to test after the release this tractor Regards.
  2. Cool. P.S. There is a chance that you will do the Mercedes G in the 5-door version? In your performance that was brilliant.
  3. How was working on the tractor? Are there any progress? I saw recently on the Russian website the new tracked vehicles, work very well (thanks Spintires Plus). The chance is that the DT75 will be completed and released?
  4. It's fun, but I'd prefer a tank Tiger
  5. But you can tell whether there is a chance that anything will be added to the game? whether the game has already died?
  6. I agree, I see in the game believe it. If this would be it really is that I came to be here on forum by someone from the creators of the game.
  7. Sorry for the question, but I wonder if there are there any progress?
  8. BFG AT finally the best or at least most beautiful tire that produced.
  9. Super model, like all Bergel vehicles , but the model is half the job. Bergel makes great texture and so these cars are almost perfect
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