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  1. for My Only Love, I was in hardcore, so never recovered (obvs), and never moved another vehicle.
  2. As far as I am aware, as long as the Mods are official/ certified, and they meet the balance requirements (As in don't exceed the balance points), then the achievements should work fine!
  3. "My Only Love" was working for me earlier (map used was The Hill in Type D-537), however I couldn't get a co-op one to work - Unless co-op ones are for casual and not hardcode?
  4. Volcano starts with: Maz 537 (x2) Maz 7310 Uaz But I have yet to explore it further
  5. I presume its there for some future DLC or add on? Maybe you can spawn a trailer using one truck and then swap it over? Or just to give it a customisation option?
  6. Oh god, when its foggy in the morning! I can barely see where to go! Rain would be cool, especially if it made the mud worse! Hopefully in time, if it is implemented alongside cockpit view, working windscreen wipers? I'd personally like to see snow! that would make the game interesting, heavy snowfall to combat and semi frozen rivers?
  7. The beta access wasn't the same as the full game. There are differences between the two. Such as Coast on the beta had two lumber (one is now hidden) and the map 'volcano' wasn't around. The bugs aren't exactly game breaking. they're just irritating. Keep calm and the developers will get it updated in due course!
  8. River has all vehicles from Class A, B C and D Coast has every vehicle so far That's as far as my knowledge goes at the moment
  9. Good idea! The same should be with Utility vehicles and transferring repair points!
  10. You unlock them as you explore the map. All 7 are available on coast. You just need to remove the cloaking and they'll appear on the map
  11. Hey Guys! If you remember back to the kick-starter campaign, an option (£15) or more gave you a code for an exclusive backers DLC. Does anyone know what this might be? Or even have any suggestions as to what they'd like to see implemented into the game? Bravo Two Six
  12. Hey Guys! Basically the MAZ 537 lost its cargo in an accident and the Ural (with crane) was called in. I had to move the MAZ to firmer ground in order to recover and load the second log. This is the grand plan I acquired in order to move the log from the mud to the MAZ. Hope you enjoy the pictures. What ingenious ideas have you had on spintires so far? Bravo_two_six
  13. The games only been out a day. I presume the first thing that will come is the Backers DLC and probably a few bug fixes.
  14. You can load vehicles using the crane. Theres a few points of Coast (that I know of) were there are logs laying around. Its good fun
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