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  1. I'm not sure if this is any help, but it might be, you can remove the garage building very easily like i've done on the picture below, just by removing this line <Body Collisions="Dynamic" /> from classes/models/garage.xml
  2. Does you game crash when you are loading map or what is triggering the crash? I can also try to take a look at it if you want, just send me the files
  3. That is true, but if he installs a new hd and installs windows on that, and makes the old run as slave(as he suggested him self), i think there is a chance for recovery, no guarantee of cause
  4. Unfortunately Pc repairmen don't have magic tools or magic fingers, what they will do is exactly the same as you can do your self, they will charge you 100-200 dollars though properly, so if you got a little computer knowledge i recommend doing it your self, as already suggested you can find alot different software to help you recover your lost data, however for this to work it is VERY important you stop using your HDD as soon as possible, because your HDD will start overwriting the lost sectors of the disk and making it impossible to recreate any lost data( like suggested by b101uk) I will be happy to help if you should have any questions, i've done these kind of things a hundred of times, i got my own little part time computer support business next to my studies so i'm very experienced with these kind of things
  5. File Name: Camera Perspective File Submitter: Anders Ørum File Submitted: 01 Aug 2014 File Category: Other Hi I've created a camera mod, this will let you install an extra camera positions/perspectives on all of the trucks. Press " 2 " to shift to the new camera, and press " 1 " to move back to the original camera. Works in multiplayer and with achievements Camera Positions/Perspectives in v1.0: 3 Different Cabin Cams 3 Different Zoomed Out Cams A Close Up Side Cam A Special Cam Installation: Just put the "Media" folder from the zip file into your "Spintires" folder and replace files if asked. Preview Click here to download this file
  6. Good job man! I really love the trailer it's awesome, are the trucks on the trailer static or dynamic models?
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