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  1. The Website has been diagnosed!! Turns out it is a security issue on the back-end of the site causing issues. Hopefully we can figure out this issue soon
  2. *Update* My Tech is on holidays but hopefully he will be back soon and the site will be online once again.
  3. Well. ATM I have no clue about the issues or future of the site. As Hein said in his exit post I am only the Editor.
  4. No you export your 3d model as an .X File
  5. you no longer have to overwrite a truck file. just give its own name in the classes .xml
  6. If you can keep ads to a minimum they don't really hurt to bad
  7. There are plenty of tutorials out on the web. Search how to use smoothing groups in max and how to use the weld tool in max. I am sure you will find something. I would link you to videos but I am on my phone.
  8. I edited the code above to how I would set it.
  9. Sorry it is a bit delayed with the upload. I have been very busy.
  10. <_templates Include="trucks"/> <TruckAddon > <TruckData /> <PhysicsModel Mesh="trucks/Hazzard-NavaraCanopy"> <Body CenterOfMassOffset="(0.0; -0.5; 0)" Friction="0.5" Collisions="None" Mass="50" > <Constraint Type="Fixed" /> </Body> </PhysicsModel> <GameData> <InstallSocket Type="NavaraCanopy" /> </GameData> </TruckAddon> This is the code I use for an addon
  11. Ahh. Reading would have helped to know it was for wheels *facepalm*. Like forces said you need to add an extra alpha layer.
  12. Is the texture a DTX3 Alpha? I could be wrong but I think that makes mud show up.
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