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  1. Make sure it's a zip file not a rar
  2. I'd be up for it but I can not guarantee that I'll get it finished or anything because I'm busy with school but I've been wanting to put one in st for a while. I just never got the frame built realistically
  3. Unity is still better than havok xD
  4. I'd be up for it, I might be free tomorrow or Thursday if you're interested.
  5. You can also import .x files in 3ds max with xporter however, it can screw up the models, and if you post pictures of what you are working on and you've used someone else's model, be sure to just state that they made it. You don't need to do this but if you don't be prepared to get hounded on by their fans lol. If you aren't getting models from other mods then it depends on where you are getting them. Id suggest taking a model and opening it up to see what everything does and to play with it alittle but after you learn how to use 3ds and the sizing and such, then grab models else where. Google sketch up is an okay place to get free models. Sorry if I screwed up words and whatnot, I'm using my phone xD
  6. Models are in the media/meshes/trucks folders, there should be .XML files and a .X file pairs with it(same name) where are you getting the models from?
  7. There are a few ways to do it, however, anyone can simply unzip a file, take out some useless text and import your model again. There is no point to it.
  8. I've now contacted umg on behalf of non-moderator me just to let them know this is going on. Maybe they will actually look into this now.
  9. My question is; why in the name of hell is a music group (universal music group) making claims on bird sounds? That's really aggravating. Let's hope this gets dealt with at some point.
  10. This is not official Oovee word, it is just my opinion. What he has done has by no means broken the eula, and is not technically hacking. Hacking would be editing the exe, not creating a dll. If you don't like his MOD then fine, don't get it. Others however, do like it and that doesn't affect you. This game was built to be modded , hence the reason for the forums having a download section.
  11. Looking good! And just to clarify, Richie is on the right track but from what I've noticed it's actually verts not polys. However they are related (usually) so in this case the solution is the same.
  12. Excessive caps will not get it released faster, next time please try to refrain from it
  13. Alright guys enough. I dont care about ccs making a Man Kat, he is free to make what he wants. This topic is to discuss what he is creating not what he should/shouldnt be doing. To all parties in here; keep on topic and stop harassing each other. We dont need to have this whole "stolen s**t" issue again! EDIT: if i see any more of "you stole this" or "he stole that" from before then warning points will be issued. That crap is all behind us.
  14. lets take this to a friendly PM so we dont make a mess of your thread.
  15. This is usually do to the mesh not being set up properly (not animated) or its due to this code not being named correctly: <Axles> <Axle Frame="Bone001" LeftWheel="0" RightWheel="1" /> <Axle Frame="Bone003" LeftWheel="2" RightWheel="3" /> the frame name comes from the axles bones in the mesh. If you dont know what any of this means, then its something too complex to jump right into. and learning alittle more would be a big help. Have fun moddin
  16. This mod looks like crap! worst ive every seen, and you dont give credit to anyone! LOL remember this BS? Looks good man!
  17. Just a reminder, this thread was for the tech demo, so some info is the same, some is not. When i have time i will update.
  18. My hobby is modeling. Somethin i made a while back: the first pic is what i made, second is the real thing. First pic is also not a render its a snapshot with low res textures.
  19. Yes, love it! Im from Canada, but i went down to Prague, Czechoslovakia for a Karate Competition, amazing, beautiful, and historical place! Wouldnt mind some Czech country side maps
  20. Actually it makes the xml so much easier to read and learn. Cause of the color coating xD but its all personal preference i guess
  21. You will absolutely need 3ds max for uv mapping if I'm gonna teach you. Max is better for it imho
  22. 3DS MAX, i suggest 2012, or getting 2012 and 2015. (this will require about 60gb though) I can teach you if you have a mic and can vid chat on google plus
  23. As far as i know there is no way to change the breaking power, however, i will look into it, and i expect something for that to be in the full game.
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