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  1. My offroad bread loaf UAZ is sad
  2. I thought it would be great to post some awesome videos related to Spintires Deep mud Not afraid of mudholes This one is a bit longer but it has some nice footage
  3. Somewhere in a middle of .xml you can find this <CombineTruck> And you need to add this <Socket Type="hook" Offset="(-2.48; 1.1; 0.0)" /> Offset numbers work the same way as numbers on suspension.
  4. On bottom of your .xml you can find this <Wheels> <Wheel _template="FrontWheelLeft" DiffGroup="axle0"> <Suspension Hardpoint="(1.505; 0.5; 0.9)" /> </Wheels> etc...... 1st number is backward and forward 2nd number is up and down 3rd number is sideways
  5. Are you sure? You should find all of this in your .xml file on these folders spintires/media/classes/trucks spintires/media/meshes/trucks And did you open it with what? If you dont have notepad++ you can use normal notepad to edit .xmls
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