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  1. Not to forget, the tool now updates when selecting another object or modifier. It'll also inform you when you're missing the skin modifier, and add it automatically (though bones are not added automagically). The instructions on the download page are updated to reflect all this new, improved and advanced functionality.
  2. Ummm yes? Skull posted that answer 8 days ago.
  3. There's still more topics about this subject
  4. Are you resuming a savegame, or spawining the truck new every time? Renaming probably breaks references somewhere.
  5. Did you remove the workshop mod when you manually installed it? Otherwise the game probably uses the wrong files. Other than that, I don't know - my spintires knowledge/interest left years ago.
  6. mpl5s2a is the name of the mod in the zip file. You have to be more precise about "renamed the truck". The name of the zipfile? The name of the xml file? The ModString? Any of this shouldn't affect winchpoints, unless you made an error in the truck's class xml.
  7. I see. I checked and it looks like the webserver throws back this error. Sadly, as that's backend, the only thing I can do for you is rattle Oovee's cage.
  8. Merged. Please post in the same topic, that way everyone knows what "uploading-map-files-problem" you're talking about, instead of having to search. Also, are there any error messages you get? If the forum "won't accept it ??????" I guess it at least shows you it does so, perhaps even accompanied by a reason.
  9. Nope, scripts can't touch logs. Have you searched through all your installed mods? Verified that no other mods are loaded by a MediaPath variable? It's​ still weird though that the drops are random, and in the range of what you enter...
  10. It's defined in the classes\trucks\load_logs*.xml file, at TruckAddon/GameData/@ManualLoads. Search through all files the game loads (check all the MediaPaths as defined in the config file) whether they set this value.
  11. That depends a little. If you've never changed the installation location for your games, you can find it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\263280. From there, you'll have to figure out the id of the mod and find the right file, as described on the previous page.
  12. Same. Our gains are... well we get to read all the negativity on this forum, and shake the Oovee-tree every once in a while, in hopes of getting some new information. Not exactly gains èh?
  13. If it's not an addon that means the light bar is included in the 3D model of the truck. You will need the original model file from the author (with permission obviously) and a 3D modelling program to either copy it over to the other truck (again, for which you need model files), or extract it, make it an addon and add it as possible addon to the xml of the other truck.
  14. Long time no see I won't; less things I have ingame the more I'll have to acquire/achieve by playing
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