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  1. I have the model referred to above. It has quite different geometry to Bregels model.
  2. Could you make the wipers activate when the steam effect kicks in?
  3. That's why we use AXE. We work with the model 'z' up, instead of it lying on its side. Axe automatically flips to 'y' up when you export.
  4. Why reset xform? All you are doing is rotating the mesh. It's not rocket science guys. Both me and Tattoo have given you screen shots. Just copy what you see.
  5. That's weird. When I check right handed they export fine but they are rotated 180 as the OP describes. This is how my wheels are oriented in Max before export with AXE:
  6. I'm sure freeman is working on a 'wrecker' addon for the games stock trucks.
  7. No worries. Mine is a replica of the one I owned and won't be released.
  8. Sketchup: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model.html?id=uc6238eba-2fa0-4f96-acd8-a8250f2c214b
  9. But if you are adding it as a 'proper' addon it will need it's own cdt mesh. I've noticed that intersecting cdt's seem to be the cause of a lot of in game problems regardless of the collision type given to the frame. Anyway, it will be interesting to see the outcome.
  10. Wont that put the addon inside the cdt mesh of the YJ?
  11. That's unlikely to happen. Pavel designed this game around a primary objective of delivering logs. That's why he built mass and it's effects into the game.
  12. Now I get where you are coming from SiD. You tune your suspension for optimum performance without addons and it's thrown out of balance if you use an addon. I build my trucks to perform best when loaded so there unloaded performance isn't optimal. Basically it depends on the intended purpose of the truck and you don't build load luggers.
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