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  1. ^^ Please explain what that means Lilkittie.
  2. I have the model referred to above. It has quite different geometry to Bregels model.
  3. Tattoo discovered that the game converts all texture files to .dds format at start up. If you check the %appdata% textures cache you will see all your own texture files in .dds format with the folder name appended to them.
  4. The addons I make are separate meshes/models with their own cdt. They have a separate .x file with their own texture xml's. What sort of addon are we talking about here?
  5. Could you make the wipers activate when the steam effect kicks in?
  6. What has that got to do with Noel claiming that jeep as HIS mod????? Let's be real here. This guy can't even smooth out a mesh that he messed up ffs!
  7. That is just wrong on so many levels.
  8. No offence intended here. But, he didn't build it so it isn't really his mod.
  9. That's why we use AXE. We work with the model 'z' up, instead of it lying on its side. Axe automatically flips to 'y' up when you export.
  10. Why reset xform? All you are doing is rotating the mesh. It's not rocket science guys. Both me and Tattoo have given you screen shots. Just copy what you see.
  11. That's weird. When I check right handed they export fine but they are rotated 180 as the OP describes. This is how my wheels are oriented in Max before export with AXE:
  12. I'm sure freeman is working on a 'wrecker' addon for the games stock trucks.
  13. This guy is an absolute genius with 3ds Max and gives out loads of helpful tips. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSLLdTBwLMfTKWS56tOiQpw PS: he works very quickly so if you are anything like me you will need to watch each tutorial a few times
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