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  1. 1. FPS Before the update, the FPS was in the region of 50-60 and there were no friezes. After update evenat the end of the map the FPS will not rise above 40 and is not stable at 30-40 2. Speed limit Now the speed of the car depends on the radius of the wheels. For example, let's take KrAZ - 255. When changing gears from 4 to 5, the maximum speed does not change. SpinTires 2020-11-06 00-24-41-68.avi If we take the Sherpa, then in the characteristics his maximum speed is written - this is 40 km / h, in the game now the maximum speed is 50 km / h. 3. This bug manifests itself ponderous
  2. LLIakaL

    Fuel error

    Играю в аркаду, поскольку в симуляторе нельзя пропустить ночь. Если включить передачу и пропустить время, то топливо тратится, а если перевести в нейтралку то не тратится.
  3. LLIakaL

    Fuel error

    In arcade mode, you can skip time without wasting a single liter of fuel. To do this, you need to put the gearbox in neutral and skip the time.
  4. If we take the KrAZ-255 as an example, then it has a separate propeller shaft for each axle (there are only 5 of them), but if all 5 wheels are locked and 1 wheel is in a free state, then why does it have such a speed if the torque passes through the transfer case a box where the revolutions in one gear cannot be increased in any way, or is this not taken into account in the game? (as if all 5 wheels are combined into 1)
  5. Скорее всего так. Ну или может у них на столько большие планы, что своевремеено ничего не делают с игрой и редактором карт.
  6. When KamAZ drives into the mud, its wheels start to behave chaotic https://vk.com/video205909760_456239688 https://www.facebook.com/100027043355131/videos/715142242730548/
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