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  1. Where are items loaded from the workshop? ^^'
  2. By the way, SHERP SUVs have control that is most suitable for tracked vehicles. Why complicate things, why not take SHERP as a basis? Perhaps in this case you won't even need ST + in the future?
  3. I know that everyone has already written about this problem, but almost no one was able to show with examples what exactly this is happening. I will open your eyes, comrades! It's not about the graphics, it's about the new physics of dirt. I don't know if this can be optimized somehow, but so far things are as follows: If the car is on the asphalt, the FPS will not fall, but if the car drives into the mud, we get what you see in the video: The more wheels are in the mud and the more swampy the terrain, the greater the load on your PC. Simply put, if 10 cars FLY over the sw
  4. The two trailers have a serious error that causes them to either take off or simply unhitch from the car. Farm Trailer (Fuel load) and Farm Trailer (Repair load). The error is best observed when working with the E-167:
  5. T-150 Gus. He rides forward and backward without any problems. However, he turns very, very slowly (add more "very"). Maybe he can help. I don't understand programming at all, but I will root for you.
  6. Уже известна ошибка. Ждём патч с поправками. Есть другие проблемы, о которых не говорит никто, сегодня вечером зафиксирую часть из них.
  7. This error is already boring, it has been around for quite some time... Besides, today this error caused what you see in the screenshots....
  8. If we talk about the similarities with the real prototype, then visually the old B-130 is better. Yes, the new one has more polygons and higher texture resolution, but the old one... Do not delete it for good... The old B-130 would be great to have high resolution textures. No? Didn't he deserve it? And I like the idea that there are two B-130s in the game at once. I've always liked the variety of models in the game, even if it is purely visual.
  9. The last few patches, the game has serious problems with multiplayer. Then you can't refuel a friend, then the cars get stuck in each other, then something else. Spend your efforts fixing the multiplayer, please and test it before release. *Cry from the heart*
  10. Игроки сами не знают, чего они хотят.
  11. Already wrote about this. At the same time, I found a solution. Now you can do the same, parameter 300 is enough.
  12. Сейчас бы в аркадном режиме играть. А если серьёзно, то я никогда не понимал такой фичи, ведь когда машины стоят в этой игре сколько угодно времени, топливо не тратится. Почему оно должно тратиться, если я пропускаю время?
  13. This is steam or smoke. Conventional high RPM + friction = high temperature. This function has been in the game for a long time...
  14. The front wheels of the B-80 are still sinking on level ground.
  15. Я буду плакать от счастья!
  16. The question is off topic. Zee on Steam himself Zane?
  17. So. I decided to go deep into the search for problems. Some of them are already known, but I will still document them and throw them here. I am sure that these are not all problems. Here's what I discovered yesterday: 1) Any car, sooner or later, can just stand on a flat surface. The strangeness here is not only that the car does not go on the surface, where, according to the logic, it should go, but also that if you put the car on the handbrake, the front wheels start spinning. I think everyone will agree that the car should go here without blocking, and the wheels should spin all t
  18. C3DB write that Oovee edit models and textures as they see fit. I'll send you a bit later how the models looked before they were "edited" Oovee.
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