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  1. I thought that people in the thread with problems would talk about problems for the developers to fix them, and not find a reason for jokes here. I can't believe you are really interested in playing in the current environment. Yes, I agree, the current mud is a very interesting solution, BUT WHEELS SHOULD NOT FALL INTO THE GROUND WHEN THE MACHINE IS NOT MOVING. This needs to be corrected, not justified. If for you this is a topic for jokes, then this is your right, I prefer to look for errors and report them, so that it is useful.
  2. Even after I sent in a video with obvious problems, are you asking me this question?
  3. Now tell me, can this be considered playable? It is easy for you to say when you are not using anything but C-255 and C-4320.
  4. Let's, in the topic of errors, we will only discuss errors and methods of solving them, and ask questions not on the topic in the right topic? Good? Thank.
  5. Hello. Because I know English at the 3rd grade level, I will express my thoughts through a google translator. I think we can understand each other. So, the idea is this: in our game, the main goal is to bring all the logs to the sawmill. All. I think there have been a lot of requests for Oovee to add something new to the game and I'm ready to give you an idea. We need: a map where a fire is raging in the forest, a reservoir and fire trucks. We need to drive a fire engine to the reservoir, fill it with water there, put out the fire in the forest. It's all. The whole idea. It's funny, the id
  6. I just assumed. The creators of these models themselves say that some of them will be in the new DLC for money. If so, then this is even better. There is a greater chance that the physics of dirt will become adequate again, otherwise no one will buy this add-on.
  7. https://vk.com/create3dbucket
  8. There is logic here, yes, but only if we have transport, it should be useful at least in some way. We even have achievements for the B-130, but how to get them if it is not possible to get to the right place? B-80 is just a separate topic. It falls into the ground from the very start, and this is no longer realism, this is stupidity. Tractors are plowing fields ... Would it be comical if, driving past the fields, you saw the harvest of tractors stuck with the front wheels? And in our game to arrange such a harvest is a trifling matter. The B-80 has few functions: 1) pull cars, 2) pull carts,
  9. I've already tried to play with "PushResistance", it doesn't help, the B-80 still sinks out of the blue. There must be something else. I will look for...
  10. SO. In the parameters of the wheels, vehicles have the following item: "Width = x.xxx". The default value for B-80 is 0.172, and if you change it to 0.355, the tractor stops falling into the mud. Checkmate. This means that the mud has a parameter that considers that the thinner the wheel, the faster it will sink in the mud. It remains to correct the absurdity of this parameter.
  11. No, the translator conveyed the essence of the question surprisingly accurately. In version 1.5.1, the B-80 could drive until it ran into deep mud (and could still get out, in mild cases), and in 1.6.1 it cuts through the mud. This problem did not exist, which means that the issue is clearly not in the mass of the wheel. The B-130 does the same, but not so obvious. Cars with wider wheels do not sink into the mud. For this, the tire pressure was added to the game, so that when the wheels are deflated, the resistance to immersion in mud increases. Well, logically, this is how it should
  12. >Use google translate if you need to. Так пользуйтесь. Если я могу, то почему это проблема для вас? Странно вы рассуждаете. Для тех, у кого аллергия на переводчик, I'll write in through a translator. Let's get back to the question: what parameter of the new physics of dirt determines that the thinner the wheel, the faster it will sink into the ground?
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