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  1. Because this is just guesswork.
  2. Thanks for noticing. I have corrected.
  3. If you still haven't found a way to get the K-700 back, then I'll share with you how I did it. 1) You need to download the archive by clicking on the link: Spintires K-700.zip 2) In the archive, all folders correspond to the file or folder of the game itself. All you need is to transfer the files from the archive to the folders of the game itself. 3) Depending on your language, you need to go to "Media.zip" ---> [strings] ---> [Find the folder with the language you need] ---> [assets.txt] We are looking for the line "/kirovets700", write "K-700", as in the example:
  4. Maybe you shouldn't spread empty rumors? Because of such reflections, dozens of people on Steam are SURE that this is a fact. I have thoughts on this, and based on facts, but I still keep quiet. Lately, the game has been doing well in terms of content, won't you agree? This is not counting the mistakes. I think it won't be long to wait, soon there will be something very interesting.
  5. А откуда информация про то, что модель лично от Паши? Да и вообще, на сколько я понимаю, у него не осталось никаких прав на модели в спинке, именно поэтому почти всё, что есть в клоне, точно такое же, но либо текстуры переделаны(окружение), либо модели исправлены так, чтобы отличались от оригинальной игры. Зачем делать новую модель с нуля, когда можно ещё 10-20 полигонов накинуть на решетку радиатора?
  6. Where did this transport go? Will he come back?
  7. I don't think the word "copy" is an excuse for the lack of variety of Chinese cars. This is the moment when more is better.
  8. I would like to start from afar and off topic. The latest DLC and patch is, in my opinion, the best thing that happened to the game. The new technology is amazingly beautiful, the detailing is incomparable, as in the car pack number 1! Hopefully 133, 167, 130 (new), 505 and 157 will be brought up to the same level of development! The new maps are great! Mud physics is beautiful! After 1.6.2 I loved the new dirt with all my heart, it is very good. Well, China! Hurray, we moved somewhere other than Russian roads! This is a very good idea, but it is not clear why the number of cars is so s
  9. Request to the moderators: please delete this accidentally duplicated post.
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