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  1. So I was carrying medium logs on D-535 on flood, I drove over a stick and it detached and pulled away my trailer. However, the load remained intact. So I successfully scraped the dirt with logs to the objective I mean, it shouldn't be like that, right?
  2. Get on plains, casual. Choose to start with D-535, drive to the kiosk, don't load up yet. Rebind F1, V, Spacebar and S keys. All 4 of those will trigger a brake or a parking break = no chievo. Then you can no rush deliver it to the objective and you should be good.
  3. This might have been posted already, but is there any news about it? We managed to replicate it on any map with any trucks in multiplayer. The player who gets refueled crashes. Even I as a host crash when I get refueled. Repair points however are working without problem.
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