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  1. I left this post on August 8th, it was the day I stopped playing Spintires due to the new update that made the game unplayable not only for me but for other people and until today no more updates have been released to correct the problem, why? it's been over 2 months since i bought the new dlc and i can't play it and i've tested several solutions and it's always crashing not only me but other people i've been in contact with...
  2. how long will it take before they release an update for devs to fix the various Spintires bugs? I haven't played Spintires for 3 weeks, I bought the game and all the DLC's and I did it to support Oovee and of course to play.
  3. ok I didn't know, I'm new to the game and I know few things
  4. this version 16.01.15., the game works without crashing the advanced options of the trucks?
  5. ok thanks for explaining . ups, sorry i don't know what i did that created two messages, sorry
  6. Aren't we talking on camera in the first person? When I asked the first question, I asked if this mod has a first-person camera, MudRunner has a first-person camera, Spintires doesn't, which is why I asked if this mod is a first-person camera? and if so, is it that the quality is more or less equal to MudRunner? look, maybe I explained myself badly I don't speak english I translate on google I tried to put a print screen here but I can't, I left the link with the image of the first person camera that Spintires never had: https://prnt.sc/tyys6c
  7. well, but it shouldn't have the quality of MudRunner, am I right?
  8. Hi, I didn't realize, with this program or mod can we play Spintires in first person?
  9. yes, I totally agree with the idea of having a beta in each update that would be excellent, I hope the bugs are fixed, I play another game that every time an update is released they release a beta to find the problems and only after they have solved all the bugs they release the update for the game that way it would avoid people running out of playing Spintires, I love the game and I've been very close to buying a game similar to Spintires, I didn't do it because I believe devs go for the game again to work properly, I have the game a short time ago and bought all the dlc´s to support Oovee, w
  10. another crash, I was going to use the truck’s advanced options and the trailer disengaged alone and game crashed, I’m going to give up Spintires I’m tired of wasting hours of game and without evolving in the game because of the crashes, if they tell me it’s possible to move on to previous version, I prefer to play the previous version, version 1.6.1 has problems that stop being a playable game for me, well, I hope that some dev or someone who is part of the team that made the update gives me hope because I just want to play a game that I love and not being able to play is extremely frustrating
  11. Hi since I have Spintires the game has crashed a few times I even lost count of the crashes that the game gives and I only have 44 hours of play, well, today's crash was when I was going to use the advanced options of the truck and I heard it before from the crash the trailer to disengage, I uninstalled the game on Monday and after uninstalling I deleted files and folders that had been left on the PC after uninstallation, well, the game worked more or less well until today to give this crash another thing I want to say is that when me and other players use the advanced options of trucks to u
  12. yeah, i had plans to play this weekend and i was disappointed that i couldn't play in my free time, but the bugs happen in all games next time it is better not to make plans to play a game when an update is released, well, I hope that next weekend I can play Spintires without any problems. edit: Ebb an update came out to fix the problem I haven't tested it yet but they said that the problem that caused the crash has already been solved, I got some free time and in an hour I will test the game and maybe buy the new DLC :)) edit2: well, the problem was solved I tested the game now an
  13. someone commented that they will release an update in the next few hours that will fix the problem.
  14. Hi, since installing the new version 1.6.0 my game has never worked properly. I can start the game and play for a few minutes and the crash always happens when I use the advanced options of the trucks, it seems that there is a limit to using the advanced options of the trucks, I did not count the times I used it but it must be the third or fourth time I use the advanced options that the game crashes, I try to solve the problem I tried some solutions that here on your website and I even uninstalled the game I deleted the folders and files that were on the pc after uninstalling and then instal
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