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  1. yes, something is definitely wrong with diffs and traction. Like inter-axle diff is present. Real truck don't have it. This should be fixed! edit: the diff issue obscures changes in mud physics. I was under impression it was harder to plow through the mud because it is more viscous than before. Now I think it was mostly because diffs are not working properly.
  2. Just finished the new map! So detailed and gorgeous. A lot of new objects, beautiful water, and very realistic rocks. Feels like Spintires2. The map is very challenging too! I enjoyed discovering alternative unmapped routes and removing cloaking. The rope bridge and swimming are excellent gameplay features! Please keep up the excellent work! I am not sure how I feel about new mud and tire pressure - need to play more.
  3. I agree, I also felt that braking got sharper in 1.6.0. and yes, Sherp is very vulnerable to sharp braking.
  4. ARK 10X10 does not steer while towed. "Auto" steering does not work, "left" "right" button in advanced menu do nothing. However, after towing, when getting into ARK, it will quickly steer left or right by itself. PS. I will keep playing - maybe i find more bugs
  5. how about winching? Now i see that there is no fuel consumption when winching. And I think before it was a thing.
  6. thanks! But I don't see there a way to change bindings advanced menu
  7. I thought I had troubles with fuel while loading logs before. But you are right, it was like that before. I apologize for my mistake.
  8. Just noticed while playing 1.6.1. Cranes on Sherp10x10, C4320, C255 do not consume fuel.
  9. I am probably the only person playing with an Xbox gamepad. But maybe other gamepads have a similar issue. My issue: in advanced menu action(or click) is the right trigger. And in driving mode right trigger is the acceleration. Frequently, I open the advanced menu and immediately trigger default action (one that has focus). It happens since I am still pressing the right trigger. Previously it was something harmless, like "park trailer" or "rear door." But in 1.6, It can be the "stop engine" or "detach trailer." Needless to say, accidentally detaching the trailer is very irritating. It is a disaster when going uphill, for example. Would it be possible to change action binding in the advanced menu to another button? Another from acceleration? "A" button seems to be a natural choice. By default "A" is "all wheel drive", and it is unused in the advanced menu. Maybe someone knows a way to change bindings in advance menu?
  10. So the Sherp DLC is out! Looks gorgeous! Like other players, I also have game crashes on trailer detachment. Also, game saves do not work when I exit to the main menu. However, I would like to point out two older bugs. They have been annoying for a while. 1) Farm Trailer Fuel and Farm Trailer Repair. They do not attach correctly to some old trucks. Then when driving, the trailer detaches all the time. I see this with C4320 and B157, see attachment. B157 is the worst case. I have not tested all trucks, but there are no issues with newer trucks, like B431510, B500. Also, Farm Trailer Flatbed seems to work fine. 2) Center of mass of B505. It seems that CM of B505, when loaded with logs, is too close to the rear axle. As a result, the truck flips very easily. On a bump, it leans back, then sideways and flips. In one case, I flipped it 4 times during delivery. I noticed that attaching a trailer prevents the truck from flipping. But I think the real issue is weight distribution between Cabin and Chassis. For B505 cabin weights 1625, and chassis weights 4875. For similar B500(9) truck cabin weights 2500(3000), chassis weights 2000(1500). If B505 is "naked," no attachments installed, it is almost perfectly leveled. "naked" B500 leans slightly forward, like many other trucks. Modifying weight distribution in b505.xml similarly to b509 solves the issue.
  11. If I leave c509 with a long cart packed, go to another (distant) truck and then go back.. the cart launches into the air and lands on the roof, damaging the truck and sometimes flipping it. I think it happens in 1.5.1 only, I don't remember issues with the cart in 1.5.0. My guess the problem is in "c509_trailer_cart.xml", line 56: <Constraint InitialFree="true" Name="CartArm" Position="181" /> "trailer_kraz_cart.xml" has the "Position" set to 171. Changing it seems to solve the issue.
  12. Actually I have fixed it. I think trailer's xml files had a mistake. Fixed files are in attachment. Just put them into Media\classes\trucks trailer_5245_flatbed.xml trailer_5245d_flatbed.xml
  13. I can't load logs manually into Trailer 5245 - no green circles appear. Is it just me? I tried both versions of trailer and all kind of logs. It is possible when using Lumber station in casual mode. Also, the description says short logs, but Lumber station loads medium logs.
  14. Hello Oovee and everyone! Thank you for the wonderful game! After playing the game non-stop for a month, here is my idea: Summary:- expert mode, for map replayability Type:- game mode/interface Description:- Allows you to choose the starting point (Garage1, Garage2, etc.), and all trucks on the map (uses the same interface as for starting trucks (default truck -> replacement truck)). This mode unlocks for each map separately after the map is completed, all garages unlocked, all cloaking removed - same as "explorer" and "settler" achievements. Benefits:- increases replayability, motivates people to explore different routes, motivates people to use new trucks (from DLC, etc.) on old maps, motivates people to use old trucks on DLC maps (particularly Aftermath and Chernobyl allow choose only one truck). If implemented for map mods, also increases their replayability, thus benefiting the modder community. I think, this mode, rather than making the game more "quest" oriented, moves it more into the "sandbox" direction. Which is good, in my opinion. Finally, there is another benefit: no content changes required, no rebalancing required, only interface coding. Drawbacks & Potential Solutions:- some combinations of options will make map completion not possible, but it is exactly like the Flood map now. That's why the mode is called "expert". Solution: add a disclaimer. References:- see interface screenshot
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