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  1. Hi again, just a tip this time: in the (French) settings you should change "publicités" to "annonces" (highlighted in blue in my screenshot) since those are game-related news, to avoid any misunderstanding from players! Just launching the 1.5 update, thanks for the new content and MP improvements! Waiting for that special DLC announcement next week. Have a good weekend! Edit: having fun with the new vehicles! Some addon text strings are not translated, just to let you know (like "offroad" in the following screenshot). ... or "bois moyen" here
  2. Hmm, maybe it's saved in Steamworks, where devs can setup achievements (names & descriptions).
  3. Hello! (Screenshot 1) I have not seen that reported so I just want to let you know that various text strings are broken in French, for the achievements. All special characters are broken (like é, è, ê, ô...). I don't know how the localization of achievements is handled in Spintires (a file inside game files or Steam?) but changing file encoding from unicode to utf-8 do the trick generally. I'm nearly sure it's that kind of problem. Otherwise, the rest looks good. (Screenshot 2) Also, I spotted a missing string. Look at bottom left, the word "always" should be translat
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