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  1. Yes, You can feel it laggy clearly without any fps count. And fps can get lower if both trucks have attached trailer or semi-trailer. In my case, Deep mud + winched 2 trucks with trailer load + camera panning = terrible. lol
  2. You guys are awesome!! I've tested. Thump up. But unfortunately B80 is only vehicle I don't use in this game.
  3. Maybe it's just animation of wheels spin. I guess.
  4. AMD A10 5800K RAM 8 AMD RX470 SSD WIN10 Include all Dlcs Map Vocano start garage default trucks
  5. Yes, Now I'm enjoy converting 1.6.2. and all trucks from dlcs (except the Chernobyl that I didn't buy) to old Legacy build. LOL
  6. After I replying. I decided to re-install windows 10. And this video is the game with clean and fresh. As you see, At first part fps stand with 60 and drop a bit when moving camera. But after that, It's drop by half in mud area. Now let see at the end. Fps back to 60 again when leave that area. So weird. Maybe it's from graphic card manufacturer like you said. - -' (run on SSD)
  7. You're lucky. Some people in steam have concern about fps drop after update. Especially deep mud area I can feel laggy frame on my screen. But on hard dirt fps is fine. (if not move camera around)
  8. Compare with Legacy2 my system can run 58-60fps steady with 1080p max setting AAx16. But 1.6.2 or back to 1.6.0 I can't run over 30fps with same setting. I must turn off all effect and everything set to low to increase fps. My graphic driver is up to date. AMD A10 5800K 8Gb of RAM AMD RX470 WIN10
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