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  1. ok i didnt catch that, well i can do without it
  2. btw i didnt have anything else runnin full screen on the background
  3. It was the minimap that didnt work out, it said that i already have software running full screen so i cant use it or it is not compatible. Should i start spintires in windowed mode and try again for it to work?
  4. i went to check and found nothing wrong with the file, atleast what i could spot. Its getting tricky.
  5. Ok, that actually sounds a bit more realistic. Although i am pretty sure i didnt accidentally delete any of the ", ill go see. And yes it can be that my computer may not support all the options, mine is quite new so idk.
  6. Thanks for your answer though, i now know what to expect
  7. Before, you could modify the Spinitresplusconfig.xml and change all of that stuff there. So did they block it so that the ST+ settings cant be modified anymore? I guess so because your answer, but why the hell did they do it? What is the point of having the mod if it cant be used at all occasions? (talking about when you want to actually explore and have fuel consumption etc.)
  8. I tried to install the v12 but it didnt work, the game just didnt boot up. Is there a new one or what? I did the installation like they advised and it worked for some time with the default settings, i went to modify the ST+ settings but then it stopped working
  9. I actually had to create a levels folder inside that media folder to make it work, btw does spintiresplus work in the latest version of ST? It would be more than welcome to use it
  10. i got it now, but any tips are always welcome!
  11. I came back to play this game, it was long time. But now i have no idea, how to install maps. Any help?
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