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  1. @oldman777 Aaaahhh, I see what the problem is - trailer_kraz_cart requires “kraz_markers” and ural_cart requires “ural_crane_support” (both of which D-535 cannot install). And that unknown author of yours has really come up with the best solution: duplicate the xml files and create unique “maz_cart” and “trailer_maz_cart” addons for D-535 without the required addons. Brilliant! I reported it on Discord to Zane. Thanks Oldman! p.s. I had the markers removed so I thought that it was fixed, I asked PL about it and he also said that everything works fine, but he also has outdate
  2. Dang it, you're right, the crane platform is still bugged. In 1.7.0 I noticed that it wouldn't auto load neither medium logs, nor long logs. Now in 1.7.1 the long logs and the medium logs on the logger platform have been fixed, but the medium logs for the crane platform still wouldn't auto load. I'll repost it in the bugs channel on Discord. You don't have to play to be on Discord, we can chat, look at pretty screenshots, post some interesting youtube videos, there's alway something new everyday.
  3. That bug was present in 1.7.0 and has been fixed in 1.7.1. @oldman777Come to Discord, it’s much livelier there! @Trackrod_ST You too, mistah! Forum’s notifications have stopped working, I’ve sent you a PM 30 days ago inviting you to Discord and you still haven’t looked at it! Get your butts over to Discord you two! Chop-chop!
  4. @Localhost Dear Localhost, I want to ask you about AlternateDifflockDamage, please. I am driving on a hard road, the padlock icons appear and are still white, I hit the handbrake - and I instantly get 500 points of damage? Happens without fail, as soon as I hit the handbrake the damage gets delivered instantly. The effect is more pronounced and AlternateDifflockDamage is terribly brutal on user made maps where the user has made hard surfaces REALLY hard. As soon as I get out of mud the red padlocks appear and even before I can turn difflock off it delivers the damage. It ha
  5. @Alex Cameron Hello! Can you ask C3dB about K-700, please? Did they make it? Do they have any idea who made it? Out of all known 3d artists whose work made it into Spintires only Павел Аксенов (Pavaks) has a K-700 model, but that's probably the Mudrunner one (LINK)
  6. @oldman777 Interesting. This DMCA thing can easily be exploited, huh. But that's from 2019, what about now?
  7. Apparently there're different reasons why a game can be taken off of the Steam Store (LINK) Three of those reasons are more plausible: 1) The developer has taken the game down himself to fix it; 2) a DMCA copyright claim was issued; 3) There's a virus in the game. In regards to the copyright claim from PZ or Saber theories see this thread (LINK) There's a license agreement between Saber and Oovee - so they have no reason to make copyright claims against each other. As for Pavel, he has signed all of his rights to Oovee. There's something else though, Windows' 10 defender and ano
  8. @Localhost (Oovee) Hello! Can I bother you yet again with some questions, please? Every mod ever released has the old suspension values - should we update them to the new values? Can a truck have both old and new suspension values in it’s xml file? And if both values are present, will the new values take priority over the old ones? (just like normalised suspension tokens had priority over the default values)
  9. @King LeoHello! I know that you're not asking me, but perhaps I can offer a solution for the weird fuel consumption. I also had this problem - fuel consumption would change between negative 2 million, 10 million, negative 15 mililion. And it was caused by outdated strings, specifically "/display_fuel" in game.txt . There's a new "1f" addition there. It should look like this: /display_fuel Fuel %d / %d L %.1f L / Min If this sounds familiar, then that is how to fix it, update strings>game.
  10. After all these years finally the wheelmass bug is no more. Thank you, Localhost! You're the greatest! Champion of the people!
  11. Sigh*....I did it first try this morning. Yes difflock, no winching. The trick is to keep your left wheels just on the edge of the water, if you let them fall in the water the truck tilts and the pressure becomes too much - the front wheels turn into a blade that punches through the mud. As for the rear wheels it's the same thing as the lake - if you lose speed and stop in the water - you sink. Oh, pheeew! Well I actually really like it now, it was quite the frustrating challenge, but very satisfying once you do it. I also took the DongFeng to the lake on Coast - it took 260 points of dam
  12. AARGH! That's it! I'm done! I've made 10 attemps to deliver medium logs from the SW camp and I can't even get through the first puddle. I'm going at minimal speed keeping the truck perfectly level and the rear of the truck just sinks through the mud and gets stuck. I'm pretty sure that there is some collision problem there at the end of the arm. Did you guys see what I reported on Discord today? The trailer comes with a duplicate hitch and part of the chassis. My guess is that those parts have collisions - as soon as the rear sinks it drives the arm into the ground and that's it - the collisi
  13. HOOOOOOOOW!? All of my attempts ended pretty much like this:
  14. Everybody has his preferences. I too really like the new colours...I played for whole 5 minutes with them before reverting to 1.4.0 env and daystates. The new lighting and brighter sun combined with 1.4.0's colour scheme....oh my god! Pure gold! Rose gold!
  15. I don't like this idea, players always had freedom to deliver whatever they wanted - 4x2 short logs, 2x4 medium logs, or 6 + 2 long and short logs. The player would make that decision based on the trucks that they chose to start the mission with and the difficulty of the terrain. For example after attempting twice to deliver medium logs with the DongFend and having it sink exactly like the Ural in the lake in 1.6.1 I gave up. (it sank all the way to the logs and even the trailer sank!). After this nonsence I installed the flatbed and took a load of short logs which made the truck more maneuve
  16. @Trackrod_STHeya! When I first saw the new menu I figured that the village wants one of each item - 2 pts of rice, 2 pts of shorts logs and 1 load of medium logs. But it actually just needs 8 points in total - you need to bring 8 points and it's up to you to decide which required cargo to bring. You can finish the map by delivering any combination of the accepted cargoes: 2 x 4 medium logs 4 x 2 bags of rice 4 x 2 short logs 2 x 2 rice + 2 x 2 short logs The DongFeng is there to allow you to finish the map with two loads of medium logs. And another 2 x 2 bags of rice for Chen Expo
  17. @Thecrazyninja Hmmm...that is most strange, I've never seen such a thing. I have three questions to ask you: 1) Those three features above (SpawnLocators, BatteryWinch,etc), what happens when you set them to "true", do you get "Oops, Spintires crashed!"? 2) Are you absolutely certain that you downloaded v.14 and installed it properly? (LINK to v.14) (all files go in installdir, where SpinTires.exe is) 3) Are you using Windows 10? This is a bit of a long shot, but if those three features aren't crashing your game and you're certain that everything is installed properly, then
  18. @Localhost (Oovee)Hello! Indeed, the game launches normally and you can drive around on proving without crashes when only AlwaysAllowSpawnLocators and BatteryPoweredWinch are disabled. But when you try to start the new Chinese Village map you get "Oops, Spintires crashed!" until MapsCanOverrideCloaksMesh is also disabled. Got a moment for some questions, please? If the suspension fix is now also part of the game - does that mean that the wheelmass bug is now finally and truly squashed? What's the equation to convert non-normalised suspension to the new N/m N.s/m values? How
  19. @Thecrazyninja Hello! That feature is working fine for me. Is it just this one feature that isn't working for you? It should look like this: AlwaysShowDevMenu="true"
  20. ST+ v.14 does work with 1.7.0, but the following features must be disabled: AlwaysAllowSpawnLocators="false" BatteryPoweredWinch="false" MapsCanOverrideCloakMesh="false"
  21. @leov37017Здравствуйте! Вы его починили? Объясните, пожалуйста, как вы его исправили? П.С. Вы можете писать мне по-русски, я Вас отлично понимаю.
  22. In SteamApps. Alternatively if you just want to examine the file you can download the mod from Stmods.
  23. Wheeled vehicles with skid steering and tracked vehicles with skid steering are very different. Open sherp's xml file and DT 75's xml file and look at the kilometric difference. The principle is the same and it's the same type of skidding. The problem is that Sherp's wheels skid perfectly, while DT-75's tracks absolutely refuse to skid. SkidSteering has been moved from ST+ and is now part of the game. Tracked vehicles don't need ST+ for SkidSteering, but they still need the PointToPlane and PointToPath constraints from ST+.
  24. For a while now I've been trying to fix Woodingot's DT-75, but without success. I got it to move forwards and backwards, but I can't get it to turn. I removed SkidSteeringMode="ForwardBrake" from under <Wheels and replaced it with SteeringMode="ForwardBrake" under <Truckdata. Then I replaced it's old motor values with Sherp's motor (torque, angvel and three gears) This got It to move, but it refuses to turn. When you try to steer it both tracks stop moving. The leading wheels are spinning but the tracks won't skid. I tried giving it more torque, less friction, more fric
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