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  1. In SteamApps. Alternatively if you just want to examine the file you can download the mod from Stmods.
  2. Wheeled vehicles with skid steering and tracked vehicles with skid steering are very different. Open sherp's xml file and DT 75's xml file and look at the kilometric difference. The principle is the same and it's the same type of skidding. The problem is that Sherp's wheels skid perfectly, while DT-75's tracks absolutely refuse to skid. SkidSteering has been moved from ST+ and is now part of the game. Tracked vehicles don't need ST+ for SkidSteering, but they still need the PointToPlane and PointToPath constraints from ST+.
  3. For a while now I've been trying to fix Woodingot's DT-75, but without success. I got it to move forwards and backwards, but I can't get it to turn. I removed SkidSteeringMode="ForwardBrake" from under <Wheels and replaced it with SteeringMode="ForwardBrake" under <Truckdata. Then I replaced it's old motor values with Sherp's motor (torque, angvel and three gears) This got It to move, but it refuses to turn. When you try to steer it both tracks stop moving. The leading wheels are spinning but the tracks won't skid. I tried giving it more torque, less friction, more fric
  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH, LOCALHOST!! You're the best!
  5. Oh! Please! Take your time! I'm always happy to hear from you! I've learned so much from you! Thank you for all the help with B-80! We should research more stuff together...like do Kamaz-6520 and 6522 have CTIS?
  6. Hello! Adjusting Tyre deflation: I take back what I said about RimRadius - it still works, I was trying it on Kraz-255's tyres and they just need a slightly higher value now to make them deform less. Currently I've set it to "0.48" for kraz_front. Blipping the throttle: Is that the proper term for the trick with the shifter stick? And this is realistic? Because I just right-clicked my Zil-157KD up a muddy hill it otherwise had no hope of climbing. I like it a lot, but I wonder how realistic it is. Uncapped wheel spin speed: I was driving my Zil-157 that has no difflocks. Ever
  7. Greetings, gentlemen! I've attached several addons to B-80 to test the following: a). Does putting more weight on the rear wheels effect traction? b). Does it make pulling trailers through mud easier? c). Are trailers with less wheels easier to pull through mud? It's all just observation, but...it's still pretty interesting. What I did: 1). Attached a rear hitch 2). Added a counterweight (1000kg) + front loader (500kg) = 1500kg. 3). Attached a semitrailer with com offset to the end of the handle. The semitrailer weights 500kg. The logs weight 6000kg. Why so much?
  8. @Trackrod_ST Is it this thing? What is that triangular pointy bit for?
  9. @Trackrod_ST Well, the default one sinks everywhere. I mean, look at Unster's screenshot. That's what I've been trying to solve during the past days. And I believe that I've reached a nice compromise point - where it doesn't sink in the bog on proving and it can still pull a trailer (albeit slowly in 1.6.2). Under normal conditions it won't take a nose dive. But, evidently, it will still sink on super soft areas like the Aftermath and Plains garage areas. But even then I had to drive back and forth and turn the wheels left and right to force it to sink. This is why I believe that I've rea
  10. I can't calculate COM without those values. I found the original manual from 1973 (LINK) Construction weight is: 3000 (3160 in the 1984 version of the book) (LINK) (it's the orange book on the third row) And the wheelbase is: 2370mm (where the in-game one is 2620 mm) Is that the default one or my current tweak from the first page? EDIT: Oh yeeeah, I just tried it with mine. The area close to the garage is super soft, softer than the bog actually. Woow. I should check the Aftermath garage too. Damn it! Well....here's the weight decreased and redistributed.
  11. Link please? I need the weight on the front axle, on the rear axle and the wheelbase.
  12. @Trackrod_STThe middle column is for MTZ-80. It reads: Construction weight Operating weight with ballast Operating weight max - isn't this one fully loaded with fuel, oil, driver and so on? The last one is umm...as shipped from the factory. So which one should I be using, the construction weight + the weight of the fuel + 75kg driver? EDIT: Oh, alright their website in more clear. (LINK) Масса эксплуатационная, кг 3770 For frick's sake.... I looked at it, disregarded the ballast thing, because...what ballast even? And I looked at the one in the game with it's
  13. @Trackrod_ST I see. So whoever made UMZ-6a has taken some liberties by placing a hitch there? I did one more experiment with the B-80. It has an operating weight of 6500 kg, right. That weight includes the wheels (I couln't find how much do they weight in RL). But in the game that's just the weight of the front axle and the chassis. And the game puts the weight of the wheels on top of that 6600 + 1400 = 8000 is how much our B-80 actually weights in-game. So I decided to substract the weight of the wheels and redistribute the weight in the same ratio, which produced 1700 kg front axle and
  14. Greetings, fellas! I did some more tweaks, hopefully final. First off, I managed to stop front wheels sinking with the front loader. I decreased it's weight from "1300" to "500". The loader is called ПКУ-0.8 (КУН-10) and is made by «САЛЬСКСЕЛЬМАШ». Here's the manual -> (LINK) It consists of two parts - the loader and the end bit. The loader itself has a construction weight of 407 kg and operating weight of 550 kg. There are different end bits, but range between 150 to 300 kg. There's a special bit for grabbing logs, but it doesn't quite look like ours. Our thingy looks mor
  15. I zeroed in the COM! However I'm reluctant to update the xml files that I've uploaded. The actual COM is -"0.3086", however that value kinda brings us back to square one. At that value the tractor won't sink when spawned...but as soon as you install the grabber (1300 kg) it sinks again. I think that this tractor's main use will be around the logs kiosk loading logs onto to trucks. Can you imagine maneuvering this thing around, stopping to open the functions menu, stopping to operate the grabber....and everytime you stop you sink in the ground? And this thing is difficult to dig out. And it
  16. B-80's rear wheels are 15.5R38 - Ф-2А They are: 394 mm wide While in-game they're only: 355 mm wide (LINK) I've added the b80_rear_wheel.xml in the post above with the others, if anyone wants to try it out. I just took it through the swamp path on Psix's proving (go to the "болото" locator and follow the path down with the water). Towed the agricultural trailer with short logs like a champ! At first I also wasn't interested in this tractor at all, but now that I've tried it, it's actually really interesting to drive. @Trackrod_ST You should give it a chance! Remember that tr
  17. @Trackrod_ST That's just the thing I was going to ask you about. This type of trailer, that weights this much, is expected to lift the front wheels off the ground? And this will be countered by using a counterweight? That's 2 tons in real life or in-game? I found the trailer that PressureLine was talking about. (LINK) It's a bit of a spazz, when spawned it slams it's handle/arm into the ground before moving into place onto the tractor's hitch. It weights 1500 + 5000 worth of medium logs = 6500 kg. It does indeed lift the front wheels. I also thought about adding a counterweight. MTZ-
  18. I recalculated the COM using the game's wheelbase: It's "-0.3035" However to be on the safe side I've moved the X COM to "-0.4". This is a list of changes in the attached xml files that give B-80 some much needed TLC. It's front wheels no longer sink in the mud as soon as it is spawned. And it's front loader won't bury it in the mud either. COM offset moved "-0.4" CenterOfMassOffset="(-0.4; -0.5476; 0)" And I took some of the weight on the front axle and moved it to the chassis. It's possible to decrease it even further but then the front wheels start feeling slippery and
  19. Yeah, I have been. Spintires tends to suck me in and I can tinker with it for hours. Time just flies by. Which isn't great when you're procrastinating on your work with Spintires. Like PressureLine said: "If it's wrong, it bugs me. If it's wrong and I know I can fix it, it bugs me even more." Except that PL is brilliant and I'm a pudding head who managed to screw up both of the equations. The easier one for the front axle offset I messed up by using the operational weight instead of the construction weight (1220+2550=3770). The second equation from the manual I messed up by dividing m b
  20. (deleted, I need to check something)
  21. Looks like these are MTZ-80's tyres: 9.00R20 - ФБел-311 And their width is: 234 mm (LINK) EDIT: Actually, those are MTZ-80x's tyres. MTZ-80 has 7.5R20 tyres which are only 190 mm wide. But since the "0.234" tire tracks fit perfectly the in-game wheels - we're going to ignore this fact for the sake of stopping the front wheels from sinking. I did some tests, now I realise why does the front axle weight so much. WIth "1220" front axle the tractor is difficult to control. It climbed the steepest hill on Psix's proving ground without overturning, but it was very difficult to keep it
  22. @Trackrod_ST Found this -> (LINK) ТРАКТОРЫ СЕЛЬСКОХОЗЯЙСТВЕННЫЕ Определение положения центра тяжести Agricultural tractors. Measurement of the centre of gravity position X is the distance from the rear axle centerline to the center of mass. d is the wheelbase m is the weight on the front axle F is the reaction force on the front axle.
  23. My COM is totally wrong, but it is what it took to prevent the front wheels from sinking (with the default tyre width). We need to readjust everything to find what is realsitic and what it would take to prevent it from sinking. Trackrod knows his technical stuff and owns tractors IRL, so I decided to ask him. And I am taking such interest in b-80 only for the learning experience. (I much prefer MTZ-82 by pokemone) Regarding the wheels: the default COM is not taking them into account. The front wheels weight: 2 x 100 = 200 kg The rear wheels weight: 2 x 600 = 1200 kg Should I be a
  24. @Trackrod_STHello, can you help me with something, please? I'm trying to calculate where b-80's center of mass should be. Can you look over the data and tell me where the COM should be? From my calculation it seems that it's placed where it should be. But PressureLine says that it should be pulled backwards. And the 3000 kg front axle is really strange. Also should the tyres be wider? Here's the data from b-80's manual: operational weight: 6500 kg weight on the front axle: 1220 kg weight on the rear axle: 2550 kg wheelbase: 2475 mm Tyres: It has 9.00R20 tyres, which ha
  25. Looks like you've solved it. C4310 with unloaded trailer_short_cart will actually perform better at "0.2" PushResistance and "0.4" SubstanceFriction, rather than "1.0" PushResistance and "3.0" SubstanceFriction. How strange. (edit) At PushResistance "1.0" SubstanceFriction has to be at least "4.0" to achieve the same performance. (the same speed and ease when pulling a trailer)
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