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  1. Is there a difference between limited slip diffs and autolocking diffs? I've picked up a copy of Е.Кончев - Автомобили Советской Армии 1946-1991 (E.Konchev - Trucks of the Soviet Army) It says that in 1960 Gaz-66 had limited slip cam diffs. In 1971 it received autolocking differentials. Yeah, the first Kamaz to have locking differentials like the ones in-game came out in like 1997 (I think, I forgot the exact year, but it's between 1992 and 1997). Knowing that, and seeing comments that only Zil-131 and Gaz-66 have any type of difflocks, and seeing Alexander Oblivin dri
  2. @Trackrod_ST Thank you for explaining that! I'll do some reading on the matter. All I knew up to this point was that Zil-131 had it's rear diffs welded. And I though the same went for Gaz-66, I have no idea what an auto locker even is. Nonsence! Next you'll be claiming that the Earth is round...(smh)
  3. I've now adjusted 1.6.1 to my preferences. I've dropped PushResistance to 0.36 and at that value the wheels stopped shaking almost completely. They'll juuuuust barely vibrate if you manage to stop and rest one of your front wheels on a mud chunk. I've also noticed that the mud will push trucks backwards a little bit, combined with the high PushResistance this caused wheels to spin backwards. So I've decreased LinResistance to 0.45. As a personal preference I've also increased SubstanceFriction back to 2.8. I've just finished one incredibly muddy map with those settings and without difflock an
  4. Hopefully one day we'll see snow in game too. This is a list of features that Zane eventually plans to add to the game (taken from Discord): Nextej05/13/2020 -New version of UAZ 496 -HD versions of textures (logs still up to come) -New set of audio for vehicles -Oil slick seen on water, when driving through a damaged truck. -New version (model) of KrAZ 255 -New version (model) of Utility Box -Return of D-537 back in game -Possibly more attachements on B-66 -Mud physics and vehicle traction/friction -Workshop map support -Improvements to the editor -Complete rewrite of the mud physics
  5. Nothing interesting, his latest posts are just him adding people to the testing channel.
  6. Ah, I see. Well no, nothing by Zane, the missing logs bug has been reported in the bug report channel as well and a user has replied that it will be fixed in 1.6.2. (that's about it, unless I've missed something) There's a few interesting bits I've saved: 1). Zee: "there's a bunch of hidden things in chernobyl. did you know you can spin the ride if you hit it? you can drive over cars and crush them" 2). Zee08/04/2020 "@Silent Hunter (link to youtube video) So far this vid show things are happening exactly as intended: 1-this truck has most of its weight on the front wheels
  7. @UnsterAre those questions rhetorical? Because it's probably best to direct them at the developers. But if you actually want my opinion: That's a question for Zane. There's no mention of this on Steam also. I think that if Zane prefers Discord he should let everybody know. Post a message here, post a message on Steam and bring the entire community together at one place. Right now the community is split into three parts, two of which feel ignored and forgotten. It will also be really nice if he can try and find at least one hour a week to go over messages and post some short replies
  8. @rarum Not true. Please, don't take this the wrong way, I don't mean to refute/debunk what you're saying, there's probably a good reason why you're saying this and why you feel this way. If you're experiencing constant crashes and the missing logs bug you certainly have a reason to be pissed. And if you only keep to this forum or Steam it's easy to feel ignored, as there have been no updates here. But I've just read through the entire Discord chat and it paints a different picture: 1). The game is not abandoned at all and the developers are hard at work fixing it. 2). Zane is far mor
  9. Oh, wow, I didin't realise how active Discord was. And 1.6.2. is being tested by the community! Shouldn't be long then. Aaah, don't be like that, Oldman777. Let's see what the mud will be in 1.6.2. Aren't you glad that LineRessistance was decreased? Previously you can be speeding down a road in Maz-535 and If there's one tiny sliver of mud across the road and you drive over it - suddenly you're stopped in place and the automatic gear box quickly downshifts to 1. And the automatic gearbox has been greatly improved, you can now actually get over hills with it. Things are going in the ri
  10. Gone! It was also caused by the broken wheels. I kept the highway wheels and wrote in three new wheelsets - no problems whatsoever.
  11. I removed the two broken wheelsets and swapped them with similar wheels from other Gaz-69 mods. Everything works fine again, luckily there's nothing wrong with the vehicle itself. Good thing that! That's probably my favourite scout. It's very customisable, since the top is separated as an addon.
  12. Thank you for taking the time to confirm this! Yep, if you slow down you're dead. Especially if the front wheels also break the surface. But it's good to see that the new weight distribution system is working fine. For me the front wheels rarely broke the surface. Combined with the new improvement that let's you climb out of trenches better I was able to crawl my way to the other side of the lake. Oh well, we'll see what happens in 1.6.2. I noticed some other peculiar things: 1) I played around with various light wheels and the new vibration thing. A light thin wheel with offroad fri
  13. Thanks for all the help, Oldman! Now people will know how to fix those issues. In theory, the same solution should fix the missing logs issue. But hopefully 1.6.2. won't be long now and this dreadful thing will be fixed in it.
  14. Zane said that he will add your strings to 1.6.2 (LINK) Do you know where we can find separated mesh files for the logs? I looked at 16.01.2015 - it's has .xml files, but not .x. files and it didn't work. What comes before 16.01.2015? I don't have any 2014 versions.
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