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  1. @Eversman No, can't say that I do. I tested it just now in 1.6.0. Spawned a bunch of trucks and both went to them through the spawn menu and by manually moving over to them through the functions menu. Not a single crash. Any particular truck you're trying to spawn?
  2. Whoa! Wait a minute, does this mean that support for tracked vehicles and the fix for the wheelmass bug are now incorporated into the game? And if that's the case what happens with normalised suspension? (suspension fix, the first component of the fix) How are we going to adjust MaxDeformationPressure now?
  3. @Localhost (Oovee) Thank you for taking the time to explain it to me. Yes, I am also touching up suspensionmin, but I just always had this feeling that I was doing it wrong. @Eversman Hello! Pehaps I can save you some time. V.13 does work with 1.6.0, but the following changes must be made to SpintiresPlus_config.xml BatteryPoweredWinch="false" MapsCanOverrideCloakMesh="false" UnclampedXML="false" At least those are the ones that I've found. Spintires will altogether refuse to launch with "Oops, Spintires crashed" as long as UnclampedXML=true. When it's set to false you can reach the main menu, but that's about it. The other two features must also be disabled to be actually able to play.
  4. How to reproduce: Spawn a truck on a steep hill and attach a garage trailer. Detach the trailer. It'll start rolling down the hill for 2 seconds before being frozen in place. Game version: 1.5.1
  5. Thank you! You're the best thing that ever happened to Spintires. I also have a question to ask you: How do you determine the exact values for normalised suspension and damping? I start by porting the old values, but often those values are not strong enough - the truck isn't sitting as high as it should be. When driving over obstacles the front wheels slam into the wheel arches, the rear wheels slam into or even clip through flatbed and utility addons. Then I start increasing strength and damping until I find a satisfying value. (most recently, b500's rear wheel ported strength is 11.11 - with that the rear wheels scrape against the utility addon when driving over even the tiniest obstacle. I found out that it would take at least 16 normalised strength to keep the wheels away from the utility addon.) So at the end of the day I just eyeball it. Is there a better way to do this? Or am I doing it wrong and the ported value is exactly how the truck should behave when the wheelmass bug is fixed?
  6. @Localhost (Oovee) Hello! I have a bug to report: The engine on all trucks will turn off upon switching to hood camera when HideDriverInCabinView="true". And the engine will refuse to start as long as you're in hood camera mode. Game version: 1.5.1 ST+ version: 13
  7. Hello! Since no one else has reported such a thing, it's probably something on my end, but all attempts to diagnose and fix it have failed and I'm only experiencing it in Spintires. What's the problem: I left-click so that I can move the camera around with my mouse - the mouse cursor disappears. I left click again to release the mouse from moving the camera and the mouse cursor reappears - but in the top left corner of the screen. Everytime I release the mouse from the camera the cursor reappears in the top left corner of the screen. This has been a problem for me since version 1.4.3 (I think), prior to that there were no such problems with the mouse cursor. I left-click again to release the mouse and the cursor reappears in it's original position - wherever it was when I first clicked to take control of the camera. Not only that, but since version 1.5.0 the problem seems to have gotten worse. Now whenever I open the garage menu through the dev tools menu - the garage menu first appears for a milisecond in the top left corner of the screen before quickly snapping itself in position next to the truck. Could somebody please confirm that this is a problem on my end? Any suggestions how to fix this would be greatly appreciated! Things I've tried and confirmed: - it's has nothing to do with ST+ - it's not caused by my mouse - it's not caused by my keyboard - I am playing on a latop with synaptics touchpad - disabling it didn't fix the problem, uninstalling it's drivers didn't help either. I can't really disconnect it, but this problem only occurs in Spintires, so I don't think it's that. - I have no joysticks or any other hardware connected to the computer - I've tried switching to windowed mode - the cursor will jump out of the game window to the top left corner of the screen. - I've tried disabling high DPI scaling under compatibility - I've tried disabling Enchanced pointer precision - I have other HID-compliant mouse devices in device manager, but have disabled them. - I've tried a different usb mouse. And I've ran out of ideas. Help?
  8. Dear developers, Could you please explain to me what was wrong with b157's flatbed and how did you fix it? I am an aspiring mod maker and right now I am looking at a mod with identical issue.
  9. Dear Localhost, will STPControlledConstraints be fixed in future versions of ST+? Please don't drop this feature, I was making quite a lot of use out of those. I have never ever seen the ground disappear, but 1.4.3 with ST+ v.12 broke at least 6 mods for me. I know you're very busy and all, but could you please explain to me why the following weird things are happening: I have a bridge layer addon with STPControlledConstraints. I installed the addon on C-255 on proving. I hit "reload" on the dev menu once, twice - game crashes! (uninstalling the addon or deleting the truck causes CTD too, but I've found reloading to be the fastest way of testing this) I then duplicated the addon's .xml file in classes>trucks. I went back to proving and installed the addon again. It now took 8 reloads to get the game to crash. Then I removed the STPControlledConstraints from the bridge layer addon - no more crashing. I then looked at ural_cart.xml - I have made the crane grabber a STPControlled Constraint. Ural_cart will never cause the game to crash and works perfectly fine with v.1.4.3 and v.12 of ST+. (I reloaded and uninstalled the addon a hundred times, didn't crash once) I also have another addon the big 8 points Shalanda trailer - this mod doesn't have any STPControlled constraints, but will also crash after two reloads (it has one powered constraint) I then tested random addons that have neither powered, nor controlled constraints - no crashes were observed. So, what is going on? Why two reloads exactly? Why 8 reloads exactly when there's two copies of the same file? Why is ural_cart working perfectly fine when 6 other mods are broken? Can only default trucks and addons with controlled/powered/STP constraints get through the memory manager?
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