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  1. Why OOVEE not do the same? Why is Mudrunner still on sale?
  2. What a disgusting attitude towards the players. More than a week has passed since the removal of the game from Steam and not a single comment on this from the developer. Why did you delete the game? Where did the K-700 disappear? Will the game be further supported and developed in general?
  3. After a small update (seems December 12), the game at startup gives an error "Oops, SpinTires crashed". If you turn off the MSI Afterburner / RivaTuner, then the game starts normally. Before the update, everything worked without problems. P.S. Today's updates (1.7.0) do not solve this problem.
  4. When turning, the wheels are completely blocked on one side. It should be so.
  5. I once had the same thing. Just deleted the game and installed again.
  6. On the "canyons" there is no D-535. I've already tried everything: manual and automatic gearbox, arcade and simulator, single mode and multiplayer. I could not get this achievement on any map where there is D-535.
  7. When was the achievement received? A week ago? Month? Year? Five years?
  8. When you use a winch, does the truck start?
  9. When will the achievement "bull" to fix? Description in steam: "Load long logs onto the Type D-537 truck and drive to an objective location without using the brakes" Description in game: "Load long logs onto the Type D-535 truck and drive to an objective location without using the brakes" D-537 is absent in the game, and with D-535 achievement is not given. How to get it?
  10. Definitely he was in certified workshop modifications. And he is needed to make achievement.
  11. Where maz 537? How to get the achievement "bull"?
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