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  1. I mean when the trees are between the camera and the truck, they become transparent to not occlude the view as they get close to the camera. I will try to take a screenshot tomorrow
  2. @Zane (Oovee) Today I noticed that when trees come in the front of the camera, very often I have stuttering when they begin to fade and become transparent. Not all the times but very often. I tried moving the camera to have trees in front of it and I could trigger the stuttering very often especially with firs and dead/dry firs when they start to become transparent.
  3. Even if I fiddle with programming languages as a hobby I have no idea of what can cause that, it's well beyond my knowledge, but I would bet on it too. If it is the source of the problem, I wonder if there is really the need to unlock the fps in a game like ST and if it worths the effort and time spent to find and fix the issue when there are more essential features, like those you and others already listed, needing to be fixed/improved/changed first because directly affecting the gameplay.
  4. @Zane (Oovee) I suppose Oovee use some form of version control during the developing, so wouldn't be possible to: starting from version 1.3.7 apply the new features, one by one publish a beta partial version on steam for every added feature so we can test/report and hopefully find what is triggering the stutter or other issues. It's a sort of troubleshooting to narrow the search seen that you have difficulties to reproduce it. Just an idea
  5. @Unster, you are right. My comment sounds different from what I meant to say but in any case your analysis gave the answer to it and makes perfectly sense.
  6. I wish to all of you a Very Happy and Special New Year. Enjoy your life as much as you can.
  7. That's very interesting, I wonder why this happens to someone and don't to someone else.
  8. Oh yes! It needs even more than any DLCs. I am happy that backup helped you too. From now on I think I will keep a backup of each build, just to be on the safe side
  9. I agree. I hope they will take all the published DLCs and improve them all in the near future.
  10. The file I sent you should be 1.3.7 (version number that is shown in the main menu) when using the full unzipped package. I can't give a confirmation, unfortunately, about the ffb on my side because I don't have a wheel. Maybe a leftover in the cache? Completely agree.
  11. I had issues with DoF too, but it was because I still had the media.xml from 1.4.2, once I used the full 1.3.7 package, everything worked fine. I have an occasional drop of frames in 1.3.7 when new weather and/or fog is triggered but it is like that since when they introduced these features, even with that drop of fps, 1.3.7 is much smoother than 1.4.2. It happens in every software house to publish flawed updates once in a while, hopefully, this will lead to a much better 1.4.3 soon. Considering the higher quality of early updates (those at the beginning of the renewed development cycle and before DLCs) and the slightly lower quality of updates when they come with a DLC let me think that maybe it's too much work at the same time for such a small team. I would prefer to see some simple update/patch to fix old and new features before introducing new content. The three DLCs released so far would need some work too, the maps, the trucks, all of them require more polishing. I am definitely for less frequent but less buggy and more polished new content then the opposite.
  12. I found it too in different places, not nice. Sometimes, in some places, the truck looks like suspended or just touching the ground but the mud deforms like the wheels are deep in it.
  13. I have. Ryzen 1600, Radeon rx580 8gb, 16gb ram, ssd 450 gb. No stuttering on 1.3.7 (I went back to it) Stuttering on 1.4.2
  14. I have a backup of build 1.3.7, tried it right now and I can confirm that I have no stuttering at all with that version. Definitely, as @Unster already said, some of the newly introduced functions introduced the stuttering too, for some reason.
  15. That's really weird. I found a spot where almost constantly I have stuttering and/or drop of fps in Chernobyl. At the locked garage, keeping it in front of you, on your right there is a bunch of trees. Around those trees, I usually have stuttering or other mess as I told. You can go there with the free-roam camera, move around those trees, to make the thing more evident while moving forward move (pan) the camera from side to side, like a zig-zag movement. I hope it helps to reproduce it. Just to know, you don't experience stuttering at all or you just can't constantly reproduce it to find a cause? I didn't understand this part. I hope you guys find the issue, after a long time playing almost only ST I stopped doing it because of the stuttering. It is particularly disturbing to my sight, unfortunately, and it took away the pleasure of roaming in the mud. May I suggest to leave in the "beta" section of Steam the previous build of ST when you publish a major update so one can downgrade to the previous working version if something goes wrong?
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