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  1. Sometimes I play with keyboard too and you can have a sort of analog throttle with the keyboard too. Once you get used to it, it's fun to use. Just in case you don't already know here is how to do: - Select the gear lever (clicking on it with the mouse or hitting "R" key) - With the lever active, right click to make it "always active" (you will see the little grey top of the lever turns white) - While accelerating with "W" you can feather the throttle sliding the lever in the "low gear" section of the gear. When doing the above, you have not control over the camera, if you take control of the camera by clicking with the mouse, you will exit that "always active" state of the gear lever. So before the process above, put the camera in a comfortable position for you and proceed with the those steps. It may take some time to get used to it, but once you master this simple technique, you may have more fun than before even using a keyboard.
  2. What to say? Great update and amazing DLC!!! The Sherp is a fun little thing to drive! I admit I was skeptical when it has been announced but, again, you did a great job considering how small the team is and the amount of modifications you must have done, I guess, to make it work properly. The map is incredibly detailed, very very beautiful and one of the best maps I played so far: breakable and wobbling bridge, new textures, new assets, nice design...I am really impressed with this map. This DLC and the update for the base game exceeded by far all my expectations. I really like the amount of things you worked on in these months also for the base game. I particularly appreciated the smarter auto-gear, it makes his job without being a PITA as in other games. The new variable pressure for tires is a nice introduction, it requires some more work to be perfect but it's a great addition to the game. The new values for the traction are something that arrived unexpectedly but it's more than welcome, we asked for it for long time, so... thank you! Feathering the throttle is finally useful and fun again. When the wheels loose traction, feathering the throttle helps to find grip again and exit from bad situations. Having to manage the throttle is a great gameplay improvement, it is much better than before, great job!!! Obviously there are things that may need some more work, polish, tweaks to be perfect (I am looking at you "variable pressure") but there will be other threads to discuss/suggest improvements for new and old features.
  3. I agree with all @Unster wrote. I have the feeling this is a big opportunity for ST to grow and occupy a niche (hardcore simulation) that, for some reason, is constantly being ignored by most of the developer teams out there.
  4. Yes, MR needs diff lock more often than ST, but I still think a more limited diff lock would help. I want to say that the actual diff lock system "is like" an open diff when you drive, I don't mean it's an open diff, I saw what you described nevertheless it's too limited when playing the game and we need to lock the diff to exit the mud and disengage it as soon as we touch firm terrain.
  5. It looks like an open diff to me. If it's a limited one, then it's not limited enough, I doubt a real truck driver has to engage the diff lock every time a wheel touches the mud as we need to do in ST.
  6. Another issue is that without the diff-lock on, it's like to have an open diff so, as soon as the truck enters the mud, wheels start spinning loosing traction and one has to engage the diff lock or the truck will not traverse the mud, AWD is not enough most of the times. This leads to the annoying and unrealistic switching off and on. A limited slip differential (when diff lock is off) behavior would preferable to the actual open differential so one can traverse mud just with AWD and use diff lock only in extreme conditions.
  7. I second @Unster for the limited vertical movement of the camera, it is just a minor issue though. The rest is great. I could also see the fixes on Chernobyl, it is much better now . I finally enjoy ST again now that the stuttering is gone, thank you. Great job guys!
  8. I luckily don't have so many crashes but useful to have anyway.
  9. I think no one here wants to see the developments stops, that's why we are posting. Some 'direct', 'harsh', 'rough' comments have the same reason to be as other and lighter comments...give a feedback. Sometimes this feedback can be expressed as frustration because of all the issues that are worsening the experience, especially when some issue has been introduced during the development with new 'updates'.
  10. What about to publish some beta version, open or closed for selected individuals of your choice, to just troubleshoot this issue? Three major features (dynamic main menu background, advertising, 60fps unlock) has been added to 1.4.0 and after that the stuttering began, I think you could publish the 1.3.7 with each one of those features but one by one and we can report if the stutters is being introduced by that particular feature. If nothing comes out from this, we can start to make a combination of them and repeat the process. It could be a nice and quick way to troubleshoot this issue and finally move forward to fix other essential things.
  11. @Zane (Oovee) what are the plans to solve the stuttering issue?
  12. I confirm what @Trackrod_ST said, it is very common all over the map. It takes few minutes of driving to find a spot where it happens.
  13. I join the choir, I lately went back playing MR again and it's a long time I don't play ST. The stuttering has been the last drop but it is some time now that I started to loose hope in ST's future, even more now that SR is close while here it seems everything is still. I think that today is very important to let the community know what is the road map, with the upcoming SR, there is no need to keep the secrecy on the plans for ST. I really don't think Focus is worried about ST but it would help us to keep our interest and hope high on ST. I don't care so much about DLCs, I bought them just to support the devs but I've got disappointed by all of them unfortunately. They are nice, don't get me wrong, but they came with a too many issues packed in. I always thought that the goal of the new development, started one year ago, would be to bring ST to another level and for several months (during the open betas) I also believed it possible. The new palette, textures, fog, weather, sounds, revamped trucks... everything seemed to go in the right direction, next thing to come should have been a new mud, more realistic...we are still waiting and unfortunately it is the most important thing ST needs. A new, realistic mud and friction with consistent behavior amongst different wheel sizes and types would make a huge difference and this, BY ITSELF, could help ST to sell more, IMO. I personally don't need other DLCs (paid or free), I don't need new trucks (not now), I need ...no, wait...ST needs to be brought to another level of realism or it'll be forgotten. We patiently waited because they are a small team, but maybe the task now is beyond their reach? For this reason I think that they should publish a realistic, public road map, that takes in consideration what we are asking, to, at least, keep us interested in the project while we wait. I apologise for the long and off-topic post/rant. Edit: just adding that I love ST and really hope all these critics would help Oovee to steer in the right direction.
  14. Nice, thanks. I love to know about other countries.
  15. Thanks mate! Now that you mentioned it I remembered you writing about you said. Well that village is definitely better than some very creepy villages in some ST maps with old wooden houses in the middle of a flooded mud mess What those people usually do for a living? Are they farmers? Loggers? Or are they just not so wealthy to afford living in the city? Or is it just a common country village?
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