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  1. Thank you kindly! If I will happen to stumble upon some more problems, I will let know on the spot.
  2. It is good to see tweaks, however I'd like to direct your attention to very important issue - refuelling in multiplayer causes crash for player that is being refuelled. The games I've tested are both 1.5.0 and 1.5.1, Steam originals, all DLC's included. Also, we've stumbled upon multiplayer issue that during initial spawn, when vehicles are appearing onto each other, there is possibility to drag and roll over other player's lorry, even if it is in "jelly" state, and there should be no collision. Hovewer, it happened only once, and I am not sure about the cause of this - all I can say, is I did it as a host of session.
  3. It is... interesting. At first glance it seems somewhat out of theme, to me at least. However, I won't jump into any conclusions, because it is not right or wrong per se. I am more interested in the thought and concept behind this new DLC as well as new functionalities, rather than in vehicle itself right now. Maybe during upcoming news SHERP will grow on me, right now I don't have any particular opinion about this choice. However, when it was mentioned in 1.5.0 topic, that some terrain interaction will be ironed out for new type of vehicle coming with special DLC, I was betting on either baloon wheels or treads. I hope to know more in the near future. I must also admit, that quietly I was hoping for screw-driven amphibious Zil-2906 or Zil-4904. Now that would be somethig! But hey, maybe next time!
  4. I've encountered a bug: during online play (I was a host, Canyons DLC map), client was operating crane on C-4310, loading my B-500 (flatbed + standby tank). Since he was runnin on fumes, I gave him my fuel. That led to immidiate client's crash - after trying to put down process, due to no effect, he had to restart whole system (Win 10). Client's saves were non existent after that, and he was reverted all the way back to starting position. Edit 1: When refueling C-4310 form B-431510 (tanker + spare wheel), game crashes also. Edit 2: Double-checked on Aftermath DLC map (as garage and fuel are close), this time with two B-500. Fueling by host (tanker + hazard light) causes client to crash badly. Edit 3: C-4310 to C-4310 (Canyons DLC) also makes game crash and burn. Repairing or winching doesn't have this effect - checked with B-500, B-431510 and C-4310.
  5. Fair point - rewriting stuff behind the curtain is not flashy and rarely sells on its own. It is good to know though, that improvements are being made. I can only hope, that upcoming stuff will sell so well, that not only most urgent features will be implemented, but those less flashy too.
  6. I know. But the problem is more relevant now, when more RWD vehicles are being introduced. When bulk of lorries was 6x6 capable, it wasn't much of a problem, because mainly used trucks were pretty much the same. Now we have B-80, old B-130, new B-130, B-133/133Gya, B-431510, B-500 and C-6520. And since this issue (feature?) applies to more and more vehicles, I hope it will become more visible - and thus adressed.
  7. Summary:- Handful of gameplay ideas. Type:- Gameplay. Description:- Below is list of few ideas, that could improve gameplay diversity. They are simple concepts, ment to add some variation, while not being overcomplicated at the same time. Below every position I also put existing mechanics that can be of use and further potential use for every idea. I'm writing them in one post to avoid spam. 1. Engine temperature. This one is pretty simple. Engine would have some temperature spectrum. After startup, it could idle for a while to reach its optimal value. Few factors (being cold, climbing an incline, prolonged high RPM, heavy load), would make temperature rise. Overheating would lead to coolant boil and damage. Damaged lorry could boil faster. Idling engine turning it off for short time would set parameters to normal. Fording also could help to cool down. Mechanics: same as with overheating the differential locks. Also, damage model already has steam effect included, so it could trigger, when radiator is overheated. HUD would require some indicator - gauge, bar or simply "engine" tab changing colour, same as diff-locks. Further use: Engine temperature could make steep terrain more challenging. Also, if there will be maps in winter settings, it could play major role, especially for diesel engined vehicles. 2. Unlocking fuel stations. Also simple idea - some stations could be locked, and would require some amount of fuel to unlock it. This way fuel itself would recieve some more focus, fulfilling same role as garage points or lumber, and bringing some diversity to the gameplay. Mechanics: same as with garage points - certain amount of goods delivered opens the station. 3. Locked garage system tweak. This idea expands the concept of star-system. After unlocking, garage can service (change attachements and conduct repairs) vehicles up to 2 stars. More garage points is required to expand the operation for 3, 4 or 5 star vehicles. Ratio really doesn't matter, but it could be 4 more points for every star up. There should be limitation, that we can't spawn garage parts and give them to the same garage. Starting point could be either totally unlocked, or also would require garage parts carried from other source, like spawning trailers or so on. Mechanics: modified existing quantity-trigger relation. Further use: In multiplayer unlocking the garage to certain level would be very useful and would put some stress on teamwork. 4. "One truck challenge (or something like that)" - idea for game mode. Maps are usually littered with lorries. However, instead of collecting vehicles, we could work our way to spawn them. "Currency" would be garage parts delivered, right amount of those would give us desired lorry. This way we would have request system rather than treasure hunt. Instead of starting vehicle, there would be no other on the map. This could be separate mode, disregarding difficulty level. It could remedy situation when 4 players can start with 3 vehicles each (Plains is good example), and still collect some more. Teamwork focus here is obvious. It could be nice coupled with garage service level from the previous point. Now, with the MP finally having saves, I think more emphasis should be put on having new, challenging modes. This could be one of them. 5. Fuel diversity. Since we have now nice selection of vehicles powered by both petrol and diesel engine, it could be nice to make dedicated fuel. Some attachements (barrels, multi-compartment cisterns) could carrry both of them (proportion up to max. capacity), while others could carry only one type of fuel at time. Lorry could, of course, be filled only with dedicated fuel. Mechanics: Instead of "Fuel" on the HUD, there would be "Petrol" or "Diesel". Attachements that can carry both kinds of fuel would operate on the same principle as those, that can carry both fuel and repair parts. 7. Multiplayer tweaks. Since not only maps have star limit, but also rooster positions (2 star + 4 star, 2 + 2 and so on), it would be nice to allow players to choose trucks on their own, within limit set by default or by host for example. Also, raising the number of lumber points and garage points would be nice. Right now it is same as for single player, and it is barely a challenge for the 3 or 4 players, especially if they start with numerous vehicles. Maybe the limits should go up with every player, e.g. +2 points per person (so 6 garage and 10 lumber for 2 players, 8/12 for 3 and so on). Benefits:- More diverse gameplay, but operation on simple solutions, usually already implemented in the game itself. Engine heating would add another dimension to vehicle operations. Unlockable fuel stations would put some more stress on planning, as well as fuel separation. Garage "levels" would make some difference in maintaining and equipping various vehicles. Game mode with spawnable lorries could be nice option, especially for multiplayer, when players can start with tons of equipement. Multiplayer is now more viable due to saves, so it will be used more frequently. Option to choose own vehicles and scaling the requirements would be nice touch. Drawbacks & Potential Solutions:- Probably none. References:-
  8. +1 on that. B-66 needs some TLC (2 attachements mutually excluding + cart? It is a joke!), B-131 also, C-4320 and C-255 also need to become less generic. However, I hope for the best.
  9. Well, but after some time of radio silence, things are moving on. I think It will be fixed, as it affects all the gameplay basically. If the matter of more varied B-trucks, civilian trailers and matching colours was taken seriously, then I suppose mud behaviour also will be revised. After all, this point was raised multiple times, and deemed important.
  10. Little feedback from me, then. I love the idea of introducing more vehicles, and I can't stress how happy I am with the selection we got here. B-class, yet capable lorries, with their own pros and cons. I am also pleased with performance of RWD vehicles - it is good to be able to have a sensible reason to choose B-class RWD over C-class all-rounder or even B-class AWD. For me (I'm saying only regarding this DLC selection) we have good, balanced mix, and it encourages to expand our options. It is in my opinion great idea for multiplayer, where we can start fo fulfill different roles more smoothly. Well, at least it is nice step into this direction. I am also happy to see civilian selection of trailers and flatbed attachements. I raised this point many times and I am happy to see this idea implemented. Current selection of those is also to my liking. Multiplayer save absence was pretty off-putting - harder maps on hardcore demanded few hours of interrupted attention and zero connection issues to finish. I am sure that now I will happily dive into multiplayer. To do list (in my opinion): After this nice DLC, C-6520 and C-6522 should use some recolored add-ons or maybe new selection. After all they are unique class on their own terms. Rebalancing B-131 a bit would also be nice idea (it is somewhat less capable than competiton right now). Adding light crane to Zil family would be nice (they used them IRL, but they were limited - could load only short logs for example), but it is a bit wishlist right now. Point is - new content is very nice, older one should be updated a bit. However, this comes naturally with new stuff being introduced, and said stuff itself is good. Regarding bugs - there are some text strings missing (loading new trailers with logs on Proving Grounds), but I played just short time, so this caught my eye. Overall, I like ideas introduced, I like the content and the thought behind it. Thank you. P.S. I love how flatbeds and other attachements vary in colour to match each lorry. And the 30/1202 warning plate appearing on the front of B-500 when tanker is selected? Simply outstanding, like the bucket dangling from the hook of new Zil tanker, propane tanks and barrels moving ever so slightly... even padlock on container doors! It makes every vehicle unique and charismatic. I am fan of these tiny little details, and I can't wait to see this level of fidelity applied to previous lorries.
  11. Hi! It is known issue, and it applies to many lorries with said road tyres. I am no specialist, but from what I understood (more capable collegues took a dive into game files) the depth you sink into mud is proportional to the wheel radius. Hence, smaller the wheel, less you sink. I think this will be revised. I can confirm this personally, because I've made some rough tests myself, and to the same conclusion.
  12. Truth be told I kind of like this fog in ST. It is somewhat close to real life, in river valleys, in the morning we can see that kind of hazing. But it should be one of the many effects, not the only one we see over and over again. How awesome would be to have blur in the air in really hot, sunny day?
  13. Granted, C-4320 doesn't look bad per se. It can be just combination of slick form comparing to the earlier generation lorries design and lower level of fidelity that is so visible. In Chernobyl DLC map latest variations of lorries (B-130/133/Gya, B-505 and 157) look right on spot, they blend with surroundings perfectly. B-131 also fits, but some of the older models look just out of place. Correct me if I'm wrong, it's just my observation. + 1 on that. I guess the idea behind it was to make game more realistic and to give it a bit grim mood. It is not a bad idea - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series also used a lot of ambience to create the atmosphere. I keep mentioning said series, because they kinda feel similar (despite obvious Chernobyl analogy). There is in both feeling of desolation, abandonement, they both operate in former East Bloc, in so familiar landscape (well, some of us), there is old post-Soviet machinery around. Problem is in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. there is dynamic weather and when it is sunny, you can tell - shadows are more pronounced, there is more light, colours seem more radiant, there are even cloud shadows on the ground. Without that variation and proper sky, ST landed in the muddy, gray box. But I hope it will change. Also, the rendering distance could be higher. I mean now you can forget about decent skyline even in perfect conditions. I know it is supposed to make maps feel bigger. Same solution was implemented in TES III Morrowind, but in said game you moved around slower, and it didn't hurt so much. But you also had dynamic weather and skies, so maybe there is the difference. Here I just wish that I could actually see far and wide. But now I just can't feel the open space around, even if I know it is there.
  14. +1 I would also add more colour schemes to the trucks - nothing fancy, just few templates added both to the cab and attachements. Right now we have very small amount of colour options, and attachements are disregarding the lorry - civilian C-6520/6522 are orange, but crane or garage parts in the flatbed w/tent are olive, military style. Now that should change. Easy thing is Russian trucks back in the day were painted in small variety of schemes, but there are some we can use to achieve some more colours. And about vehicles - quality difference between older models and the DLC new ones is speaking volumes. Ural 4320 (C4320) looks plainly dull and boring comparing to the Zil 157 (B-157). Now granted, this is not such a complicated form, the latter lorry is older and has a lot of sticking-out elements, (headlights, wing reinforcements, radiator bars etc.), that were streamlined later, both to save material, amount of time and work needed to manufacture and due to purely cosmetic trends, but still you can tell the difference in first glance. Those should be uniformed in amount of details and texture resolution. I also mentioned in "Think Tank" section, than lighting itself could use some saturation, to be more pronounced, based on actual time of the day and weather. Also, could be linked to different season, but it is map dependable. And sky, sky would be nice. Being around graphics, I would also change the rate of mud disappearing from the lorry bodywork and undercarriage - it could last until fording, rain or garage visit. This last one would be considered as maintenance cleaning. And for graphical tweaks - you all have seen the way bodywork gets wet - it takes while, when submerged in water, until it "soaks" and the effect is triggered. This should be almost instant rather than delayed effect. Delayed would be great for the rain though, as truck would get gradually wet (and clean from the majority of mud). Speaking of rain, proper wet effect on the both vehicles and surroundings would be nice - but it was stated it is going to be implemented, so I guess we have to wait. Last but not least thing that bogs me down since the beginning - scaling. Some buildings are oversized (lavatories for instance), while others seem to small (some cabins). Same goes of flowers, mushrooms and pumpkins (pumpkins in Siberia?). I think tweaking would be nice - said mushrooms would be very small in real scale and almost invisible, but half of actual size could be decent balance between gameplay and realism. Well, I usually don't complain about graphics, so this is one of my first takes on this subject. I'm having fun with game as it is, those thoughts aren't criticism, rather wishful thinking.
  15. Summary:- Skyboxes, possibly transitioning. Type:- Graphics. Description:- This one is simple idea - to give the game good looking sky. Right now there is no such a thing like clear, blue sky, clouds or sun. It would be great if paired with different light saturation (dependant on time of the day and weather), and restricting rain effects to more gloomy, cloudy periods. Benefits:- Textured sky instead of brown-gray box we have right now. Possibility to introduce different light conditions and dynamic clouds. Possibility to define weather for every map for example: mainly cloudy and rainy in Aftermath DLC (it is set after violent rains and flood), mainly sunny and clear for Plains (it looks like a summer rather than autumn) and so on. Drawbacks & Potential Solutions:- It is not known to me, if introducing skyboxes and/or dynamic clouds is possible on this game engine. References:- Real world. Also, in terms of mood created by weather, that is similar to ST - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series has decent weather transition patterns (static skyboxes are slowly fading in or out), with each area having own presets, dealed in percentage per day. Said series can also support weekly patterns, but I think it is beyond need in ST.
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