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  1. Yeah, pretty much as I suspected. Maybe there is more to fix (and fix good) than it seems, maybe there is new content/feature planned (and it needs some changes to be implemented in the future), or maybe they switched to fewer, but more thorough updates. Whatever the reason, it is good to be reassured that something is going on - but I don't find it suprising. After all it is the product that feeds developers and pays their rents, to neglect it would be unwise. As for silence, I'm not fan of it, but as I stated earlier, there are much, much worse and damaging kinds of it in the game industry.
  2. + 1 on that. I am also not very fond of radio silence from the developers, however prolonged periods of inactivity and really annoying and game-breaking bugs are not domain of the ST devs at all. My main game is DCS, and it had moments, when it was notorious for being broken for months with little feedback from both main and third party devs. Now, I know that DCS is miles more complex than probably anything else, but stakes are also higher - one module is worth between 60 and 80 USD, it can be in early access for 3-4 years easily, it is study level, so you sink hours of reading (manual is
  3. So, if that would be the case, I totally agree. If new content is to follow-through on latest modifications, it needs to be tuned. I only assume it is not so simple - I know nothing about writing the codes and stuff. Since multiple requests were raised here and there, and we saw them implemented fully or partially, I assume they are working on it now, taking the feedback into account. After all, change of mud physics was needed at some point anyway, after ironing it out it will be major progress. We will wait and see.
  4. I do not belive, that any of you is to blame for the mud being much more difficult, than before. As we were informed, mud behaviour system was modified, along with weight distribution over axles and even each wheel independently, as well as tread type on the tyre and so on. Now, previous system probably had its quirks and way to balance things, with new variables it probably isn't working as intended, in some aspects at least. It was a big update, I can't honestly remember when mud behaviour was changed to this extend. Of course it has faults and needs tuning. But looking from practical perspe
  5. The problem could be also with weight balance on longitudal axis. When tractor has some counterweight in the back (like plows, mowers, tillers or scrapers) center of weight naturally moves back and front wheels aren't so prone of sinking, even in the soft soil. Probably same goes with dragged weight like a cart or trailer - as drag puts more pressure over main wheels, hence easing on the steering ones.
  6. I would like to report a small overlook regarding new tyre tyre deflation system: C-255: wheel rims seems to deform on the edge, along with the tyre when using default off-road wheels and Road Type 1. When using Offroad Type 2 rims behave normally. B-131: deflated tyres are clipping through rim model from inside.
  7. Summary:- Flat tyre and tyre pressure adjustment. Type:- Gameplay. Description:- New tyre pressure system is very interesting idea, and it creates some possibilities to expand it. 1. Flat tyre system and spare wheel tweak. After recieving damage to specific wheel, tyre would deflate and couldn't be managed with pressure control system anymore. To remedy that, spare wheel would be used, instead of being universal "medkit". To compensate loss of a spare wheel, lorries could use another addon like a toolbox or something similar, so they could carry some repair points with them. Spar
  8. Great! I am happy to see some familiar points and ideas made reality once again. From a quick glance I can say, that changes and fixes made are well thought, and they are pointing into right direction. I like them especially when coupled with previous Vehicle Pack Vol. 1 - then there was some solid ideas about useful and varied vehicles, here is mechanics expansion for future solutions. Like it, love it, keep at it. P.S. Right now I can tell, that while I like many new ideas, there is one thing that hits me hard right from beginning. Drivers animation in SHERP 4x4, especially on bum
  9. Thank you kindly! If I will happen to stumble upon some more problems, I will let know on the spot.
  10. It is good to see tweaks, however I'd like to direct your attention to very important issue - refuelling in multiplayer causes crash for player that is being refuelled. The games I've tested are both 1.5.0 and 1.5.1, Steam originals, all DLC's included. Also, we've stumbled upon multiplayer issue that during initial spawn, when vehicles are appearing onto each other, there is possibility to drag and roll over other player's lorry, even if it is in "jelly" state, and there should be no collision. Hovewer, it happened only once, and I am not sure about the cause of this - all I can say, is I did
  11. It is... interesting. At first glance it seems somewhat out of theme, to me at least. However, I won't jump into any conclusions, because it is not right or wrong per se. I am more interested in the thought and concept behind this new DLC as well as new functionalities, rather than in vehicle itself right now. Maybe during upcoming news SHERP will grow on me, right now I don't have any particular opinion about this choice. However, when it was mentioned in 1.5.0 topic, that some terrain interaction will be ironed out for new type of vehicle coming with special DLC, I was betting on either balo
  12. I've encountered a bug: during online play (I was a host, Canyons DLC map), client was operating crane on C-4310, loading my B-500 (flatbed + standby tank). Since he was runnin on fumes, I gave him my fuel. That led to immidiate client's crash - after trying to put down process, due to no effect, he had to restart whole system (Win 10). Client's saves were non existent after that, and he was reverted all the way back to starting position. Edit 1: When refueling C-4310 form B-431510 (tanker + spare wheel), game crashes also. Edit 2: Double-checked on Aftermath
  13. Fair point - rewriting stuff behind the curtain is not flashy and rarely sells on its own. It is good to know though, that improvements are being made. I can only hope, that upcoming stuff will sell so well, that not only most urgent features will be implemented, but those less flashy too.
  14. I know. But the problem is more relevant now, when more RWD vehicles are being introduced. When bulk of lorries was 6x6 capable, it wasn't much of a problem, because mainly used trucks were pretty much the same. Now we have B-80, old B-130, new B-130, B-133/133Gya, B-431510, B-500 and C-6520. And since this issue (feature?) applies to more and more vehicles, I hope it will become more visible - and thus adressed.
  15. Summary:- Handful of gameplay ideas. Type:- Gameplay. Description:- Below is list of few ideas, that could improve gameplay diversity. They are simple concepts, ment to add some variation, while not being overcomplicated at the same time. Below every position I also put existing mechanics that can be of use and further potential use for every idea. I'm writing them in one post to avoid spam. 1. Engine temperature. This one is pretty simple. Engine would have some temperature spectrum. After startup, it could idle for a while to reach its optimal value. Few factors (being cold, cli
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