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  1. Wow, that's messed up! I haven't seen this before. To those that it happens to, it would be useful to describe to Oovee on how to reproduce this. I winch trucks a lot and I haven't seen this, though I've seen other issues (fps drop and winched truck pulling away instead of going toward the player vehicle if it's facing the other way).
  2. @oldman777Thanks. I figured there's a way to mod it, but I was mostly thinking of new players who will play these maps. It would be in Oovee's interest I think to showcase the new B-130 that looks a lot better.
  3. These are not serious issues, but things that could be improved. Using manual shifting (with clutch) the engine doesn't stall in gear at zero speed when the truck is in water, which is good, but the incorrect part is that the wheels stop spinning. They should continue spinning while in gear, at a low speed proportional to the RPM. Water traction as affected by tire pressure is also weird. Below about 3/4 of full tire pressure, there's no traction in water. Above that it quickly starts to build up. I'm thinking it should be more linear. Even at minimum pressure there probably should
  4. Actually it's the other way with AWD. It works incorrectly starting in 1.6.x where one wheel can spin up. Previously, including in Pavel's versions, at least one wheel would be spinning on each driven axle. As to diff behavior, I haven't observed any difference between different trucks. In 1.6.x the diffs are more open than before. I like that as it's more realistic, except perhaps the high speed of the one wheel spinning.
  5. This is still an issue. I'm replaying the Hill map and that map spawns like 3 of these old B-130's.
  6. I do feel this tractor is better without the permanent diff lock. It allows for much better turning on those sharp asphalt turns on the Hill map. And you can turn on the diff lock when you need it.
  7. In the game? Of course. Just change the difflock type in the xml from Always to Default.
  8. I've noticed this too and I didn't even have any fps meter on. I was just panning the camera while my truck was winched to another, and the drop in fps was very noticeable.
  9. Coincidentally I also increased the width on the rear tires, not because of any real-life specs I looked up (I didn't) but because I noticed the tire tracks were too narrow with the original width.
  10. Probably not with a hard diff lock, but something like limited-slip or auto-lockers would be very useful on a RWD tractor in real life. I'm not a tractor expert but I've been watching RWD tractors racing on hilly mud tracks, and I never saw one wheel spinning faster than the other. So I think they probably have some sort of traction control.
  11. I don't really care if the COM is exactly where it should be, as long as it's close to reality. Yesterday I moved my COM to -0.3 which happens to be within Truckwolf's latest calculated range. But I also reduced the substance friction of the rear tires to 1.2. That's important if you don't want the tractor to unrealistically climb out of any mud hole. 1.2 is still grippy with most of the weight over the rear.
  12. This is not a new bug but it persists in 1.6.2. If you spill your load and I think it's when the logs completely fall out and no longer touch any truck, you exit the game and come back, the logs are gone. I've seen this many times.
  13. @TruckwolfFrom your pictures it looks like the sign on the x-coordinate for the COM is reversed. It's 0.487. -0.487 would be pretty much spot on if your calculation is correct. But I've already tried that value and it didn't really help with the front wheel sinking. Edit: It does help in combination with the greater tire width. Now that I've moved the COM more to the rear, I can get away with 0.24 front tire width and not sink excessively. The tire tracks are still a little fat for the tires, but not too bad. You may also want to reduce the substance friction on the rear tires to co
  14. Theoretically yes, but the wheel weights were never realistic in this game, at least not for the scouts. 100 and 600 are some of the usual template wheel masses, and if they are in kg they are much too heavy as scout wheels, and I wouldn't trust them to be accurate for bigger trucks either. Besides, we don't even know if the wheel mass is added correctly to the vehicle mass. Remember that questionable behavior where trucks with light wheels seem to be heavier, judging by their compressed suspension. But that may have to do with how the wheel-less chassis weight is calculated.
  15. @Alex CameronI settled on using 0.28 width on the front wheels. They still sink somewhat, but not as bad as with the stock settings. I didn't want to go any higher because then the tire tracks get oversized.
  16. @TruckwolfI don't know if the center of mass would be that far back. It would seem that tractor would tip backwards very easily. RWD tractors don't tip that easily (I've watched many mud-running tractor shows) but they also don't sink in the front like the ST tractor does. It's also important to take into account the wheel mass. Those huge rear wheels must have a significant effect on the center of mass.
  17. What I also like about these settings is that it's fairly easy to fall deep into mud (where it is deep) and get stuck, as it should be. With the stock settings it's too easy to climb out of mud pits, and if you changed the friction to 4 I imagine it would be ridiculously easy.
  18. One thing that can be done to reduce trailer and non-driven wheel resistance is to lower the PushResistance. Of course you also need to reduce the friction otherwise your trucks will be OP. I'm still playing with the values, but these seem pretty good so far: PushResistance="0.2" SubstanceFriction="0.4"
  19. Thanks. Yes that would be a temporary fix for one vehicle. But I'd rather have this fixed in the calculations so that real tire widths can be used and they still behave realistically.
  20. I doubt this kind of setup exists in real life. I don't think it's even possible, and even if it was, it would be quite useless, since you'd end up with all the torque going to one wheel in some situations, completely defeating the purpose of AWD.
  21. @TruckwolfWell as I said earlier, the problem isn't so much with the physics as it is with the terrain type in the legacy ST maps. 90+% of the maps are like a freshly plowed field. So given the terrain, the trailer towing behavior is probably close to realistic. IRL I think it's more common even on forestry roads to have more compacted soil, usually with a thin layer of slick mud on the top if it has rained recently.
  22. You mean in ST+? It was never fixed in the game itself, even long after LH started working for Oovee. Makes you wonder why. I think it's because ST+ was a bunch of hacks, maybe some of them good but others not so much. Even working directly with the source code hasn't been a smooth ride for ST, as we clearly saw over the past year. But I'm glad the game is now quite stable. 1.6.2 may be the best version yet. 1.6.1 was one of the worst, on par with the 1.4.x stuttering mess & broken crane camera.
  23. I'd say it's a waste of time (I still am a software engineer) to try to open an exe file. That is the compiled source code, basically 0's and 1's. You might get little pieces of information out of it at most like text strings, but probably nothing that will provide a good explanation. Even the human-readable source code, which is what programmers work with before it's compiled into an exe or dll, may not reveal what the logic is if the code is complex and poorly documented, and of course this code is not available to the general public as it's the intellectual property of the company that w
  24. No, the trailers felt fine in the older versions with my 0.3 substance friction. Keep in mind that with the new physics the values can't be compared anymore. What 1.85 feels like today would most likely be very different with the old physics. It's also worth noting that my old friction of 0.3 was in combination with less mud resistance, so it wasn't as hopeless as it may sound to you. I doubt anything was done to the trailers specifically in this physics overhaul. What's probably happening is that with the new physics it's easier for tires, especially offroad tires, to break through the m
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