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  1. @Alex CameronIt's not an empty rumor. I'm just connecting the dots and the little that Zane has revealed to me. Another possibility for Steam's removal of ST is that Spintires.exe has been flagged by some people's anti-virus programs as being infected (not for me). But I think the copyright case is more likely, since a false positive case of a virus should be cleared up in no time, and Zane would be allowed to talk about it, but he could be muzzled if facing a legal claim.
  2. Oovee is facing some legal matter, most likely a copyright claim regarding a vehicle in the game. But I agree Zane should say something, whatever he's allowed to say. It would be better and more respectful than this complete silence.
  3. I don't want no mud either. I like a mix of muddy and hard ground areas.
  4. That's easy for you to say, now that your fish-eyed menu is removed and the nights are brighter than before and the mud is easier than before. Thankfully, the last two things are adjustable.
  5. @oldman777Of course it's a game. But it is also a simulation (to some extent), which is a type of games. I don't have a problem with player assists, as long as they're optional, for people wanting an easier experience. But there should also be a full realism option for things that matter, like mud traction.
  6. That's also affected by your brightness & contrast settings, both your monitor and the in-game settings.
  7. Sure, if you're playing a fantasy game or some arcade racer. This is supposed to be simulation.
  8. The game probably should have different mud traction for casual & hardcore. Hardcore should be 100% realistic, otherwise you might as well not even have different game modes. I prefer to have 100% realistic mud and then adjust the maps to where they are playable but still challenging. I don't like this insane mud that you can drive through easily as if you have a magical super truck.
  9. I guess there wasn't a good way to handle manual rice bag loading, but I agree hardcore (which I also play exclusively) should require manual loading. I think the rice bags could also play a different role than be just another form of log points. Oovee should do more with this, where specific cargo is required to complete specific objectives (like what SR has). I'm still exploring this map but so far I like it a lot. It's very hardcore with my mud settings, almost too much. But I wouldn't want easier mud/sand. Just maybe more places with firm ground to drive on.
  10. The earlier versions of ST (probably 1.4 and earlier) had really nice looking nights IMO, except for the tunnel-vision darkening at dawn & dusk and the sky halo at night, but the nights otherwise looked really good and the lighting actually looked like moonlight. Now there's this bright spot light that just looks too artificial. My settings above create a similar effect to the earlier versions, but without the sky halo. @oldman777OK, glad you like the current nights, but for anyone else who doesn't, feel free to give my settings a try.
  11. I got better-looking nights with these settings in daystates.xml. The night light now looks more like moonlight and it shines in a more balanced way, without darkening the truck wheels and brightening the ground too much. And the sky stripes are now barely visible, while the sky still has a little bit of light. <Night> <Default ColorLUT="lut/night_2020__vol_uncmp.tga" FogColor="g(99; 103; 105) x 0.05" FogScatterColor="g(43; 45; 46) x 0.5" HorizonColor="g(83; 101; 115) x 0.03" SSAOColor="g(51; 51; 51) x 1.0" SkyColor="g(76; 97; 105) x 0.02" > &
  12. OK, I don't think I ever tried that legacy. I meant versions 1.5 and earlier, though it may have been the same as the legacy. I never noticed just one wheel spinning with AWD, but I wasn't trying to get it either. With the current system it's very easy to get one wheel spinning. The mud is good, but with the stock settings too easy to be realistic considering the depth of the mud. IMO, it's a lot closer to reality with these settings in media.xml: PushResistance="0.25" SubstanceFriction="0.4"
  13. Now that the COM on the B-80 has been adjusted, the substance friction on the rear wheels is OP, even with my reduced friction in media.xml. I reduced the tractor's substance friction from 1.8 to 1.4, which feels about right. Oovee may also want to reconsider the weight of the front axle. It probably shouldn't be that high.
  14. Well, AWD used to work correctly in the older versions of ST, so there's really no reason to overthink it. I do like the more open differentials in the current version, but AWD was broken in the process (when diff lock is off).
  15. This is still incorrect in 1.7.0. I still see just 1 wheel spinning with AWD on after traction is lost. There should be at least one wheel in the front and one wheel in the back spinning.
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