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  1. It matters for future use, and even now to some extent, since we finally have proper distinction between highway and offroad tires. Of course there are the newly introduced issues that need to be worked out.
  2. It seems to me the main problems are how the wheels behave with AWD and without diff lock. As the video correctly points out, with AWD at least one wheel in the front and one wheel in the back should spin at the same speed. The other problem is the insufficient difference between shallow and deep mud as I mentioned. On the one hand you can easily get stuck where previously you could go through, while in other places with AWD and diff lock you are like an earth digger. And of course there's the water resistance but that's a separate issue. I hope these issues can be ironed out without going entirely back to the old physics, where smaller highway tires did better than large offroad tires in mud. Now that was rubbish.
  3. @oldman777Even I, a hardcore realism fan, has seen what I think you referred to as a "dirty perversion" (in mud). Playing the Volcano level with the new physics I feel trucks sink too easily in some places, and you end up either complete stuck with a 2WD truck or unrealistically crawling through deep mud with a 6x6. If mud was made a little firmer, it could partly address these issues. There really needs to be a bigger difference between deep & shallow mud. They behave about the same.
  4. You can look at my thread for an example for my wheel. It should be similar for your gamepad, unless it's all hard-coded. https://www.oovee.games/forum/topic/14156-allow-wheel-button-binding-for-advanced-menu/
  5. It's set to offroad but I think that's a holdover from the past before we had the option to install the offroad singles on this & related trucks. Since we have those and the chained tires, I think the default tires should have default friction. The tread on them doesn't look like an offroad type anyway. It's all-terrain at best. And I just noticed the Vehicle Pack trucks with the same looking tires are set to highway friction, so this definitely needs to be made consistent.
  6. With pedals braking is about the same as before, as long as you're gentle on the pedal. Hard braking is now too much and I see some trucks lifting their rear as well.
  7. Interesting. I haven't seen this. It looks like the physics are not in sync with the graphics. Have you tried turning the 60 fps cap on or off? Mine is off. Do you have good frame rate?
  8. I agree. I haven't checked in this version, but there was fuel consumption from winching as I recall. It seems like this got taken out by accident.
  9. Those long B-class trucks are different, I admit. I didn't even think of them as I rarely use them. It may have to do with their weight distribution. I had the more typical truck like the C-255 in mind. On that one, wheel spin is indeed minimal on pavement, especially now with road tires. Certainly better than in MR which has a lot more slip on pavement. You also have to consider that these trucks don't stop on a dime IRL. With the high pavement traction they already stop too well probably.
  10. That's if there was an inter-axle differential between each pair of axles that's locked. There's probably just one in the middle of the truck, so only 1 wheel on the front 2 axles and 1 wheel on the rear 2 axles could be spinning. Now I don't know if the weight distribution takes into account the slope. I haven't tested it. It's also possible this truck is overpowered. It does have way more torque than the same truck in MR.
  11. I agree with that concept, but I think this is nit-picking. Your video doesn't disprove my "theory". The wheel spin on tarmac is already quite good in ST, i.e. minimal. A better way to test weight distribution would be testing with and without AWD on a steep hill. See if the tilt of the vehicle affects the weight distribution.
  12. It was like that before, but it would be a good idea for realism's sake to have some fuel consumption at idle and while using a crane. SnowRunner has idle fuel consumption too, though I don't think crane use adds to it.
  13. Why not? Parking brake applies to rear wheels only. The truck is all-time AWD. So the front wheels could spin, theoretically.
  14. You can change bindings beyond what the menu allows in the user config file in the game's AppData. Usually located at c:\Users\[your name]\AppData\Roaming\Spintires. But of course more flexibility through the UI would be welcome.
  15. I think that's a fair suggestion. Perhaps casual mode can have the old physics or some kind of assist? I'd be fine with that. I never play casual, and I have wheel & pedals so I can control the throttle as needed. Edit: As I recall you can feather the throttle with keyboard as well, so another physics mode for casuals may not be needed. I haven't tried it myself but I hear it's possible.
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