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  1. Probably never. Oovee would need to get an actual development team in place.
  2. That's how AWD works in this game (or used to prior to 1.6.0) and IRL as well. There's also 4WD which comes on automatically as needed. There's where the transfer case locks up to connect all axles. I think diff lock only applies to individual axles as that's where the differentials are.
  3. @TruckwolfYou could say my patience with this game has run out. This game has had bugs left behind for a long time before. That part isn't new and it used to be understandable. But now it's much worse with these game-breaking bugs left behind for this long and such poor communication, at least on this forum. So I've given up on ST.
  4. Unfortunately that's a meaningless wishlist from months ago that probably has a low chance of being implemented. Besides, most of the those things are already in MR and/or SR. Sorry for being so negative, but I'm just very disappointed with this product. "Ultimate offroad simulation"? Not even close.
  5. That is the concept of an open differential and yes that's how it works. On a 4WD vehicle with a locked inter-axle differential (not diff lock), you'd have at least one wheel in the front and one wheel in the back with torque. So in slippery conditions 4WD kind of becomes 2WD and 2WD becomes 1WD, without diff lock.
  6. @TruckwolfLooking at the dates of those posts, they were all shortly after the last update over 2 months ago. Is there anything more recent? It's silly for Zane to say that "people wanted realistic, now it seems not so much". It distorts what I and others have been saying. There's nothing realistic about a C-255 plowing through bumper-deep mud, which you can do with the new physics. Likewise there's nothing realistic about a 2WD tractor getting stuck in ankle-deep mud. There's really nothing realistic about the new / current physics. Occasionally you may find a situation where the p
  7. @TruckwolfYeah the questions were semi-rhetorical. I was wondering if you had any answers to them after digging through the Discord channel. I agree that the community should be attended to entirely, and if it's split into too many pieces then it should be unified in one place. So when it comes to this forum, I'd suggest for Zane to either attend to it or shut it down. It serves little purpose when it's open but largely ignored. Regarding the log issue, yes I see Zane acknowledged it months ago, but from my own experience it doesn't mean anything was being done about it. So yes, thin
  8. @TruckwolfWhy isn't there any mention of the beta on this forum and why isn't it open to everyone (it makes no sense to keep it private)? And even more importantly, why would Zane ignore the log spawn issue for 2+ months? This should be a 1-2 day fix at most. Some Discord chat aside, it very much seems that the players are being ignored.
  9. I think oldman has a realistic picture of the situation. The rest of you are being taken for a ride if you think this game is going to see some great update soon. Enjoy the wait.
  10. Or you could spend the months playing other games, including MR & SR. ST was exciting last year when it was being refreshed and it seemed like it was going to be better than MR and hold its own against SR. Now it's just a sad, broken mess that's likely dead too.
  11. It's ridiculous that any user has to figure out how to fix the missing logs. If this game isn't dead, why isn't it fixed after months of being broken? And if the game is dead, then I don't see the point of even playing it.
  12. Wow, really? I thought the log spawn issue started with the Sherp DLC, for those who don't have it. I remember you complaining about the missing rocks, but not the logs.
  13. I'll be convinced if Oovee releases a quality update. Until then, I remain skeptical.
  14. Interesting. It still doesn't make sense that Oovee would post an immediate update for something as trivial as tire inflation sounds, but ignore the missing logs for nearly 2 months without an explanation. If the project isn't dead, then this a very poor way to handle communication and critical issues.
  15. Go ahead and try PM-ing them. I doubt you'll get a reply but let us know if you do. About the trailer detaching, it's possible the size of the "physics bubble" (where physics are active) has changed. I don't know, I haven't tried in the latest version. I can only tell you that MR has a bubble like that too, though it may be bigger. Anyway, this is all moot as I'm not detecting any heartbeat on ST. Luckily there's still MR & SR, so personally I'm not too bummed about it. Plus I play other types of games too.
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