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  1. The way I see it is that I use diff lock to get over most obstacles, and if I need a boost or get stuck in mud I put on AWD. The only situation I can think of where I'd need AWD and not diff lock is if I was climbing a steep hill in a laden truck, and turning a lot while doing it. So for me it goes nothing-->diff lock-->AWD+diff lock usually.
  2. This is a bit of an exaggeration - sure when a truck is heavily loaded on a smooth road surface, the wheels cannot move independently and so experience the 'great forces' you mentioned, but roads are designed specifically for maximum traction. In reality, on a lot of surfaces other than roads there are bumps, and dirt can be shifted around and will never have nearly as much traction on any rubber-wheeled vehicle. Wheels can skid more than you think on dirt. That's why I keep requesting to have road traction specifically increased, and not just that of hard surfaces in general because even hard
  3. @Zane (Oovee) Please look at everything @rarum has posted here. I would assume it would not work with the older version but I don't know. Spintires Plus works, I used it. [practicing German; is this correct?]: Ich würde denken, dass es würdet nicht mit der alter Auflage werken, aber ich weiß nicht. Spintires Plus werkt, denn ich habe es genutzt.
  4. Now can we stop arguing about the turning radius and focus on the actual problem: traction?
  5. In the video you can see that the wheels are sliding sideways. Go to the paved yard bit in the proving ground, put some weight on the back of your truck and try and drive in a circle at a decent speed. Look at the front wheels. Even though there should be more friction from the weight, the wheels still slide and you go closer to a straight line. This should not happen.
  6. No, I never changed my keybindings except to get rid of this issue; I made the roof camera button z See below:
  7. Summary:- Realistic gearboxes Type:- Gameplay, Vehicle Description:- Make the gearboxes in game (perhaps only in hardcore mode) the same as their real life counterparts, much like ETS2 & ATS do. Benefits:- Interesting aspect to gameplay Drawbacks & Potential Solutions:- Some people may like the current gears more, so add an option to 'revert to old gearboxes' References:- Real life K-700 Gearbox :
  8. Summary:- Wheel overhaul Type:- Gameplay, Updates, Physics, Vehicle Description:- Change the way wheels are treated in the game to make it more realistic and better to play. Mud traction should be based on both wheel size and grip; the bigger the wheel, the more of it is in contact with the ground, so the more traction you should have, especially in mud. For example, currently the E-167 feels like its wheels are entirely smooth in mud and have no traction, even though there are prominent treads on them. This is because the size of the wheels is not being considered. Realistically the
  9. This is what I've been saying, thank you! Lateral traction should be increased substantially on hard surfaces and longitudinal traction should too.
  10. bruh im not old enough to drive pretty close tho also i live in the uk where would i get one of those (I know you can get them here and i would if I could but it would be very impractical at the moment)
  11. I've said before that the traction feels weird, and I think that's the reason why the trucks don't turn correctly. The wheels, even when not much force is applied in the lateral direction, slide small amounts and don't 'stick' to the ground like real ones do. I'm not sure how this issue can be fixed because it would require reworking the entire traction system (which needs an overhaul anyway), and Oovee don't seem too keen on doing that, and I don't blame them; it would be a huge amount of work.
  12. This is for rotating the grabber itself. It's redundant, though, because it automatically activates when you use the crane. It's closed by default so when you activate it, it opens. Therefore, the button is highlighted when the claw is open. It should really be a progressive movement, like rotation is, but oh well Honestly I think this is a good change; I was finding the old system quite annoying because every time I wanted to use the crane it put me in the roof camera and I had to mess around with the camera for a while. Now I just have to get used to the keybinds, which aren'
  13. Also, the log length is inconsistent, they get shorter when you pack them. This happens on multiple other trucks, too. Unfortunately, this is due to the way the truck is designed. Its long wheelbase low ground clearance, and little suspension travel makes it terrible for anything except driving on roads. And even then it's kind of bad. The mud at the garage should not be there and I'm not sure if @Zane (Oovee) has forgotten about this or is planning to fix it later.
  14. Personally, I think this diff lock thing should be focused on more just because it can probably be solved relatively easily and then other things can be focused on. Better to put in the fixes earlier than the content, because the content depends on how playable the game is. You are entitled to your opinion though and I will respect that.
  15. Exactly. I made a post about this, saying that we need reasons to use all the vehicles: Apparently I rated my topic 1 star and I can't change or un-rate it lol
  16. Me too, but it gets a bit irritating when I have a truck with lesser ability and I know I could easily switch to the C-255 but I don't want to. For some reason that feeling really annoys me.
  17. Yep, I saw this before, and second this.
  18. I know, I was effectively just moving it to the 'feedback' section.
  19. The B-157 is unable to load logs, which is a bit strange considering it was in the trailer with logs. Oh, and some parts of the ground in the Chernobyl map are pre-sunken. See these images. In the second image, there is a hole along the ground on the truck's right. Not a very good example but now you know what to look for.
  20. I don't think the steering angle is the problem here. It's more to do with the strange traction on roads which is not nearly as grippy as it should be. Also, the steering response is slightly lacking, but you could say the same for the real life trucks. For me, it gets harder to control a truck with a keyboard the faster you go, to the point where crashing is very easy, and here I think increasing the traction on roads (or at least making it higher when not sliding) would help greatly. It would also make more sense, as generally, going up a paved hill should not be limited by traction as much
  21. It's for the Chernobyl DLC, it comes with a new proving ground. I guess they're planning to add more of them in the future. Это для Чернобыльского ДОК, оно идет с новым полигоном. Я предполагаю, что они планируют добавить больше их в будущем.
  22. I was playing the new Chernobyl map (congrats on that by the way, I think it's great) and found the B-157. I was heading back to my garage when I remembered that sometimes my PC has an aneurism (figuratively) and crashes whatever game I'm playing. So, I decided to save my progress by quitting to the main menu and clicking 'Continue'. And it just popped me at the start of Chernobyl, with no progress at all, and changed me from Hardcore to Casual mode. I tested it again by quickly jumping into the map then leaving again and the same happened: it didn't save. Please fix this issue so that other p
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