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  1. yes, but despite this I think there should be enough traction to pull them up and over, but I'm probably wrong. It shouldn't be that much work to make the non-loose surface traction actually realistic, because right now it's identical to that of loose surfaces.
  2. No set date, I think you'll just have to wait until it's ready. It happens when it happens, here. Good idea. That would be helpful.
  3. Tyre physics is still a bit iffy, especially on hard surfaces. https://imgur.com/a/c33Lfko
  4. Well, that's assuming there wouldn't be a 'load autosave' feature. Also, you can Alt-F4 or stop the game via task manager and it won't overwrite the save.
  5. This would be great, as my graphics card causes the game to crash randomly, very annoying.
  6. There's a small issue with the radiation on Chernobyl where if you drive this road on the far west of the map you get hit with a sudden burst of high radiation, damaging your truck. I assume this is a sort of 'wall' to stop you from going to the edge of the map but it extends too far onto this road. Also, the fact that the map appears over the rest of the game (you can see the area to the left of my truck on the left of the image) is a nice feature, but it should be worked on so that the map information and the compass from normal gameplay don't overlap. The same goes for the map compass and t
  7. Petition to have a professional composer create a russian folk-style song to use as game music
  8. My reaction too. I agree, maybe make it so that the splash screen and menu background change depending on what dlc you have installed, but could also be a random map. I think that would be a nice touch. There could even be a truck driving past every now and then, if you wanted to go really fancy with it.
  9. Turns out there is a forum-wide image size limit, where the total size of images that a user can upload cannot be greater than 25MB. I noticed this a while ago and went through all my old posts, deleting ones that I thought were no longer of use. This is a really annoying feature of the forum, @Zane (Oovee) do you know about this and whether we can remove it?
  10. I understand this, but sometimes I find it a bit annoying. It's a very difficult problem to solve, because currently if the building is too high then you can't see anything and you have to move the camera. I personally cannot think of an easy-to-add solution for this, but I'm sure people with more intelligence and ingenuity than me will do. Also, when going under the rock arch in the Canyon map, the camera shoots up over it. This may have been fixed since I last experienced it, but I think it's worth noting.
  11. It's OK, the problem was that I used the 'generate a secure password' function on Chrome and since it's a different site, it didn't automatically fill in the password, so I put in the password that I thought I used but it wasn't. Still a bit strange that my email wasn't registered in the 'forgot password' thing, because it is in fact linked to this account. So now I have two accounts with the same email? I'll delete the other account now. Or not, it seems I can't.
  12. I understand your opinion, however I don't find it as much of an inconvenience as you do. I just zoom out the camera and move it to the side when I need to. IMO the real issue is the physics, as it affects the game more.
  13. I do get this sometimes, but not often enough to actually impact gameplay substantially.
  14. Also, it will make people able to 100% the achievements because there's a multiplayer one for each map.
  15. I don't get any stutter but my game crashes at seemingly random points. I think this may be a problem with my computer though.
  16. Zukakis's in particular? That's not fair! Joking, I know updates go to everyone.
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