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  1. It happened after I completely exited the game and relaunched it, so I don't really know what happened. Nevertheless I am trying it again now.
  2. Aftermath? I haven't even completed it yet. I'm working on it, though, but last time I was making progress it ate my save
  3. True, but I think it would be a nice way for us to ask quick questions and for Oovee to let us know what they're working on.
  4. indeed. I was going to report this but forgot, evidently. @Zane (Oovee) you may want to set the invite to never expire.
  5. I don't think we can use the editor to edit stock levels because their XMLs aren't accessible. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong though
  6. How did you do that? I thought we couldn't edit maps.
  7. I recently completed the Canyons map (I was previously discouraged by the bad wheel physics of the E-167) and I found that, In Hardcore mode, the central logs kiosk is completely pointless, as the route from it to the lumber mill goes past the other log kiosk. Not only this, but there is no truck with loading capabilities anywhere on the map by default, let alone the kiosk in question, so you have to go past it to get the C-4310 at the north-east garage. See these images if this is a bad explanation.
  8. You could go one step further with this 'Hardcore' business and make it so that the player cannot change the addons of their truck, except for garage attachments. A development challenge with this is that you will have to make sure the map is actually completable (at least 1 crane and log carrier), but not too easy (don't spam C-255s). This would make each map unique and fun in the way it is played, and will coax interesting new strategies out of players.
  9. Summary:- Hardcore mode renamed to 'Realistic', new hardcore has non-negotiable starting trucks Type:- Game Mode Description:- Lots of the developers' hard work goes unappreciated because no one has any reason to use it. For example, the B-133: why use it when you can just change it to the B-131 or B-157? So, I think that in Hardcore mode you should not be able to change the starting trucks. To appeal to people who like to change the trucks but still play Harcore, rename the existing 'Hardcore' mode to something like 'Realistic'. This way, players can choose to challenge themselves by playin
  10. You know what, do you think the new vehicles should have been on each others' maps? Like, the E-167 should be on Aftermath, the Chernobyl trucks should have been on Canyons, and the B-133 would be better on Chernobyl. I think that's a decent idea.
  11. well, after removing spintires plus it works absolutely fine for me.
  12. I've found various locations on the Aftermath map with strange, serrated terrain, as well as a very steep drop at a junction. Is any of this intentional? All images are of roads/paths: https://imgur.com/a/DKvCmIf
  13. Well, this is rather interesting. A while ago I played a game on the Aftermath map. I stopped after going to the north-west river crossing to the garage, getting stuck there in a B-133. (I don't really like that you can only get to that garage by going across the only uncollapsed bridge, but oh well. Maybe that river crossing should be a bit shallower.) Anyway, I reinstalled ST+ recently and just started another Aftermath issue when my truck sunk into the ground at the first garage: I remember posting this as an issue before and Zane being confused as to why it happened, as it didn't when
  14. The default view on the 'new' B-130 is too close. This may be the case on other trucks, too. Also, is the new B-130 going to be replacing the old version on maps now? It still spawns on the legacy maps.
  15. Is it still going to be left like this? I thought it might not be too much of a task to disrupt the normal workflow, but I've been very wrong before. Sorry for bumping this again, was just curious.
  16. Nevermind, apparently force feedback was just turned off in the profiler for some reason. I don't remember doing that, but oh well.
  17. I still seem to have no force feedback most of the time but it worked yesterday for one session after I restarted my computer multiple times.
  18. janky hitbox mate, they just did the collision mesh wrong/lazily
  19. Well, whether it's open or not, the fact remains that it needs looking at, whether by making it more like a limited slip or making the damage more lenient. Personally I think my solution would be more effective because it would get rid of the unrealistic nature of it, and also it works in more situations (e.g. if there are patches of mud, even if the diff is very limited-slip, there will still be slip). You know what, I wouldn't even mind if the system was kept as is, but the speed you need to go to break the diff was drastically increased, and/or load dependent. If the diff only started
  20. It would appear that you have not seen this post: This is my reasoning behind complaining about it, because it is very unrealistic at the moment. Sorry if it's too long. TLDR: It's unrealistic and annoying
  21. I do in fact own a wheel and shifter, but currently the force feedback from the game is not working (it works with other games) and, more importantly, my wheel takes up a lot of desk space so I don't use it too often. I'll check the force feedback again next time I use my wheel. Thanks for understanding.
  22. Yes, and it's incredibly annoying to have to constantly switch it on and off every time you hit a tiny piece of dirt, unless you like stopping all the time. I've stopped playing hardcore because of it. You should only have to turn it off when you're on a road and turning under high load. It's not about going too fast either. It happens even in gear 1, even going in a straight line, which if you know what a differential is, should not be the case. The locked diff in the game is much too fragile and in my opinion it ruins the hardcore gameplay experience.
  23. Oh you know, just driving through a muddy dirt road with diff lock engaged. But apparently I'm not allowed to do that.
  24. This image kind of speaks for itself. https://imgur.com/a/WS8iVYA
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