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  1. The main problem is map design, now. With the introduction of non-offroad oriented vehicles like the B431510 and B-500 (questionable decisions all around), the mud-spammed maps are too difficult for them. The way these maps were designed favoured the heavy offroad trucks, and the B-130 was just a meme. Now, if Oovee sort the terrain out, it could become a standard vehicle, and the status of 'worst truck' would be gone from the game, for the near future. Besides, the amount of mud there is and the lack of 'detour' paths that non-offroaders can take is not realistic. For some locations, sure, bu
  2. they meant: when BatteryPoweredWinch='False', the game runs when BatteryPoweredWinch='True', the game crashes
  3. This video was made by Silent Hunter (one of the discord server members): This says it all imo, or at least most of it. Something's wrong with the diffs and traction in general. The rewrite needs rewriting
  4. It doesn't make any difference at this point. With the new update, if it doesn't have AWD and difflock it's not going anywhere.
  5. I happen to disagree. While this particular case may be to do with the 133's ridiculously stiff suspension lifting wheels off the ground, I have always found it surprisingly difficult (compared to real life) to go anywhere without difflock. There is an unrealistic amount of wheelspin when on any surface that is not perfectly flat, with a variety of vehicles in the game. I believe this is to do with (but not entirely caused by) the fact that although we now have CTIS, tire models are completely rigid, despite the fact that they should have some give. Generally, I find, the a
  6. Well, it's definitely a lot slower than it was before, but I suppose you mean it should be completely unable to move. Fair enough. Traction in general seems to have decreased too, I find, which implies to me that Oovee do not have much control over how it acts in different situations.
  7. This is strange. I tried to reproduce this and I can barely move. Do you have any modifications? I don't think I do.
  8. Multiple strings for different languages are too long for their UI boxes. May I suggest: a) abbreviating them and having a strict character limit for new strings (which could take lots of time), or b) coding the UI such that it automatically extends based on the length of the inputted string (which would be more flexible)
  9. Couldn't have said it better myself. I'd like to add that along with improving the detail on previous trucks I'd like to see refinements to the few inconsistencies between trucks, physics, and other things. I think polishing the existing parts of the game is the best way (currently) to make the game as fun as possible.
  10. That's what the 'Continue' button is for. Unless you mean something else?
  11. Zane told us in the discord that the A-469 is being worked on, and he's waiting for the artist to send him pictures.
  12. Summary:- Skip night, slowly Type:- Gameplay Description:- If the player stops their truck at night and the driver goes into the sleeping animation, time moves a bit faster until the morning. Benefits:- A more pleasant way to skip time than the clock thing. Also could work in hardcore mode. Drawbacks & Potential Solutions:- Programming. Programming. References:- IRL, other sim games such as ETS2 & ATS
  13. Oh yeah, I forgot, I haven't used it for a while.
  14. You need to turn off "STPControlledConstraints" in the config file, I believe. Use this config file, it should work:SpintiresPlus_config.xml
  15. There seems to have been a small attempt at implementation of this feature with the new B-130 and its manual tailgate, but apparently this has been given up on as no other truck can do this. I would appreciate more consistency, but it doesn't make the game unplayable.
  16. Some of the flatbeds are too short to hold the logs they are supposed to. This isn't too bad of an issue, but it means that the logs magically shorten themselves to fit inside the bed when you pack them. I've noticed this on the B-157, the B-505 and the B133.
  17. I see. yes, that's weird. Maybe it was a planned feature that was abandoned?
  18. I don't want to sound rude but what do you mean by 'spelled out'? Do you mean that it is visibly attached but doesn't actually pull the truck?
  19. As a native speaker I have no idea what this means. Maybe trees, since they're the only things we can winch to.
  20. I'm just curious, since Focus Home got licensing from pretty much all the major American truck brands, would it be possible to get licensing for the Russian ones, or is there some kind of legal issue with it?
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