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  1. 9 hours ago, Trackrod_ST said:

    @ Truckwolf


    The limited slip diff doesn't give full locking, (max 80%). Auto lockers are full lock across the axle. Only the Gaz 66 has this system.

    The Zil 131 doesn't have any locks, only 4/6 wheel drive, (to prevent axle wind up) and high low ratio. Using low ratio will automatically engage the front axle. This in effect will lock the 3 axles together, still with open diffs of course.

    The Ural system is 6 x 6. To prevent wind up on road, it has a differential between the axles located at the transfer box. This means that all axles are free, as are the diffs. Perfect for tarmac, but off road it can cause the 1 wheel spin effect. To prevent this, this diff can be locked. This will join all 3 axles, but still with open diffs.

    All the above is real life, not game.


    I've been discussing implementation of this kind of thing a bit and I think it would be a great idea to have the transmissions be exact recreations in Hardcore, leaving the arcadey all-wheel-lock etc. to Casual.

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  2. 18 minutes ago, Unster said:

    Or you could spend the months playing other games, including MR & SR.  ST was exciting last year when it was being refreshed and it seemed like it was going to be better than MR and hold its own against SR.  Now it's just a sad, broken mess that's likely dead too.

    No, update soon

  3. On 9/18/2020 at 10:11 PM, Alex Cameron said:

    I thought that people in the thread with problems would talk about problems for the developers to fix them, and not find a reason for jokes here. I can't believe you are really interested in playing in the current environment.
    Yes, I agree, the current mud is a very interesting solution, BUT WHEELS SHOULD NOT FALL INTO THE GROUND WHEN THE MACHINE IS NOT MOVING. This needs to be corrected, not justified. If for you this is a topic for jokes, then this is your right, I prefer to look for errors and report them, so that it is useful.

    I understand how you feel about this, but it's not always as easy as telling the game what to do and it does it. Often, programming stuff like this is harder than you think, especially with a limited game engine that's not made for it. But that's not to say Oovee couldn't have handled this better; they absolutely could have. 

    I'm not saying that it's impossible to fix or anything, or that what you're saying is not true, but clearly impatience won't help here. Currently, I don't have the game installed, I'm just waiting for an update, or anything. We all know what's wrong, we just need to wait for fixes, or anything, really. I don't think many people here currently enjoy playing the game in this state, or they wouldn't be here. With the amount of issues, pointing out specific things won't be useful until most of it is polished up and those few things go unnoticed. 

    Hope you understand, and have a nice day.

  4. On 9/1/2020 at 6:15 PM, Unster said:

    A little bit of self-imposed restriction and role playing already takes care of that.  I don't necessarily choose the most capable truck when starting a new map, in fact I rarely do.  I pick something and then pretend that's what I have to make do with.

    Sometimes I lose motivation to keep doing that sort of thing, but I agree that it's not that important to add.

  5. I'd like a gamemode where you can only drive one truck at a time, and you have to make do with what you have, to encourage use of all vehicles, which is in dire need at the moment since many seem to have no purpose in the game. Another idea is that you could unlock new trucks around the map but you can't change addons, this would also encourage use of each vehicle and give them all a purpose, rather than just being able to use one or two for everything, which I think would be nice.

  6. 49 minutes ago, Unster said:

    No I didn't mean that you had complained about the mud being too easy, just that you had complained (specifically about the E-167 being incapable in mud).  And I agreed with that.  Keep in mind, I never said "mud is too easy" or "make the mud harder".  I was a lot more specific than that.  My main complaint was that highway tires were more capable in mud than offroad tires, and also that large tires like the E-167 were less capable than small tires (very similar to your complaint).  So I think we were mostly on the same page. 

    Thanks for clarifying, I'm glad to see that there's more to it than I thought. I was going to be more specific about it myself, but that would've made the post too long. Maybe I'll make a new topic about the way I see mud in the game.

  7. 18 hours ago, Unster said:

    You're making some assumptions that don't really reflect what I've said & suggested, or maybe just what I had in mind but didn't adequately explain.  It was never my desire for the B-80 to be as good in mud as the C-255.  I don't think it should be, primarily because it's only a RWD.  I was just saying that it's too impotent in mud, even for being a RWD.  Those big rear wheels should have a little more grip, IMO.  Of course not too much.  Nobody here should really be interested in seeing any truck plow through deep mud (bumper-deep).  If you are, you're probably playing the wrong game.

    Anyway, don't blame me for the mud rework not having gone as we had hoped for, I wasn't involved in any way.  You complained about the mud prior to the rework as well.

    Fair points here about the vehicles, I agree, and I will admit I didn't really think much when writing that other than having a hunch that someone at Oovee saw your posts about deep mud being too easy to climb out of, tried to compensate for it, and ended up affecting all kinds of mud.

    However, I don't think I played much of a role in making the mud worse. I honestly cannot remember asking for more difficult mud, but rather the opposite, as I believe that it has only really been a surface that simply slows you down, without much complexity (I am aware that the system is more complex than I could comprehend, but I believe the emergent behaviour of it is more simple). If you can find an example of me saying that the mud is too easy, fair enough, but currently my opinion is that if we're going to be fully stuck in deep mud with the most capable vehicles, then it'd better stop making up so much of most of the maps. I never really interpreted the 'deep mud' as something that we should get stuck in, because it's almost impossible to plot a route on a map without going through it.

  8. On 8/24/2020 at 9:14 PM, Alex Cameron said:

    Есть у меня одно предположение, что они готовят ещё один "Пакет транспортных средств 02", с которым выйдут и все исправления. Видимо, ждать не долго, модели автомобилей готовы и скриншоты их есть в открытом доступе

    Where did you find these images?

    Где вы нашли эти изображения?

  9. 15 hours ago, Unster said:

    With the B-80 it could be that the front wheels sink too much or the rear wheels don't have enough traction.  I'm think it's more of the latter.  Those huge mud tires should have good grip in the mud, even if the front wheels are partially in the mud.

    Why do you think that it should be any better than that oh-so overpowered C-255 that you say shouldn't be able to move in mud, with its big mud tires? You're expecting too much from this little 2WD tractor. The problem is that mud is the same everywhere, so we complain about being able to drive through a 'bog' (which doesn't exist in the game, just deeper mud) and wonder why we can't move when we get something that would, by common sense, immediately get stuck in most kinds of deep mud. I'm confused why Oovee are adding so many road vehicles, which people are never going to use because the maps are like 70% deep mud, so their work is going to waste. These things get stuck all the time. It's less about the vehicle than the terrain.

    Also, wheels are apparently a difficult thing for this game. The E-167 was useless up until a recent update, but even now it can't go as fast through mud as its real life lookalike. It only works at slow speeds. This is a fundamental problem that was not addressed in the 'mud rework' (which, as far as I can tell, seems to be in response to your opinions of mud being too easy to get out of, but has only made it more tedious).

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  10. 17 hours ago, Alex Cameron said:

    This means that the mud has a parameter that considers that the thinner the wheel, the faster it will sink in the mud. It remains to correct the absurdity of this parameter.

    But it makes sense, no? The thinner the wheel, the lower the surface area, and since pressure=force/area, the smaller the area, the higher the pressure, so small thin wheels like this will exert a greater pressure on the surface beneath them, which means they will sink. I don't see this as a problem of the thing not being very offroad capable (does it look like it?), but rather a problem that there are no places to use it on any map because there's too much deep mud, ironically enough. With better map design this would encourage strategic driving to avoid getting stuck, but most maps right now are just "here drive through this mud". 🤷‍♂️

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  11. 57 minutes ago, Unster said:

    How about keeping this thread and others in English, so everyone can read it without google translate.  And if you don't speak English, it's a good thing to learn.  Use google translate if you need to.

    We English sure are lazy about languages eh? What's wrong with using it yourself every now and then? If you have the plugin for Chrome you can just highlight text, hit the button, and get a translation to English instantly. Not that hard. True, it's the English part of the forum, but it can't be that painful, anyone who doesn't speak English has to do it to read anything. I imagine that would be pretty tedious. And not everyone has the time or resources to go casually learning one of the most irregular and confusing languages in the world.

  12. On 8/22/2020 at 9:39 AM, Truckwolf said:

    God forbid! Look what happened to me yesterday.

    Well, it kinda does look like a massive bog...

    On 8/22/2020 at 2:45 AM, Unster said:

    Probably you'll get faster sinking in mud to the bottom,

    There's another problem: sinking in mud happens regardless of what the truck is doing. If you stop, you slowly sink all the way to the bottom, which should only happen if you get stuck and dig it all out from under you. Normally, something would sink over the course of days and weeks, but our trucks do it over the course of seconds, after loading up a map. 😜

  13. 5 hours ago, Unster said:

    A better solution would be to change the global properties of mud,

    Isn't this what we've all been trying to do this whole time? That's pretty much what the <mud> section in media.xml is for, isn't it?

  14. 1 hour ago, Unster said:

    Nah.  There's nothing wrong with properly distinguishing deep mud behavior from shallow mud.  The deep mud we have now in ST is easier than in SnowRunner, a game that's very popular and more geared toward casual players.  So no, ST can do better.  If ST doesn't have proper physics soon, I don't know what role it can have in the market.  SR has already captured the market with graphics and gameplay for casual players.  ST's only chance for success is to cater to people who appreciate full realism.

    If trucks are getting bogged down too often in deep mud pits, the solution is to reduce/remove the mud pits, not make the trucks into some fantasy super trucks.


  15. 3 hours ago, Unster said:

    It's not that simple to fix.  The physics have undergone  a big change and it wasn't just a change in the media.xml values.  I can already tell you without even trying your numbers that deep mud will be ridiculously easy with your settings, especially with AWD and diff lock.  It already is with the stock settings.  So maybe your settings improve traction in shallow mud but I bet deep mud is even farther off than it already is.

    You know that deep mud and shallow mud behave exactly the same in the game, right? No amount of tweaking can fix that.

  16. 1 hour ago, Trackrod_ST said:

    This is what I miss in 1 6 1.

    The ability to rock your way out of a hole, due to lack of friction and the lack of decent steering lock, to swing the nose back and forth.

    From 3' 45''.


    I don't remember this ever being a thing in the game, but I wish it was, it would make getting stuck more interesting, rather than just "I use winch"

  17. 14 minutes ago, Unster said:

    @Zane (Oovee), you are aware of the log spawn bug, right?  I think that bug deserves a quick hotfix.  To me it's not urgent since I'm waiting for additional physics improvements, but for players playing the game now that could be a massive game breaker.

    He is. They're rushing out a fix, last I heard.

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