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  1. i love the new trucks from the DLC
  2. @Zane (Oovee) I really like the idea of this DLC. Because I really into this type of vehicle and it gives some more variety. Also the new map looks quite nice. Love the detail you put in. will the sherp also float in water? What I also like on the latest DLC‘s is that the trucks now have unique addons. This should be done also for the existing trucks. Makes them more unique. but please don’t forget that the terrain physics needs a overhaul. Different friction values for different ground types (not only mud and tarmac). Road tires perform better In mud which they shouldn’t.
  3. I also don’t see the problem here. It’s not a bug that makes the game not playable. Easy fix - don’t use locked truck near you as a winching point! Devs should look in game breaking bugs at first!
  4. Found the same issue, quite annoying. but just with one trailer, can’t remember which one
  5. This is no graphic bug in the rope. Just the attachment point is wrong placed at the kamaz.
  6. @Gabe_2.0 Play SR before you talk about it. Make your own picture about the game. But i guess I’m talking to a ST fanboy. both games has there advantages and disadvantages.
  7. @Unster not only different tires should have different traction. Also each type of ground, Mud, sand, dirt road, tarmac should have different traction to the wheels. this is one of the main reasons that make SR quite realistic to drive.
  8. I see the fall of ST coming very soon if they didn´t change many small issues that leave a bad taste in my mouth. A new game is waiting outside the door with new features and new physics. I really didn´t care much about new content like trucks maps and so on but the odd physics and the unfinished DLC what we get in the past leads me to one way - abond that formerly great game and start some new experiences. Yes true there are many ST Fanboys and casual players out there and they are not intreseted in fixing this game. But in a long term this game needs a complete overhaul to stay competitive or even generates new users who are willing to pay for it. For me as a donator it´s really hard to see the game die. But on the other hand without the donators and ST there might be never a game like MR or SR:
  9. @Zane (Oovee) at the FB-Page you show 3 pics of a map from an upcoming DLC. Why do you show this not here in the official forum??? this part of the forum is namend „Latest News/Development Blog“ so would fit right in ehh!? What do you think?
  10. @Zukakis 100% agree. would be sad to see this game die. especially when you where there since hour 0 and support the devs to bring this game to life.
  11. @Unster I feel with you. There are so many little things that has to be improved. I was really hyped when the DLC´s came out but when i saw the end result i was really disappointed. What i see is that after end of April this game will be abonded when the successor of MR will came out and it´s really that good what the trailers promise. So i guess this is the last chance for Oovee (IMHO).
  12. There you go. Undo the settings to the ST+ file. And yes V12 is the latest
  13. To keep up with SR this is definitely necessary. What i read so far the new traction system in SR is promising.
  14. @Unster In real life with highway wheel you get stuck immediately in this kind of mud. The tread would instantly be filled with mud then then you can´t drive anywhere. This is problem since day one.
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