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  1. @BANDERLOGIE welcome to Spintires and oovee.
  2. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that ST is also down on Steam
  3. The only beautiful scenery from the China dlc is the small village what I can see. The rest looks a little bit like a boring desert. IMO
  4. The game is now 6,5 years out, i wonder when they will show us a working product. sorry have to do this - now I don’t disturb your thread anymore
  5. This game so buggy and not a single word from the devs here again. But it’s the most necessary thing at the moment to launch a new dlc *facepalm* Why China? It’s easy- big amount of players are there who will pay and literally the same trucks.
  6. WE ARE BACK ON TRACKed vehicles @leov37017 wow, thanks man, with your settings i getting the BAT-M also working. Also the DT-8 is now working with the follwing settings: <TruckData BackSteerSpeed="0.06" EngineStartDelay="1.0" ExhaustStartTime="1.0" FuelCapacity="300" DiffLockType="Always" SteerResponsiveness="0.9" SteerSpeed="0.017" > <Motor MaxDeltaAngVel="0.017" Torque="99960000"> <ReverseGear AngVel="5.018" /> <HighGear AngVel="10.
  7. That’s why the real tractor has also lockable diffs and no permanent difflock. I own also a old tractor, and when i lock the rear diff you barley can turn that thing. Would go nearly straightforward
  8. @Truckwolf wow what a great work you did here. i would love to test the settings or even test 1.6.2 but found no time at the moment. but i really like how the communitiy helps to game to stay alive. When i read your researches for the B-80 troubles i come to one conclusion - the base game is not programmed with any research to real specs. They try to programm it that it works in some way in there engine.
  9. I guess this really depends on the truck an it´s differential setup. should be reviewed for every truck.
  10. same old problem again. haha
  11. @Trackrod_ST wow Your list is very informative. Thanks. I thought the Uaz 469 has at least one lockable X axle. Also striking that many trucks has no X axle difflock. Is the game engine able to handle all the different variants? Even my Audi quattro has a inter axle diff lock and a lockable rear X axle. All manually in two stages. And this is really not a offroad vehicle. 1. Stage: inter axle is locked 2. Stage: inter axle and rear X axle are locked But i could flip it around by just moving two vacuum lines on the switch for more drift fun
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