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  1. @Zane (Oovee), great, but will the new DLC be released this month? Or already in the next?
  2. @Zukakis, yes, it seems to me that something is wrong with the software part of the video card (some program may conflict or something is wrong with the driver), so try experimenting. If you solve this problem, write here, maybe you will help someone. Well, the developers will know ...
  3. @Zukakis, do you have MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner Statistics Server? If they are installed, turn them off, maybe it will help.
  4. @Localhost (Oovee), thank you very much for the explanation, now everything has become clear. However, you mentioned the free camera, I have some minor problems with it: it is not controlled, because I do not have numpad-keys, only the top panel. What can be done in this case? Maybe you can somehow replace the control with 8 = I, 4 = J, 6 = L, 2 = K. This is replaced in some games with 2 players xd Thanks!
  5. @Localhost (Oovee), last night I checked the dump file for erroneous files (missing but necessary), but all the files were in order. I tried to find information about the error code from the dump file (0xC0000005), but there was a discussion about the absence of sound, and not about the non-launch of the game. Yes, and yesterday I did not find a way to change the frequency (which I accidentally invented today) on the Internet, apparently, this is not a common problem. If it's not a secret, wherewith you check the dump file? Not Visual Studio 19? I just wanted to know, maybe there are more extensive ways to study the dump file, because Visual Studio gives little information. PS: Another question: in 1.3.0 beta in the root of the game a new dll appeared - "game.dll", what does it carry?
  6. @Localhost (Oovee), i was glad to help you! It's great that it was decided at the level of the game code, I think, now there will be no problems anywhere. @Nobody0815, as for 1.3.1: there may have been a problem with the drivers, since changing the frequency did not help. I have a second way on a "Pastebin", where audio dll files are overwritten, due to which a crash is possible. Perhaps, after using both methods, the game would start, it is a pity that now it is impossible to verify the specific reason for the collapse of the game. But the most important thing is that now everything works! Enjoy your game!
  7. @Zane (Oovee), @Localhost (Oovee), @Nobody0815, @Zukakis, @ray782, @Achim Lauritzen, others... I wrote a detailed instruction on correcting the departure of the game: Option 1: Text, including an additional way to solve the problem Option 2: Instructions with screenshots If something is not clear, please write to me. Hope this helps, thanks!
  8. @Localhost (Oovee), thanks for answering. Reinstalling the drivers also did not help me. However, I previously had a similar problem in the GTA San Andreas. And I decided it at random. Now I will try to explain in detail how I did it. In order not to be unfounded, I attach my screenshot.
  9. @Zane (Oovee) Thanks. spintires_2117156_crash_2019_7_21T7_43_7C0.mdmp
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