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  1. The grayscale heightmap image is actually the only bit you need, so as long as your image editing software is capable of exporting that in the proper format you should be okay. I posted a rough tutorial on the process for Mudrunner here and the process should be similar for Spintires (haven't made a ST map using this process yet, so if the instructions end up being useless I apologize for the wild goose chase... ).
  2. Go for it. We'll be here to nitpick when you do...
  3. @Zukakis Personally I don't actually use Blender (but I'm likely going to have to start soon, the student license on my copy of 3DSMax2018 won't last forever lol) but I'm absolutely not opposed to any contribution to the modding ecosystem! If it helps somebody, it's worth it.
  4. Sorry bud, ignore my last comment, I'm dumb... The issues are with 2.80, not 2.79.
  5. That's likely why. Known issues with the exporters and 2.79. Try with 2.78.
  6. @Dexter Paris What version of Blender and which exporter are you using?
  7. Double check your controller settings in Steam, yesterday's Steam client update changed some controller settings.
  8. http://www.oovee.co.uk/forum/files/category/27-maps/
  9. I also have ST+ installed, and it's working for me. Check both your "Spintires/User/Config.xml" as well as your "AppData/Roaming/Spintires/Config.xml" to verify that the appropriate "MediaPath" lines are present in both files.
  10. @Zane (Oovee) @Localhost (Oovee) I second the above.
  11. It's not an in-game adjustment, you have to manually edit the XML file for each wheel/tire. I won't explain that here, as there are already plenty of existing topics in this forum related to creating and modifying trucks.
  12. Yeah, just from preliminary investigation it looks like 2.80 would be easier for former 3DSMax users to migrate to, but with no compatible exporter there's literally no point since I only use it to make ST/MR mods...
  13. I don't think the exporter is compatible with 2.80, but I'm not a Blender user (yet). I'll ask around a few guys I know that do use it and see what I can find out.
  14. @Zukakis Absolutely. I have far more respect for a company that can admit to it's mistakes and try to correct those mistakes, compared to EA the ones who can't won't admit that they screwed up. If you want my money, you MUST prove first that you deserve it!
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