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  1. my game crashed so hard it didnt even gave me an crash report however i was on a custom map driving around like this i was driving through water with 788/800 damage and all of a sudden it simply crashed with no trace to be found
  2. cuz ur in hardcore and in hardcore diff lock isnt available in AUTOMATIC gearbox
  3. apart from the new crashes when unhooking trailers, how are you guys experiencing the new map, personally i love it especially when you try to cross the bridge and fall too ur demise with the ural there is some really interesting stuff added here and i love it good to whoever made this map i really enjoy it
  4. sooo, when are we supposed to get the sherp seeing on steam its listed as release date july but that ends in a few hours
  5. what does this mean? suspension for the k700 and vehicles like that?
  6. i do have to say in automatic it loops nicely and the idle is good, but in low and 1+ it loops badly
  7. so i have recorded some sounds from a zil and put them in my game and whilst each sound alone sounds great ingame they loop badly which is a shame cuz they sound magnificent so i was wondering if any of you people know how to fix this, i currently do have a friend working on editing the sounds maybe that helps, or is it an engine limitation, then again idk what oovee used to tweak and loop the sounds on their end, if anyone could share some tips. maybe @Zane (Oovee) could shed some light onto the matter and maybe spill the beans on how u got the sounds to loop perfectly ingame?
  8. oh my these maps are fun to try out they are for sure alot harder cuz i just drove through what i thought was shallow water but it turns out it was super deep
  9. aah yes pavel's ''protection against pirating'' code
  10. @Localhost (Oovee) im sorry but could you explain what this is DefuseTimebombs (...or not needed)?
  11. its not age its the exhaust its straight through with maybe 1 muffler, no catalytic converter no soot filter nothing so yeah ofc flames get through, maybe the engine is running rich too who knows, i dont mind the occasional pop
  12. But it is a 7.0l v8 so yeah it's a big engine and keep in mind these are old vehicles they don't have all the features that stop certain things from happening
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