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  1. thank you so very much this has filled in a lot of the blanks. and IT WORKS.. again TY!!
  2. i'm having the most difficult time adding maps and mods to my spintires game.. i'm not very computer literate. and all the info i can find is incomplete, or it assumes that I know more than i actually do. All i would like to do is add maps and mods from this site, to my Spintires game.. for example; there are 2 media files, one is a folder the other is a zip/rar file, so i don't know which to use. that is only one of many things about the install i do not have a grip on.. another example is; the instructions for the file placement of files using the file tree ends with; "etc, etc, etc" i don't what "etc, etc, etc" means as it pertains to installing mods. would anyone please take a few to assist me with this? i am grateful for any and all feedback. Rufus
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