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  1. 4x4 steering with steering wheel has been fixed in 1.6.2
  2. Two months to learn other things, like https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/mensiversary and of course
  3. Spintires itself had been removed from Steam some months (years?) ago for a short time, but was back later. Maybe someone issued a takedown for whatever reason (e.g. "oh, this must be a trademark violation against the 2019 Chernobyl TV miniseries") and until someone at Steam decides that this is not relevant the store page gets blocked. Or (I've seen this with a different game) the DLC includes purchased assets from an artist that at some point sold them with exclusive usage rights to a different company, and now this situation needs to be clarified. We can only speculate and hope that th
  4. I could comment on the other parts of your post, but I just wanted to share my different opinion here (which I already did), so I'll just say that I fully agree with your last sentence Have a great day, too!
  5. If anyone wants to buy it from a different store than G2A, there are still some alternatives: https://isthereanydeal.com/game/spintireschernobyl/info/
  6. It means that whoever works on or pays for the forum thinks that it Spintires will be around long enough to make such an update worthwhile. You don't put new tires on a car that you will abandon soon.
  7. That's uncalled for. Spintires saw a great comeback in the recent time with many updates none of us had to pay extra for, while Mudrunner was abandoned very very quickly and Snowrunner became a new product (with new payment) on Epic (which is a problem). Yes, not all is well here, but hey, it is 2020, many things aren't exactly optimal. But I really expect that the problems will be addressed, unless everyone decides to move elsewhere and/or drive away the developer.
  8. Additionally the steering wheel should automatically center when releasing it, just like when letting go of both levers in the real vehicle they return to full forward. I can manually enable this in the Logitech Gaming Software ("Enable Centering Spring in Force Feedback Games"), but even with a high setting for the spring strength, it would need an additional deadzone to make the Sherp drive straight.
  9. Hi Driving the Sherp with a G920 steering wheel is a bit problematic: When steering just a tiny bit to the left (or right) the Sherp's wheels on that side come to a complete stop. Only if the steering wheel is exactly in the center position, all four wheels rotate. I would have expected the wheels on that side to still rotate, just a bit slower, and only for tighter turns come to a full stop or rotate backwards. Regards, Thomas P.S.: I tested this with Spintires 1.6.1 with all DLCs. P.P.S.: This mostly affects the 4x4 variants, the 10x10 seems to work better.
  10. +1 I currently use a keyboard assignment in my wheel's controller software to send the letter V when pressing the A button on my G920 wheel. I need a dedicated profile for Spintires anyway to set the maximum steering wheel rotation to 600° (instead of the default 900°), but having it directly in the Spintires UI would be better and should be easy to implement.
  11. Hi! On https://www.oovee.co.uk/ is a dropdown menu entry SUPPORT >> COMMUNITY FORUM which still points to the old location. Maybe you can add a redirect from www.oovee.co.uk/forum to the new address? This would not only make the dropdown work again, but also point people having the old URL to the new forum. (and maybe you want to remove the SOAPBOX >> NEWS menu entry (or make it point to https://www.oovee.games/forum/forum/63-latest-news-development-blog/), because the latest news there is from 2014) Regards, Thomas
  12. You need to turn on the fuel truck, because otherwise the fuel pump would not work. On the other hand you wouldn't sit in the driver's seat of the fuel truck to refuel your truck. So you could get a view similar to operating the crane when refueling another truck. This would solve the perceived problem of "I have to switch to the other truck, because otherwise the game does not offer the UI element I need", because it indicates "I have to switch to the other truck, because I have to operate it for the refueling operation". Of course this is only true for real fuel trucks. If you use
  13. FWIW, I like the longer winch cable length.
  14. Wheel+pedals+shifter works fine, but ST does not support more than one USB device for that. This limits the available shifters (or handbrakes) to those that connect to the wheel or wheel base, e.g. the Logitech or Fanatec shifters with corresponding wheels/bases, so the computer only sees a single USB device. Assigning the shifter via keyboard mappings does not work either, because ST and MR do not allow directly selecting gears using the keyboard. I don't know if there is a hardware like the Collective Minds DriveHub (which solves this for wheel+shifter connected to some consoles) f
  15. They looked too much like gauges from a steam engine for me, I prefer the current display.
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