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  1. I'd love some insight on that SS. But I don't want to have to afford that haha.
  2. Yes, but it'll work. There are a few mappers that use this. I'm pretty sure NTSR is on that list
  3. So... This is pretty old technology, and I'm pretty sure that we have all played maps that have used this before, but I thought I would share it here because there are people that haven't tried it. You can make maps using real life topographical data from here There are some major drawbacks to using it, it's only 8 square kilo, and the resolution requires some smoothing, but I've found that it could make work easier, and shave time off of map making. You take the exported files from terrain party and save them over your height map file in prebuild. It's by far not perfect, and might not be for you, but My next map will probably use this, as I'm sure it'll work well for logging maps.
  4. Cool to see you in something american. Haha
  5. I hope we get to see that 62 chevy turned prerunner. If there are any models you guys want to get, let me know and I'll get one for you guys. After chatting with jay, I can tell that we're on the same page.
  6. Thanks for the update hazzard.
  7. You need to go check your XML file. Sometimes the editor mistakingly Adds extra tags or places something where it doesn't go. Post your whole file here if you don't know what to look for.
  8. For once I'm digging that gray/black one Sweet work.
  9. Like the title says, throwbacks. I know I've been playing Spintires for many years now, but everyone may miss something along the way. In this forum topic, lets discuss maps (for now) that we think are "must plays." From this I'm sure we can all find something we haven't played yet, and something else is we can recommend old maps to new players that are lost in time. I'd like to discuss both trailing maps as well as logging maps. To start off, one map that I think everyone needs to play is Perdido http://spintires.nl/level-perdido/-- I have so many good memories long ago of playing this one, very unique feel, and well polished even compared to newer maps. I think you can log on it.
  10. there is a way, But it's very technical. To the average person.
  11. I don't recommend them at all. People will think they work, and then you'll realise they break half the time.
  12. Every mapper has that bad boy locked up and enslaved.
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