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  1. http://www.oovee.co.uk/forum/topic/12936-weekly-challenge/?p=98535
  2. If this is what you mean, increase draw distance
  3. The poly count was 11k, so I took it down to 2k. Do you know the limit for a cdt? have made cdt, yes.
  4. Can anyone translate this into english please?
  5. Tim1


    Open the XML of the map where you made the 30 distributions and copy everyting between <Distributions> and </Distributions> Paste them all into the XML of the new map. I've not tried it, but it should work.
  6. One thing you need to know about modding spintires, is if it's giving you error messages but it works, ignore them. Lmao!
  7. Just watched Dirty Dancing. I never thought I'd like it as much as I did. 10/10 Amazing movie!!!

    1. Brandon Fredericks

      Brandon Fredericks

      yikes,, my wife loves it and makes me watch it, its ok but not my type of movie, i grew up with old war movies, but dont watch dirty dancing part 2, it was horrible remake

  8. Yes. This "OUTOFMEMORY" issue was due to not enough RAM. The "OUTOFVIDEOMEMORY" is GPU Memory. It worked after restarting my PC, so I guess I did have too much running on the PC. but after about an hour of building, it was giving the error again. I have found a solution though - If you have a friend with a decent PC, upload your map(along with the prebuld folder) to a file sharing website, and get your friend to recreate terrain and send you back the files when it's done. It's not ideal, but if you've spent so many hours on a map and it is the only way to get it working, it is worth it
  9. NEW PC!!!! Nice to be playing on max settings 60fps instead of minimum with 30fps for a change :D

  10. File Name: Realistic Rock Pack File Submitter: Tim1 File Submitted: 17 Sep 2016 File Category: Other This is a pack of 8 new rock models for map makers to use. There are several texture variations to suit different biomes. I have included a small map in the download so you can take a quick look before using them. The map is nothing special, it's just a preview of the rocks. I have modelled and textured each of the rocks myself To install them into the editor, just move the media folder from the download and place it into the Spintires Combine Tools folder. This will m
  11. beer + keyboard = onscreen keyboard :(

  12. First, open task manager and end the spintires task. If there is no spintires task, restart steam. If that does not work, restart your PC.
  13. Now I have a cdt in the editor But still no shape I only want 1 single rock I don't plan to flood a map with custom objects to the point where it crashes after 5 mins. If anyone wants to help get my rock into the game, lmk
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