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  1. nice, ironically, I was just playing the modded Chernobyl map yesterday. interesting.
  2. Ignore this message, didn't see LocalHosts response.
  3. Is there any chance options to change the camera sensitivity can be added?
  4. I'm normally the same,. but some of the best maps I have played are with 3rd party objects. As a work around I use the config method with a temporary folder for maps that I want to play and place the folder below the media in the config file. like this: <Config Version="20151004"> <MediaPath Path="Media" /> <MediaPath Path="Media.zip" /> <MediaPath Path="Temp_maps" /> <MediaPath Path="TextureCache.zip" DoPrepend="true" /> <MediaPath Path="MeshCache.zip" DoPrepend="true" /> <System Width="1024" Height="768" Windowed="false" Maximized="true" /> </Config> This way none of the files in the temp maps folder will interfere with the games default files or the mods I have in the media folder.
  5. I've also played these two few times too: https://stmods.ru/spintires/mods/karta_green_plains_vot_13_01_16_by_no107064_for_spintires_25_12_15/ https://stmods.ru/spintires/mods/karta_zabroshennie_shahti_v1_0_by_no107064_for_spintires_03_03_16/ The author is one of the best out there and has plenty of other maps.
  6. @Slywyn - @Zukakis is correct, that truck is the one to use for this map.. the bridge comes in handy in a specific area, you'll know when you get there. I got the link wrong on the previous post (I've also edited the original post). Here is the correct link: https://stmods.ru/spintires/mods/karta_aleksandrovka_by_valeriy_puchkov_for_spintires_v03_03_16/
  7. If you haven't tried it already have a look at this one: https://stmods.ru/spintires/mods/karta_aleksandrovka_2_by_krem85_for_spintires_v03_03_16/ https://stmods.ru/spintires/mods/karta_aleksandrovka_by_valeriy_puchkov_for_spintires_v03_03_16/ Took me many, many hours to complete on the first attempt, but its so fun to play its almost an entire game in itself with varying challenges. Make sure you take a truck that has a bridge on the back. There is also a part where you can build bridges with logs provided to take a shorter route to the other side of the river. I've played this map at least 6 or 7 times and I'll probably start another session on it on the weekend.
  8. Its in the media.xml in the root of the media.zip.
  9. The fog has a separate line of code in the same way as the depth of field does for each time of day, but they are not linked.
  10. The depth of field appears to vary depending on the time of day. I changed it to: <dof FarRange="100" FarStart="60" NearEnd="1" NearRange="0.5" /> For all times of the day which I find hides the draw distance and gives the distance a softer outline to reduce the jagged LOD of the trees far away.
  11. Also, on the subject of the Kraz Long Log Cart, could the rope/chain be added once the logs are loaded over the 2 forks on the trailer, like on the truck cart? I would imagine that it would be used in real life to keep the load secure.
  12. When selecting addons in the garage menu the menu will automatically scroll to the bottom of the list after installing/uninstalling the addon. Video below to demonstrate: Is there anyway to stop this from happening?
  13. I can confirm that I also experience this performance drop during the dust storms. Spec : Windows 10 CPU - i7-3930K GPU - GTX1080Ti x 2 in SLi RAM - 24GB Game running windowed mostly, but full screen at 4k, graphics settings set to max available.
  14. It was a change to the cursor. I play in 4k and the cursor was far too small so they issued a hot fix and released a new update to the beta.
  15. I'm not sure if this is a problem in the beta or if it existed previously. I have found that when I use the long log cart with the Kraz 255, if the truck and trailer is not parked straight, when changing truck and then switching back or reloading the game, the logs load straight but the trailer loads in the original position. Here is an image to illustrate the issue: Its quite tricky to recreate the logs loading like in the image above as it doesn't happen every time, and I'm not sure how to make it occur everytime. When the trailer is positioned higher than the truck, when reloading the game or returning to the truck, the logs load clipped into the trailer illustrated below: The amount of clipping that occurs depends on how much higher the trailer is in relation to the truck. This can be recreated every time.
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