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  1. As a truck driver, in real life we don't get to choose where we collect our loads from. It may be for this map tghe scenario could be that there is a felling opperation up in that remote location, and need the lumber taken to the saw mill etc. I get where you are coming from though.
  2. legacy is where I notice it the most. Zooming out makes it worse.
  3. Just been having a run around the proving ground; regarding the camera again - Can the next update un-hook the camera from the truck, its a little nausiating when the truck bounces up and down with the camera following it.
  4. where did you hear about Spintires 2?
  5. In regards to the camera, has there been an update to the way that the camera tracks the truck in the legacy camera? it seems to me that the camera has a noticable bounce up and down when I go over bumps that I never noticed in the previous versions.
  6. Just a heads up, it works best with trucks that have RadiusMultiplier="0.8" in the Camera tags in the trucks xml.
  7. I've modified the camera a while ago to give a better vertical camera position, theres a few other edits as well, I've pasted the camera section from the media file below, if any one wants to have a go: <Cabin> <!--Rear Left--> <Position Center="( 0.00; 1.00; 8.00)"> <Near Dir="( 1.00; -0.15; -0.37)" Eye="(-10.0; 9.00; 4.0)" HorFPMin="-0.05" HorFPMax="0.05" VerFPMin="-0.85" VerFPMax="0.05" /> <Far Dir="( 1.00; -0.03; -0.37)" Eye="(-15.0; 2.50; 4.0)" HorFPMin="-0.05" HorFPMax="0.05" VerFPMin="-0.25" VerFPMax="0.15" /> </Pos
  8. A question to the Devs: Do you guys know if there is a SLi Compatibility Bits value we can use to improve perfomance of the game? To my fellow offroaders and loggers: Does anyone use Inspector with Spintires with SLi? Maybe we could post our settings, or profiles here for others to try? I'll start with mine: Turn FXAA, the frame limiter off and set the texture filtering to off in the game, profile atached to this post. spintires NI.nip
  9. yep thats sorted it. I did previously have the havok set to 5000000, but that was before I started poking about. Thanks again for your help.
  10. TBH, I would prefer that. the early version of ST+ had that, and I was a fan back then. I cant get the game to launch at all with the ST+ v12 and game 1.4.3. These are the ST+ settings I use: https://pastebin.com/UB2w9qYb The log doesn't show anything specific as to what is causing the game not to launch.
  11. OK, thanks for the confirmation. The main things I use are the camera zoom, hide steam info, suspension normalised settings, cloaking removal and map menu tbh. The cursor control is pretty handy too. I also have a significantly more stable frame rate when using ST+, which might or might not that has something to do with the Havok buffer size. Is there anyway to roll back to the previous version so I can still use ST+ and then update when the version with mp saves comes out?
  12. Does the latest update require ST+ to be updated? For me, the game fails to load when launching with ST+ for me. Launches without issue when not using ST+.
  13. +1 on this. Would be very handy for when a random crash or computer issue happens.
  14. Thanks for the update! I echo what @Trackrod_ST has said, love the game so am happy to see devolpment continue!
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