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  1. Spintires Plus v15 has been released. This is a compatibility update with game v1.7.0, plus a couple extras: -AlwaysAllowSpawnLocators: due to a bug, this is already in the game v1.7.0. Feature is thus temporarily removed in ST+ v15, but will come back once the bug is fixed. -BatteryPoweredWinch: in game v1.70, winching costs fuel, however battery-powered winches will not increase fuel consumption. -ExternalMinimap: now uses the same icons as the F1 minimap. now shows all trucks (red=current truck, blue=all others)
  2. Ah, crap, it didn't occur to me there could be a map-specific issue there. You're right MapsCanOverrideCloaksMesh is also broken, thanks for reporting it. AFAIK, yes. An absolute horror that would be of little use to you unless you fancy manually calculating the inertia matrix of your wheel's parent frame. Doable for boxes & cylinders, but not for arbitrary shapes (like a truck's cabin). In Strunk_Oliver_Stop_My_Constraints_From_Blowing_Up.pdf (obtainable for example here ) you can see the concept of "effective mass" being introduced at slide 21. Turns out the conver
  3. These have been included in ST v1.7.0 under the names SuspensionStrengthInNewtonsPerMeter and SuspensionDampingInNewtonSecondsPerMeter. Conversion factors are: N/m strength = ST+ normalized strength * 20330 N.s/m damping = ST+ normalized damping * 85 ST+ normalized suspension will be deprecated in the next release, but still supported because I need it for the SuspensionTunableInWheelsSets feature... Until I can remove it. Usually it takes a couple weekends. Best way to avoid waiting for ST+ at each game update/DLC is to tell @Zane (Oovee)
  4. We haven't changed how the gearing works since this, so with your settings, in high gear you have 125% of your crazy torque at angvel=10, and nothing at angvel=12. In 1st gear, you have top torque at angvel=5, and nothing at angvel=5*2+5=15. But at angvel=14 you still have a fraction (3%) of your 100 million N.m which should be to keep your vehicle going, hence going faster in 1st gear. Remember that the game without ST+ caps max torque at 1 million N.m, 3% of your DT8's torque is still 3 times the cap. As for wheels slipping against tracks, try increasing the sprockets' hard sur
  5. Spintires Plus v14 has been released. This is a compatibility update with game v1.6.2. Other changes: -OrientableShafts: bugfix: shaft endpoints weren't always correctly aligned, often being oriented along truck Z. This bug was probably there since game v25.03.19. -HideHUD_3dUI: removed. I don't see why I haven't done this it earlier, after all 3d UI can be hidden by pressing F3 since august 2019. -DisableSuspensionDamage: removed. Initially this was meant to address the "speed damage" issue whereby vehicles would start getting tons of damage out of nowhere when g
  6. @Truckwolf: As I said, the mud has new bugs, one of them causes light wheels on the 255 to dig in place, not because of ground pressure, but because they vibrate fast, which is as if they were spinning fast = excavating. @Unster: Oovee is aware of those, and if Oovee said nothing it means Oovee has nothing to say about it, no matter how many times you post about it. However, do not purposely post off-topic content in an attempt to grab the staff's attention no matter what. Consider this a friendly warning.
  7. The game now uses a system that's different from ST+'s patch. There isn't a single max deformation pressure, but a ground yield strength which varies between 50kPa and 400kPa depending on how muddy the area is. Apply more pressure than the yield strength and you break the surface. If you want to compare with ST+, assume that the old max deformation pressure was 255*ground yield strength. Trucks with superheavies did not "weight less", they weighted more but in a nutshell the old system divided the sinking effect by wheel mass. This is not the case with the new system. However as I
  8. Wait-whaa ?!... Oh, okay. Well I have always posted my mod on mediafire (okay maybe I forgot one release) in addition of putting it in the download manager, so I guess I'll solely be relying on MF from now on. As for the forum discussion, it has been moved to the modding discussion subforum, so normally it should not vanish next September.
  9. The game does not have track support, but it has differential steering (aka skid steering) so skid steering will be removed from ST+. However SupportAdditionalConstraints which adds support for the constraints needed to make stable tracks will remain. As for the wheelmass bug, most of what ST+ addressed is now in the game, however suspension stiffness still depends on wheel mass. This will not be possible anymore. ST+ is indeed NOT an official release from Oovee, so please report ST+ bugs here and not in the bug subforum, which should be reserved for bugs in the vanilla game
  10. @Truckwolf: Sorry for the delay, things got pretty crazy at work last week and your post slipped off my mind. Suspension strength & damping, normalized or not, are determined by trial and error, pretty much what you are currently doing. Additionally, you should in theory be able to use SuspensionMin & SuspensionMax to prevent the suspension from compressing to the point the wheels hit the fenders. In practice, it doesn't work so well because suspensions are constraints (as in "Hinge", "Fixed", "Prismatic",etc...) which Havok may not honor if you press hard enough. @Eversma
  11. spintires_2117156_crash_2020_7_24T17_46_39C0.mdmp: Crash when refueling, fixed in v1.6.0. spintires_2117156_crash_2020_8_1T10_38_26C0.mdmp: Crash when detaching trailer, fixed in v1.6.1. spintires_2117156_crash_2020_8_1T11_2_52C0.mdmp: Same as above. In the future, please explain what you were doing ingame when the crash happened, this way we can reproduce it and make sure fixes work.
  12. That's an odd one. Okay, fixed in v13 hotfix1.
  13. Spintires Plus v13 has been released. This is a compatibility update with game v1.5.1. Other notes: AlternateTruckMenu has been removed, which means SelectStartupAddons is no longer usable. As I said earlier, sorry, I don't have the strength to rewrite this for the new truck menu. AlternateMapMenu has been removed, since v1.5.0 finally added a scrollbar to the map menu making this feature no longer vital. The above 2 mean that ST+ no longer has custom menus, thus AntTweakBar is no longer needed. That's why there is no AntTweakBar.dll anymore. HavokBufferSize ha
  14. Does "all folders" include this: https://www.oovee.games/forum/topic/14001-how-to-clear-spintires-cache/ ? The name of this folder is "Spintires" but it is not Steam\steamapps\common\Spintires . It is a 2nd Spintires folder. If the problem persists, try dropping the attached media.xml in Steam\steamapps\common\Spintires\Media . If the game crashes with the modified media.xml, please post a new crash dump (.mdmp file). media.xml
  15. @Xavier Portugal : does it happen when starting a new game, or only when loading a very old save ? Other than that I don't recommend posting your email publicly, spambots love to patrol forums looking for exactly that, and admins can use the email you have registered with if they need it.
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