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  1. [Insert alternate solution here]
  2. According to the crash dump it has to do with mod downloads. Atm I don't have the time to see if it's really this or another issue posing as this, but a workaround until this is resolved would be to make sure all workshop downloads are finished before starting the game.
  3. @8up local: Just hold down "1" or "2" to cycle views in reverse order.
  4. Spintires Plus v12 has been released. This is a compatibility update with game v1.4.2, additionally: -RightSideCameraKey has been removed, since right-side views are now in the main game. -IncreaseTerrainLOD has been removed, since historically it was doing more harm than good I won't bother maintaining it anymore. -ExternalMinimap now shows radioactive areas. That's the ExternalMinimap feature, and actually it has never been removed, and still worked in ST v11 with game v1.4.2. It did not show radiation back then tho.
  5. I'll update ST+, but please give me some time to rest. Been working like crazy to get the Chernobyl features done in time, so I'm not eager to dive back into it just when my vacation starts. That said, depending on what ST+ features you are requesting, you might be able to convince Zane to add them to the main game. Just don't tell him "track support". Sure it works in ST+, but getting that done in a noob-modder-firendly way is a different matter.
  6. Chernobyl's localized strings are in ChernobylDLC.zip/strings/ . If you go there you'll see the text is there, but somehow doesn't show up ingame. This will be fixed in an upcoming patch (it's an encoding issue: UTF8 was used instead of UTF16).
  7. I must say, this doesn't leave a lot of room for doubt. Nice find. I'll bring this up to Zane, my part ends here.
  8. You can't expect perfect accuracy from field experiments. Being barely 10% away for the theoretical value is pretty good. Punching in values, IF Kraz 255 had a steering angle of 30 deg IRL, they would have a steering radius of 5.3/sin(30 deg) = 10.6m. Pretty far from the 14.2m we all seem to agree on. 21.92 deg gives a 14.2m steering radius in that formula.
  9. Usually for land vehicles, it's turning radius you see on the spec sheet. Because that's what's useful to the drivers when they estimate their trajectory around a street corner or other obstacle. If you want you can try googling for a 255's steering angle, I did, but in the end I was already happy to find a turning radius. Yes.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Kraz 255 have a turning radius of 14.2m and a wheelbase of 5.3m. Unless I fumbled in my maths, that gives a 20deg steering angle. ST's 255 has a 22deg steering angle (28 in casual), so...
  11. I should mention that any map whose name starts with level_proving will be added to this menu, including community-made proving grounds.
  12. Thank you for you detailed report, DeltΔV, especially the "and clicking 'Continue'" bit. I found the issue, basically your game was properly saved, but this "continue" button is borked. Until the fix is published, please avoid using the continue button that is under the proving ground button. Use the continue button in the new game menu (under the map preview with a floppy icon).
  13. Currently in Spintires, the only drawback for exceeding the map's balance is that you can't unlock achievements, but since you have already earned them all, you've got nothing to lose. Personally, I nearly always exceed the balance quota because I use the big trucks, and that's how i enjoy the game.
  14. http://www.oovee.co.uk/forum/topic/13934-missing-forced-feedback/
  15. The easiest solution to fix 1-3 at once is right click on Spintires in your Steam library->local files->browse local files [this will open a folder in Windows] and just delete everything in this folder, then tell Steam to verify integrity of game files in the local files tab. This will cause Steam to redownload official files. You might want to backup the folder before deleting it, if you want to retrieve your mods/maps one day.
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