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  1. Spintires Plus v13 has been released. This is a compatibility update with game v1.5.1. Other notes: AlternateTruckMenu has been removed, which means SelectStartupAddons is no longer usable. As I said earlier, sorry, I don't have the strength to rewrite this for the new truck menu. AlternateMapMenu has been removed, since v1.5.0 finally added a scrollbar to the map menu making this feature no longer vital. The above 2 mean that ST+ no longer has custom menus, thus AntTweakBar is no longer needed. That's why there is no AntTweakBar.dll anymore. HavokBufferSize has been removed, if the absence of this option causes crashes then it's an issue with the game and should thus be fixed in the base game. Plus it's a lot easier to fix in the base game than from ST+. TrailerLoadFix has been removed, since the base game now allows to load unaligned full trailers.
  2. For most features, yes, and yes I have started working on this, albeit reluctantly. A forewarner though, the AlternateMapMenu, AlternateTruckMenu, and thus the possibility to select startup addons & trailers will be removed. I just don't have the strength to redo them from near scratch while developing the game the rest of the week. HavokBufferSize will also be removed but if the absence of this feature causes problems, report them as game bugs.
  3. My bad, somehow the words "do not" got lost between 2 rephrasings of my previous post. To clarify, the env_lut_***.dds are what define color palettes in ST.
  4. You do not need to include env_decals_***.dds to change the color palette, but other than that, why not.
  5. Does "all folders" include this: https://www.oovee.games/forum/topic/14001-how-to-clear-spintires-cache/ ? The name of this folder is "Spintires" but it is not Steam\steamapps\common\Spintires . It is a 2nd Spintires folder. If the problem persists, try dropping the attached media.xml in Steam\steamapps\common\Spintires\Media . If the game crashes with the modified media.xml, please post a new crash dump (.mdmp file). media.xml
  6. @Xavier Portugal : does it happen when starting a new game, or only when loading a very old save ? Other than that I don't recommend posting your email publicly, spambots love to patrol forums looking for exactly that, and admins can use the email you have registered with if they need it.
  7. Ahh, I see what's going on: you were testing using red dot breakpoints. Those breakpoints are punched in at runtime by the debugger by overwriting your binary in RAM (and restoring it when you hit "resume"). This is why you can add & remove them at any location while your program is running, and also why they have no effect without a debugger.
  8. It's a bad idea to use large projects for experimentation. Use a virgin project instead: Main - DebugBreak() - return (or __debugbreak() if you want a truly bare breakpoint).
  9. Nope. You can use functions that check if a debugger is present and only trigger the breakpoint if one is detected, but otherwise the bare minimum breakpoint will just raise an exception, and if there is no handler for it or a debugger, you get a crash.
  10. This is actually correct. Under certain circumstances that would later trigger a crash, ST has the nasty habit of of closing without generating crash dumps nor displaying any message (and ofc not saving your progression), which doesn't help understanding what went wrong. To avoid that I have put breakpoints everywhere ST would silently go AWOL. When the game is run without a debugger to handle the breakpoint (present case), it causes a crash and I get a crash dump, which is a lot more informative than "I was playing and the game closed". As a result, now I know things can go wrong when breaking trees or plants, though there is more to it than just that since my little deforestation rampage went fine.
  11. Thank you, your report narrows down a little where the problem can be, but not enough to precisely identify the cause. I have thus created a diagnostic dll to get a better idea of what's going on. Please replace your game.dll with the attached, then generate and post a new Log.txt. Like last time, you'll have to hold left shift down. If you do not know where your game.dll is, follow this guide, it'll open the folder that contains your game.dll. For now it seems the problem has to do with graphics so if you are using overlays/OSD that draw stuff over the game (for example MSI afterburner, Xfire, ...) please disable them. Steam's overlay is fine though. I see you are using nVidia Optimus, so see if its configuration changed since last time Spintires worked. From what I've heard, the thing can be a bit finicky. The game seems to be seeing your nVidia card, so the problem might be elsewhere... Game.zip
  12. Go to folder %appdata%\Spintires (aka c:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\SpinTires ) and delete everything there, except Config.xml. Especially any Log.txt. Then hold left shift down, and try to start the game, only release left shift when you see the game's cursor, or the game's window. Then check in task manager (ctrl+shift+escape -> "process" tab) if there is any Spintires.exe in the list. Report if there is one, several, or none. Then go back to %appdata%\Spintires, the game should have generated a new log.txt, send me that file. If you have other 3d games, do they work? Other than that, please send me a dxdiag log, just in case.
  13. The MaxDeformationPressure setting governs soil softness. Set it low enough and you can sink in place without even starting your engine.
  14. When the game displays this message, it will generate a crash dump (.mdmp file). Please post the latest one (and only the latest one) here so that I may look at your issue. If you do not know where to find the .mdmp file, follow this guide: https://www.oovee.games/forum/topic/14004-where-is-the-mdmp-file/ .
  15. It will be fixed in the next version, but I'd gladly remove it from ST+ if one day somebody manages to convince bossman that it would be a wonderful addition to the game. As for the rest of your post, as I said 2 weeks ago: Enabling the feature in the config file is enough to have random crashes, whether a truck/addon uses it or not.
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