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  1. File Name: Swamp Donkey Redux File Submitter: Drifticidal File Submitted: 07 Dec 2016 File Category: Maps I did a retake on the Swamp Donkey map a while back and for what ever reason never got around to uploading it (I think it's because I got caught up in making trucks,lol) At any rate here's Swamp Donkey Redux, hope you enjoy it oh and make sure you use a decent mud truck in the swamps or you may find yourself getting stuck Click here to download this file
  2. File Name: Wild Horse Falls File Submitter: Drifticidal File Submitted: 28 Jun 2016 File Category: Maps This is my latest in trail maps, I've spent a lot on this map and hope you enjoy it, could spend many hours more but I know several trail junkies and rock hounds want to get their hands on this. There tons trails lots rock crawling a couple water falls and plenty on scenic views to enjoy. Click here to download this file
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