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  1. ok so i have my model and my cdt how do i get my truck in the game from here?
  2. Ok so what I'll do then is delete the Bones and then save seperatly and then how do I get it in the game to see it? I also have everything in separate groups in 3ds like body... left front shock etc.... left front spring etc...... front axle.... glass..... is that ok? It made for a huge list but then I was able to texture everything easier does that make any difference?
  3. i would say im done up to testing it in the game i just want to see how what i have works and make changes after that.... may have missed the main chassis bone i am trying to use the spintires editor to get it in the game but the tutorials are not very helpful lets say i have the model and x file done and bones created whats the next step?
  4. I followed that tutorial but got stuck when I went to put it in the game maybe because I'm not using spintires legacy?
  5. and this is what i have modeled so far with much help and thanks to Phease who made the original and aloud me to use it for this project i modeled the axles shocks springs seats and rollbar
  6. hi i have been playing spintires for a couple years and have always wanted to make my own truck started modeling it and slowly working towards putting it in the game but i have had some problems and dont know exactly how to make every thing work hopfully i can get some good advice and help have been talking to a couple people that have been really good help and hope the community out there can help me out i want to make a 89 toyota 4runner i know there is one in the game but would like to make some changes to it i have had some experience with 3ds and have made a model to put in the game just
  7. Hey been trying to make my own truck for spintires I have modeled my truck in 3ds 2016 and exported it I have been trying to follow the guide for spintires editor and can't get past adding the tires and the step is talking about making sure the parent directory is right but have no idea what that means hope you could help me I have been working on this project for a couple months and would love to see it driving around in the game if it's cool I would love to keep asking questions cause I can't find any other source of help for this thank you for your time
  8. been trying to get my modded truck in to the game so i can test it out been trying to use the spintires editor with no luck can anyone help me out so far i have the xfile exported from 3ds max
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