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  1. Hey guys, new to the forum and Spintires. I actually dropped of my computer before purchase of the game to clean it up and do some updates. I am fresh as hell to the computer gaming community so bare with me. I have dl'd and played the crap out of the demo and love it. To the point. I am trying to understand how to use a mod file found here in the forum. Not sure how all this works. Everytime I search the forum, its showing how to write a mod, not the very basic walk through that I need just to use the mods. Also, I can use my xbox controller but have to get the wire adapter to usb? I am running this game on an acer laptop not a 2k gamer laptop mind you. I am aware i need to spend time playing the game before worring about mods but I would really love to understand it as I wont be long before I will be using it. LOVE some of teh trucks people have built.
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