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  1. how  do you install

  2. Ill take the red one for sure!
  3. OK thanks for answer bro Btw can you say what models you have in plan to make ... ?
  4. Hehe yep How it looks now: and Camel Trophy for sure
  5. Hohoo - nice small Zuki Bregel bro - keep going! Can i ask you for something? I know that you dont make mods on requests, but can you think about to make Land Rover Discovery 200tdi? In civil version and classic "Camel Trophy" version too? I think that people ( and me of course ) will love it! Thanks bro
  6. It was really weekend muddy LR meeting - enjoy! PHOTO: http://zidon155.rajce.idnes.cz/Highland_meeting_Jihlava_20.5.2017 VIDEO:
  7. Video from our weekend ride
  8. Update - i got snorkel and new wheels - ADVENTURO GT MT 235/85 R16 and repaired rear diff ( now 4pin from P38 )
  9. Hey Its in Europe - Czech Republic
  10. Here video from todays snow fun - enjoy
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