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  1. @Zane (Oovee) @Localhost (Oovee) I apreciate that you fight for this game and keep updating it but from a Mod maker pov fix the steering angle on all trucks (i cant count how manyt times i've said it since the update where you killed any turning) Fix the center of mass on all trucks, and addons fix the travel of the suspension those arent that hard now more dev related stuff fix the camera sensitivity or atleast make it less sensitive Ingame advertising? why? the stupid amount of adds on the forum isnt enough?? whats next micro-transaction and pay to unlock
  2. @Localhost (Oovee) thats because I dislike the flat tire look so i code them like that...its for the owner to change any value once they have the mods in their files... i didnt knew that we could keep ussing the SubstanceFriction_Numeric / Friction_Numeric codes... i might migrate the latest mods to ST lol i miss ntsr maps that i cant convert to mudrunner
  3. in the past the 2 updates the steering angles of each vehicle got reworked and some because to far off (Uaz 460) while others became to little (Gaz 69) and some got destroyed to the point you need to go back and forward to take a 65º turn (any 6x6 or 8x8) please go back a couple of files back and return to the old steering, also the center of mass in the Uaz469 got edited again (i still have the edits i sent to Zane) and the forward mass is +70cm on the X axis making it way to front heavy and turning the rear suspension harder to damp in any bump (i know this game) and thats the reason why if
  4. THANKS! @Localhost (Oovee) @Zane (Oovee) For the awesome news that are in this Update...I declare the modding Scene of ST Back Alive! now another Important subject I've asked allot... When I would be able to animate my Sterring (Rack,PitMan Arm,Hubs,Steering Damper,Steering shaft,Steering wheel and Axle Shafts) without making use of cdts axles and use bone animations like i do on the Other Game? (the other game only lets you use Rack and Hubs but i worked my way with cdts on the non bone based animations)...Any eta? im diying to have those in here to migrate backto this game
  5. To be honest, After 4 years in the 2.7x ui in feel at home with it, im having issues to move on to 2.80, also the X exporter from blender doesnt work directly into mudrunner, you need to do some editing my best option for you is to get the exporter that @_Dzen_ made since is way much better and it lets you do mora then before tested in 2.74 to 2.78
  6. Thanks Im building a new one D110 SVX (Stock) and one based on the Spectre From 007 this pics are old, its mostly done , im making the Spectre now Feel free to check my Forum page to see all my builds https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/2537/force19mods/1202
  7. there is allot of room for improvements on the 3D area
  8. @zukakis +100 respect for that, i already have a copy but i wanted to keep this topic high so anyone who needs it gets it. thanks for being generous
  9. My Mods were all taken down due to people stealing and selling the 3d models, sorry @Zukakis
  10. I feel that the chains on the wheels could be reworked from a textured plane to something more 3D , still good for a low poly model wheel model
  11. maybe you checkmarked the torque converted feature, i leave that off because the values go way up in the torque section, PL uploaded a realistic mod where logs,loads and gear ratios are set to real life values @Zane (Oovee)
  12. yeah,I used allot @PressureLine gearbox tool, i like it, maybe i amp the torque 10% to 25% more
  13. I feel this is kinda a childish reply The game performance has been going down lately, and yes you can run this game in pretty much dying laptops like I used to but only the Stock assets like trucks and maps, once you get a mod your 10y old cpu starts asking for some lube or a courtesy spit at least... The usage of the dials is just pointless and they're also in the way of the camera imo, to me the best that can be done to a ui it's something like split second had right on the vehicle or a bar to a side of the screen with a resumed version of the UI
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