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  1. This version of spintires ( 1.6.1) is kind of crippled... but if it was working well at the beginning, I suppose it should goes on. Moreover, the fact that the computer has to be rebooted after a crash made me think of a driver issue, but latest release of nvidia driver is 7.10.2020 wich doesn't fit... Maybe you can try from your peripheral mangement to right click and update driver from windows update for major peripherals ( sound, network, graphics, chipset,..) If this doen't help you can also try legacy2 version of spintires ( from BETAS section of steam property for s
  2. Hi. What are the changes between the working state and not working? Did you update graphics drivers? Is you PSU in a good condition with sufficient power?
  3. Playing spintires is a bit like 4x4 in real life; unattended stops everywhere, alone on the sideway to figure out how to make the truck go further. For now the game is not playable, let's hope a 1.6.2 version will arrive to resolve that. It's a fact that it would be nice to have a way to go back to previous version, or at least test those release as beta before publishing
  4. 1.5.1 did the trick. Had a perfect map multi today.
  5. Do you have something more installed like spintire plus, maps or vehicle ?
  6. Then a locked truck should not be able to start his engine by winching on it, that's the fix I would see.
  7. In this case it's not floating, it's more catapulting and the issue is most of the time fatal for the truck. We played a lot with that ping ( which never get better, it's around 300ms stable) and never experienced that. The closest thing I can remember, which was that violent, was a bug few years ago when you attached the trailler and both the truck and the trailer were exploded. I think the ping is part of the process, cause in our second trip, I've been thrown in the air just by rejoining my friend, and I landed the truck with few damage and was able to continue. After that fir
  8. I'm not dev on that game, just trying to understand your logic as I disagree with you first post. If the locked truck start his engine I could see that as a bug, but not the fact you can attach your winch to it. I didn't had to attach my winch to a locked truck since a lot of version and in my memory, the truck was not starting his engine, neither moving. And on the picture you provided it didn't moved a lot...
  9. So explain why it would be better the way you suggest. The truck is locked: it mean it is there and why not use it as a winch point? And why would it be better to unlock the truck with the winch ( is it the way you start your car as a software enginer not working with Microsoft?)
  10. Being not what you would like it to be doesn't make it a bug. The truck is locked, it's not a ghost.
  11. Hi. Here a third solution: .. leave it as it is. It doesn't look like a bug to me.
  12. I use to play with a friend which is quite far away, with a ping around 300ms. We tried yesterday the freshly bought Aftermath dlc, and after charging the wood and made a short distance , I saw my friend flying in the air, and get crashed in the forest. So we went searching tools to repair it, then I tried to tow him out, and as soon I recovered him, his truck went forward with mine still attached, and we both have been throw and crashed - game done. We did another game tonight on another map "PlanzXtreme" and after 1 hour of gaming, as I rejoin my friend at the top of a hill, I w
  13. That MP Save feature is a great enhancement to the game! Good job to finally made it reel!
  14. STPControlledConstraints need to be off, HavokBufferSize need to be set to '0'
  15. A great improvement to spintires, actually, would be to implement the multi player savegame. And it's not because they did it on mudrunner that it's not something to have
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