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  1. Great vid that thing looks sexy and heres that charger moparr is talking about: http://spintires.net/load/mody_spin_tires_2014/dodge_charger_general_lee_dlja_spin_tires/6-1-0-1130
  2. great info i forgot theres a ru.wikipedia but thats the offroad version with a stronger engine and a lift to it the 6520 is the basic model of the truck the one in game has the offroad wheels from the 65222 and thats about it but it would be great if a dev/admin could say what year they are so we could get accurate info and put this back and forth to rest xD
  3. then wikipeida is wrong as all hell it says its a 7.1L and for the kamaz im going of what is on kamazs offical website http://www.kamaz.ru/en/vehicle/serial/23 and for kraz its just a really confusing truck theres no english info on it at all
  4. the 360 is just a far better engine in general but wasnt used till the late models of the 6520 the 320 has Type Diesel, turbocharged, with intercooler that came right from kamaz website 6520 (6x4) Weights and Load capacities Curb vehicle weight, kg 9200 Curb vehicle weight, front axle load, kg 4300 Curb vehicle weight, rear truck load, kg 4900 Gross vehicle weight, kg 27500 (33100*) Gross vehicle weight, front axle load, kg 7500 (7500*) Gross vehicle weight, rear truck load, kg 20000 (25600*) Engi
  5. the model of the kraz in game im 90% sure uses YaAZ-238 240hp v8 it was the default engine for the truck at the time ural should have the 240hp YaMZ-238M2 v8 diesel and the early kamaz 6520 would have the kamaz 740.51-320 V8 turbo diesel 320hp. But over all id choose the ural because the kraz seems so sluggish and kamaz just dies from a tiny bump
  6. Theres a mod for this on a russian site has working loads and can be used online
  7. will the old 2011 level up kamaz addons and package loads every make a reappearance?
  8. if i may suggest maybe make it like farming simulator? where all players that want to join have to download the mod and if they dont have it list the names of the mods that are required
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